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By: kaybaxley
Hope & Happiness Animal
My family's little chihuahua Bruiser got severely sick out of the blue and was having diarrhea, throwing up, loosing weight, etc. We went to several vets who all said different things and that he was fine and would just get over it. Then after spending thousands of dollars on treatments, we decided to bring him to Hope & Happiness. Right away Dr.Adams knew what was wrong with Bruiser and diagnosed him with Acute Pancreatitis, and was just DAYS from death. Soon Dr.Adams got him on a steady diet and saved his life COMPLETELY! Now he is a healthy Chihuahua, and we are currently trying to get our money back from the other vets who misdiagnosed him COMPLETELY. Also, for those who are saying he won't approve of PetMeds, that is because ELANCO, the company that SELLS TRIFEXIS DIRECTLY, does not authorize online buying because the meds could be outdated, wrong, etc. Dr.Adams even has the letter TAPED TO HIS FRONT DESK showing EVERYONE that he will never authorize it. NEVER buy your meds from PetMeds because they WILL give you the wrong medication and your animal will NOT be healthy, and you will be sorry you didn't listen to the Doctor! And also, I even asked about the reviews on his changed name, it is because this man moved from EGYPT and has an EGYPTIAN name and an AMERICAN name. This is EXTREMELY common of people who move to America from another country and want to be more identifiable with. EVERYONE should trust Dr.Adams with your animal, and his staff is phenominal!
By: mhohman
Hope & Happiness Animal
I brought my dog Lily to him and she was extremely sick fom something out of no where. He immediatly began tests and within no time discovered what was wrong with her. Based on her blood work alone he discovered that somehow she injested poison and had to stay with him for a few days. My dog was knocking on deaths door and she is happy and healthy now, I cant thank him enough. Dr.Adams was extrememly compasionate to the situation ( I was in tears) and he was quick (every second counted). This man is very smart and knows what he is doing, trust your pet with him!Dr.Adam's is my hero!!
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By: Migdalia S.
Animal Health Care Clinic
I love this place! My cat Onyx was in critical condition and the staff there was beyond awesome at explaining the reasoning for his condition and helping us understand his condition. The minute we walked in the door they immediately came to greet us and began assessing the situation. We had come from a horrid experience at the ER Hospital where they told us our only option was to have him euthanized so the helpful and smiling faces were great to us! I could not have asked for better care for our fur baby! I would recommend them to everyone!!
By: giannad1
A Pets Place
Dr Cowden is an EXCELLENT VET and his staff is AMAZING. Our dog has been going to them since he was 8 weeks old and he just turned 10 years old. My little jack russel has a problem with his hip/ legs at times and also allergies and Dr. Cowden always knows how to make him feel better. Really kind and caring.
By: mizonglohong
A Pets Place
I felt the pricing was fair, but I brought Barney in for a dental cleaning, and when I picked him up, they told me he had a ear infection, but I'd have to make another appointment to discuss treatment. In other words, money was more important than Barney's suffering. Needless to say, I won't be going back.
By: Christine C.
A Pets Place
They are the BEST! No need to look anywhere else. They have been wonderful with my older cocker spaniel and my kitty. Excellent service, super caring and a reasonable cost. Priceless to me. This was my four place in an attempt to find veterinarian and I have finally have found the perfect place.
By: clearwater.01
A Pets Place
I had went to other Vet office and was told that my cat needed to be put down, that was not happening. I took him to Dr. Cowden and he fixed him up and is feeling much better! I would recommend him, he is very caring and respectful on what needs to be done! I would trust him with my animals!

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