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By: Darren P.
Coachman Car Wash & Detail Center
My time is valuable and I've found that Coachman does a really good job for the price. Do a quick search for the $29.99 detail special. It's worth every penny. The detailer is very good and always receives a nice tip for his efforts. As with all car washes, be sure to take small, expensive items out of the car first and put them in a bag or box. Always check under the seats to be sure nothing important is sucked up by the vacuum. Request that they not wipe the windows near the Defroster connections. Look over the car before you pay (or after) to be sure that you are satisfied. They will fix it. I usually find at least one thing, but let's be reasonable, the prices are dirt cheap (it's a $100 Detail for $30,) so don't expect perfection. They are a high volume car wash/detail center. Overall, excellent value for the price when using their coupons.
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By: Susan C.
Jay's Auto Detailing
With two kids, two dogs, and an insane schedule, my car looked and smelled like we had been living in it. Every interior surface was covered with dust, dirt, bits of kid snacks, and dog hair. Jay arrived exactly when he said he would and then spent 7 hours in the roasting sun cleaning every millimeter of my car, inside and out. The car looks like it did the day I bought it, and it smells great again as well.Having the car detailed was critically important because I decided with very little notice to buy a new car and needed to maximize my trade-in value. With the next car I will be proactive and have Jay maintain it in pristine condition.I recommend Jay without reservation, and truly can't think of any reason I would ever bother calling anyone else.
By: mrcharlest
Jay's Auto Detailing
I had detailing done to my wife's car, as a gift for her, as we are having our first child very soon. I went online, read Jay's companies very high reviews and went over his nicely done website and read his bio / history. I then called him and could tell that he was a very professional, soft spoken family man, who patiently answered all my questions. So I went ahead and had my wife's car cleaned by him. He did a really great job. I would recommend him without reservation and look forward to utilizing his services in the future. Jay is truly is one of those rare top notch people out there. Yes, they really still do exist. Sincerely, Charles T, Largo FL
By: pmullen813
Coachman Car Wash & Detail Center
I have used this carwash many times over the years but the last two visits are making me rethink my choice. Took my Honda Pilot in today for the Super car wash ($24) and sent it back to be vacuumed again. When I got home I used McGuiras to remove all the water spots and also the bug and bird debris from the glass and chrome that was missed. The front floor mats were also put in incorrectly and had to swap those around. I should have saved the money and washed it myself.The sour attitude of the person at the register alone was enough to send me elsewhere.
By: Gail P.
Jay's Auto Detailing
Jay detailed my five year old Durango today after a trip with children and two years of general neglect. It looks brand new and I have decided not to trade it in after all! His price was equal to the two local places I went to but his professionalism and quality of work was 10x higher than what I previously received. I didn't even have to arrange for someone to pick me up and bring me back. I never left my house. His response was immediate, with quick scheduling and he arrived right on time. I couldn't be more impressed with the man or the job.
By: toenailfla
Coachman Car Wash & Detail Center
I have been a customer of Coachman Car Wash for several years now. I ended up there because I had been to 2 other places who had disappointed me so in my search I ran into Coachman. The work is very good & I have never had a problem that the owner or boss didn't take care of immediately! They are very concerned about satisfying their customers & that is very important to me!! I highly recommend Coachman Car Wash to anyone looking for a place you can consistently take your car to for a excellent cleanup!!!
By: E S.
Coachman Car Wash & Detail Center
Kudos to Coachman! The most affordable carwash in Pinellas. Consistent quality. Love their coupons and the family atmosphere. The detailing is outstanding. Our older jeep interior was detailed and refreshed after years of use transporting family pets, camping and hunting equipment. I would not have believed it could smell good and look this clean. Coachman did an outstanding job. You couldn't ask for nicer people.
By: Linda B.
Jay's Auto Detailing
Wow...Jay was amazing. Have two dogs who go every where with me. Call my car "Dirty Harry". It was disgusting. Jay spent 5 hours shampooing the carpet, cleaning the leather seats,etc. He did a magnificent job...highly recommend. My car hasn't looked or smelled this good in years! On time, friendly, very professional, My husband will be having his Tundra detailed in the near future. Thank you Jay.
By: joesdiner
Jay's Auto Detailing
Jay did a FANTASTIC job on both of my cars - I'm not kidding when I tell you that they look like NEW! He does immaculate detailing, and I was not able to find any fault whatsoever in the work he did. I will not hesitate one bit to call Jay in the future to treat my car to a day at the spa. Might also make an excellent gift to someone whose vehicle needs a bit of TLC. Thank you, Jay!
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By: Norma H.
Jay's Auto Detailing
My experience was EXCELENT! Our Nissan Titan double cab is 5 years old with tan interior that had terrible stains. It has never been detailed before today. My truck looks like it came off of the showroom floor! I got A+ detail at a good price. I cant tell you how absolutely thrilled I am. My hubs was doubtful that they could clean the tan interior. He's blown away!

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