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By: chrt396
Wyoming Antelope Club-Florida Chapter
Rapid fire is permitted..but not on public range. The club has specialized disciplines that you can participate in where you can rapid fire at steel targets and cardboard silhouettes. Unfortunately, there are too many inexperienced shooters that visit the public range, where permitting rapid fire could present a severe safety issue.. It's nothing personal..just a safety policy that keeps everyone alive and safe. You can have full magazines in pistol and/or rifles and shoot til' you can't shoot anymore or until they close! $20 for shooting ALL DAY. Heck, if you go on a Friday...you can start at 9:00 am and finish at 8:00 pm...all for $20. Go to any other range..and you'll get 1 hour for that amount and get shooshed off when the hour is up! To get back to the rapid fire..most people cannot control their firearm in a rapid fire operation. The wood beams and ceilings get shot up all the time from shooters that think they know how to shoot..and do not.. Again..this is a club for people to come out and enjoy the day with friends, spouses and in many cases young teens and children, so that they can enjoy the sport of shooting in a safe environment. The best part..if you love to shoot as I do...you can join the club for $200 for the year which includes your days range fee and initiation and then as a member, you get to shoot for $3..(ALL DAY). After the first year, the membership fee is only $130 which furthur enhances your yearly savings.. I shoot between 50 and 70 times per year. At $20 a visit...using 60 visits..that would be $1200. I saved $1000 this year alone by being a member of this club. Range officers are quality men and women who volunteer their time and service to the club..and they do their very best to keep the club house and properties up to snuff so that ALL people can enjoy what the club has to offer. I might invite you to try it out again..but leave the negativity at the gate when you enter. Attitude is usually what crops up and bites you. You'll have a great time if you realize that the clubs mission is to enjoy the shooting disciplines safely and professionally. Look forward to seeing previous poster and all others.at the range!!
By: B S.
Wyoming Antelope Club-Florida Chapter
Great shooting range. Range officers are present and performing their duties but not overwhelming. Shooting stations have a roof so shooting in the shade and rain are possible. $20.00 is high for shooting. $200.00 initial year $130.00 thereafter is also high. I will definitely visit again, but not very often due to the high fees. As to the review of 1 star, everything said was not true to me. Good quality place to shoot, just make sure you are ready to consume second hand smoke from range officers cigars and cigarettes. I know I am the visitor, I don't appreciate the smoke.

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