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By: Brian B.
Clemson Lofts
I've lived off-campus for the majority of my collegiate career at Clemson University. That said, I found myself fortunate enough to not only stay in Clemson's Loft Apartments but, I lived here for over 3 years. I lived at Clemson Lofts starting the Spring Semester of my freshman year, all the way through graduation. I thought then (first year) what I do now, it's hands-down the niceest place in Clemson (including the swanky hotels they have you stay in when you visit here the first time).Everything they said they have, they had/have. Do they have 50 tanning beds, no. They have three, god forbid you might have to wait in line (damn, tough deal right?). I know students that talk trash about this place while they're standing in line at the only student tanning beds in town (free, mind you). Those people are 10000% idiots. I would read through with caution and try to judge them based on face value, plain and simple.I got to play pool almost as often as I'd like, chill by the pool in the summer, and relax in my industrialized style apartment in the winter. I mentioned the tanning beds right lol? Parking is decent to open most days, the place is clean, staff is friendly and seems to not only have a decent understanding of repairing stuff but, appears to actually give a damn about the spoiled bratz that occasionally infest the halls (and apparently this site as well. To cut-to-the-chase; Clemson Lofts is the best place in town by a long-shot. Must be a reason I and every other student/tenant in here had to pre-lease a year in advance to get a chance to live here. My (this) generation complains about nothing or just to hear themself cry more often than I'd like to admit. I'd recommend this place in a heartbeat. I do wholeheartedly recommend Clemson Lofts. Not only as an off-campus, student housing solution but, by-a-mile the best overall student housing solution in alllll of Clemson. Happy hunting freshman :p
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By: Patricia M.
The Gallery Apartments
As a new resident I'm settling in great! These units don't have carpet so I hear my upstairs neighbor's a little more than I had anticipated. Also the complex will be getting a pool and gym very soon and I am excited about that! But let me tell you! The lovely ladies in the office, Tonya and Haley, are so very helpful! From helping me, personally, with the moving in process to keeping me informed these ladies are wonderful! As a new resident I am very pleased with this community as a whole and would recommend looking into the place! It's perfect and cute for me and its easy on my wallet!
By: Shawna C.
Clemson Lofts
I've lived here all four years and wouldn't think twice about living at Clemson Lofts again! Never really experienced any of the issues I see other (petty) people complaining about. It's by-far the nicest off-campus student housing in Clemson, SC. If I ever needed anything fixed or addressed it was that day/night or that week. I for sure recommend it for anyone looking to avoid the hassle and drama I hear about from students living elsewhere.
By: Andrea D.
Clemson Lofts
Even though they didn't have the sized room I wanted available (make sure you pre-lease ����); Jason was amazing. I 100% hoped he wasn't a creep. Definitely not thank goodness! The process was straight forward. So much easier than I expected! Ive already recommended them to some girls from class. '16 ����
By: Bill B.
Clemson Lofts
Pretty much the best appartment/student housing place in Clemson. After a few months of living in my new place I started to realize how much simpler it was paying one bill for everything. They included everything... made it easy to realize that Comcast is designed to be split!

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