Pizza Bogo in Cleveland Heights, Ohio with Reviews -
By: martyanne
Pizza Bogo
When you are tired of blah tomato sauce cheese and the usual toppings, pizza BOGO to the rescue! They have a full menu of sauces (pesto is my fave) and unlimited toppings like sun dried tomato. Their special Miracle Crust costs more but is very tasty too and contains probiotics -- that's very unusual. My hands down favorite of their World Pizzas is the Milano, adjust ingredients to personal taste. Tips: Check the website for awesome options, toppings, and deals. Always use their coupons for the best deal, and always double check the price you expect (and time it will be ready) before you hang up. We are club members and get emails with savings codes for Tues & Wed large pizza for less than $7. Coupons in the mail often give us $10 for one large 10 slice specialty pizza, or $12 with Miracle Crust. If you don't like oil on your pizza, make sure you choose the right sauce. Some pizzas come with garlic oil sauce -- yup, oil. Italians use aioli / oil a lot. There's also pesto, which is part oil. So know what you want and use the website to help you design a pizza just right for you at the right price. I do think the BOGO name is confusing for new customers. My husband and I didn't try them for a long time because with just two people, who needs BOGO? Then we tried slices at a Cain Park event and got hooked. They should have a name based on their unlimited toppings instead-- which is where the real value is on this pizza.Sad that the last person reviewing expected a true Buy One Get One but didn't verify it. They didn't get good customer service, either. It's too bad, because I have always gotten great service, and I love the pizza here -- I never hunger for ordinary pizza anymore!

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