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By: Stephanie R.
Mario's Pizza
Love it here! The weekly specials are what keep me coming back, I enjoy having pizza, but they offer much more than just pizza which makes it even better.
By: Riana S.
Olive Garden Italian Restaurant
I am a customer who frequents often, because the food is so good, no matter how good or bad my service is I will always be back because I'm a pasta lover. Like I said I've been to Olive Garden many times this location being the most at least twice a month, NEVER in all the years I have been coming here have I EVER received such exceptional, outstanding, just AMAZING service. Richard was taking care of my sister and I and let me just say our bread was always fresh, our waters were always full, he knew I loved cheese but my sister didn't so he made sure he put extra on a plate for me without me even asking. I will be back more now and asking for Richard every single time I come!
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By: Veritas V.
Johnny's Italian Restaurant
"My food had bugs in it PLUS the manager is and has his filthy beard near the food. No wonder! The main cook seems clean but the manager is filthy and has his filthy beard near the food or gets his filthy beard's bacteria and viruses over our food, when he carries the food dishes. I thought it was UNLAWFUL and FORBIDDEN by Health Laws to have employees who work near or with the food have facial hair. I was there for lunch and another time for dinner. The second time I went because my friends insisted in trying it but both times I saw bugs in the place and in my food. Not going there again!This restaurant should have several UNANNOUNCED, IMPROMPTU VISITS BY THE HEALTH DEPARTMENT.
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By: Lina D.
Cafe Milano
The Best Italian food? Pasta and pizza!!!!! We highly recommend it. The Owner is really nice and friendly ......we just love it to go there every week for an excellent Italian meal!!!!!!
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By: Rita D.
Jet's Pizza
I have used this location for years. Tonight I had a $32 order: a pizza and cinnamon sticks.I ordered a Bold Fold with regular pepperoni instead of the spicy and I wanted extra icing for the cinnamon sticks. I received a Big Fold with no pepperoni and did not get the extra icing. I called and all the Manager wanted to do was give me a $7 credit for my $32 order. After all the money I have spent with them and all he wants to give me is a $7 credit! Never again will I order from them again. They can keep their credit and lose my business. The manager was very rude.
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By: ida.greenlewis
Pizza Hut
This place is a joke.... rude, poor quality.....and he argued with me after I returned they nasty pizza....really dude???
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By: millionare
Chuck E. Cheese's
A man starts yelling at a 5 year old and a fight breaks out in the middle of Chuck e cheese, what a psycho idiot. Management took to long to handle the situation and call the authorities. Maybe they thought they were watching the Mayweather fight, I don't know, but let me tell you, they didn't care about all the other innocent guest that were there with they're families!
By: George R.
Capogna's Dugout
WRONG PLACE at the WRONG TIME! DO NOT EAT HERE!!! Just because your hungry and your in an area of a restaurant DOES NOT mean that you should eat there. I had the most worst gut wrenching food and service experience ever. I ate at this capognas dugout because I thought I could get a quick beer and food since I had been traveling on the road for sometime. I usually never write about these things but this was ridiculously horrible! RAW chicken wings to start!My PIZZA was BURNED and the cheese was GREEN in areas. The sauce was tasteless from a jar!So, I ordered SPAGHETTI and MEATBALLS - BIG MISTAKE! Again, flat, tasteless sauce and I almost broke a tooth biting into a meatball that was almost as hard as a rock! I couldn't even figure out what the CHUNK was! I told the manager Stephanie who told me I could order other items. I told her I wasn't interested since the 1st 3 orders were DREADFUL! She would not take the disgusting food charges off my bill. Instead, she wanted to credit me for another visit.I TOLD HER I WOULD NEVER BE BACK HERE AND SHE SAID THAT'S YOUR DECISION! So you decide whether or not you would EAT at this so called establishment! I will read the internet reviews before I take a chance like this again - Capognas Dugout SUCKS!
By: Jackie O.
Capogna's Dugout
GROSS, GROSS, GROSS.......Yes, my food was under cooked (raw) chicken wings! I wanted to %%%%% after I had bit into the wing and this chicken blood oozed out my mouth! This was one of the WORST places that I had eaten at. The pizza: DO NOT ORDER IT! We had paid well over $29 for a medium pizza that was the size of a small. It was also cold, wet, runny and limp.As usual, where there is bad food you know there is going to be a hair, right? Yep, and I was the one to find it. It was blonde like the waitress named (MO) or Maureen who served it to us. She also had the audacity to insult me as to "It was not her hair". WHO CARES! It was a hair in my Spaghetti!!!! These OWNER's DON'T GET IT! Very POOR SERVICE! I MEAN JUST AWFUL SERVICE from MO & STEPHANIE!!!VERY BAD TASTING FOOD!UNDERCOOKED FOOD!OVERPRICED!STEPHANIE (one of the owner's) HAD A REALLY BAD ATTITUDE and ARGUED with us over the FOOD & BILL. (It comes down too - she wanted her money because they have to make-up for the POOR QUALITY and people COMPLAINING!)I should have read the BAD REVIEWS because if there is even one bad review then the chances of me having poor service or awful tasting food is rated high in my eyes! I WOULD NEVER RECOMMEND CAPOGNA'S DUGOUT IN CLEARWATER FL!!!!! IF YOU LIKE PIZZA, WINGS, SPAGHETTI, HOAGIES, ETC. THIS IS NOT A FOOD ESTABLISHMENT -- THIS IS A GARBAGE CAN!!!! Seriously!
By: Kari R.
Cafe Milano
We ordered the lunch specials. When we tried to use our living social deal, we were told that its considered a coupon and we couldn't have the lunch deal. So they charged us full price for everything even though the lunch special was able smaller portion. We showed up at 1105a and the doors were locked. They open at 11am. When she finally opened the doors, she seemed irritated. We were the only 2 in the restaurant when we got there. We sat at the table for 20 mins before she even came to take our drink order. We both ordered pepsi. She brought us diet pepsi. When we told her we wanted regular pepsi, she told us they didn't have it. We don't know why she didnt tell us this from thr beginning. I ordered cheese ravioli with cheese sauce. It came out as meat ravioli. When i told her this, she told me thats how they make it. We checked the menu and she was wrong so they remade it for me. My husband ordered the donato that comes with white sauce. It came with red cream sauce. When we told her this, she told us it comes that way with both sauces and was rude. When we pointed to the table next to ours and the 2 people that ordered the same dish and got it correctly made, she still told us it comes that way. After all this, and our meal costing 3 times what it should have, my husband did not leave a tip. As we walked out thr door, she yelled to the entire restaurant, "thanks for the tip." We have never had an experience like this. She treated us like it was our fault when she messed everything up and was rude. Never EVER go here! We will be contacting living social and blogging about this.

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