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By: Edward L.
Perkins Restaurant & Bakery
I am the 40 year owner of this Perkins restaurant and was shocked to hear of this May 28, 2017 statement on yellowpages.com. Upon seeing it, I contacted the normal Perkins Pest Control company that services the restaurant on a regular basis to inspect the situation; they could not find any infestation or bed bugs; they recommended that some of the booths be removed and moved outside.After making some telephone calls we found a company who does bug fumigations in order to remove varmints and bed bugs from any materials; an appointment with setup for the booths was made and the booths were taken to the fumigation location.Also an appointment was made with Superior Floor Cleaning and Restoration Inc and its owner Chris Barela to come to the restaurant on a Sunday night to use his high pressure steam cleaning system with temperatures above 200 degrees and steam clean all of the restaurant carpeting using triple cleaning and special solutions in the areas surrounding the booths, and doing all of the carpeting in the restaurant, removing all booths and doing carpeting under the booths and all of the cloth on all of the booths in the restaurant. Numerous people were asked to inspect the booths both outside and in the restaurant and no one observed any bed bugs or other varmints in the restaurant or booths.After speaking to others with knowledge and reviewing articles on the internet it appears that if there were bed bugs they would have multiplied rapidly and would have infested the area and be able to be seen with the naked eye; but because there was no infestation or other observation of varmints or bedbugs or their residue and it was determined that this report on May 28, 2017 was an isolated incident (or a hoax) and that all the things that were done by Perkins were adequate to prevent a possible further issue.As a further precaution, 4 booths were taken to Geiger’s Pest Services who did the fumigation and it was determined after a careful examination no bedbugs or other varmints were present in the booths.There have been no further issues but the booths on the restaurant will continue to be monitored and our pest control service on alert as always. I only wish that the customer had notified us of the issue so that we could have taken immediate action and see what they were talking about.
By: shallnotforget
Perkins Restaurant & Bakery
I use to love going here. I was just telling my Mother that the place was clean and I never had any issues with the place since I've lived in Florida which is 20 years.  BUT tonight ALL that changed.  I'm so grossed out I don't think I can eat there again and be ok. It was just me, myself, and I. Had someone been with me I would have never noticed it.  I'm looking around thinking yeah the place is pretty clean, not perfect but its ok.  My Perkins, thinking of how me and my late Fiance had ate here, where we sat, How I use to bring my Son in an now I do with my Grand kids. I must have been day dreaming looking across at the empty spot across from me when I noticed Something tiny crawling around on the back of the seat across frm my table. I didn't think much of it, just a little bug I thought. AND then another one and another one and another and another. I started to get squeemish. I looked at the seating they were crawling around, it was quite filthy, stained and not something you notice when someone is sitting across from you. I mean think about it if you go to a restaurant and someone is with you then you're focused on them and your surrounding area NOT the seat you're in. I noticed the seating is outlined in leather material but the middle part is material, fabric material, heavy and tufted or rolled with cracks. The creepy crawlys seemed to disappear in the cracks and then they would pop back out. All along the edges it didn't look right, like bug eggs were there. I looked at the fabric some more and the more I looked at it the more I thought, its like a mattress material. THATS WHEN IT HIT ME!!!  I do believe I was looking at bed bugs all over that seat. I sat side ways and was trying to look at my own seat. I ate my dinner The pasta chicken with broccoli which sucked by the way. I never had it and always ordered breakfast at Perkins.  I think I saw where someone had put, Perkins is great if you don't order dinner.  She is right on whoever posted that. Its not that good at all. I forced it down quickly and got up. I tried looking at my seat as I got up but was so grossed out I just wanted to leave. I stood there waiting for a few moments while a man was checking out. I was shaking my shirt in the back hoping that if I had any thing on me it would fall off. I then began looking at the man in front of me and his shirt to see if I could see anything crawling. I didn't but I was grossed out and still am. As I was paying with my debit card  the lady asked me if everything was ok. I said yeah it was ok but, I didn't want to tell her the food was not worthy of 5 bucks let alone the 20.00 I just spent to eat crap and watch bed bugs! (yeah I tipped the waitress 5 bucks which made it about 20.00) but it wasn't  her fault.  I'm nice like that.  I did proceed to tell her about the seat in front of me and to my surprise she stopped me and said yeah I know and we will be replacing them soon.I kinda of cocked my head and was like, Well its not because they are dirty its because there are bugs crawling all over it.  She said what? no and scoffed. I said go over there and sit down and just look for a little while and you will see them There are quite a few of them. She said well I do know those will be replaced soon but yeah I'll check it out. And that was it. no I apologize, nothing. I'm thinking they may already know they have bed bugs. Im never going back! After 20 years that was my last trip to Perkins!
By: Keana K.
My favorite breakfast place! you have to have the corned beef it is total awesomeness! i was recommended by a local business which did not disappoint me at all.
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By: sj32059
Freddys seafood / Claudines Seafood
Good Food & Prices. I first ate in here 2 years ago.Today , everything is still GREAT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
By: Q J.
Cody's Original Roadhouse
Very disappointed in what I over heard at the table next to me. The manager did not handle a situation at table next to me well. Questioned my table about their issue told Candice we work in customer service and how poorly she handled other issue. Then she tried to involve us in the issue !!! Poor customer service from waitress Britt and manager Candiace !!! Was ready to leave before we got started !!! Regulars here and not sure we want to return !!
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By: Erin W.
Freddys seafood / Claudines Seafood
The best fast food in the area. Wish they would deliver! Please post a copy of your menu to your advertisement.
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By: Freddy S.
Freddys seafood / Claudines Seafood
amazing food clean place nice service will be bringing my family back here again very soon and they cant wait
By: K. S.
Georgie Boy Restaurant
The price is good. Wait staff is great. Manager very rude Food is cheap. And like the manager/owner said. He don't like giving stuff away and he ain't giving anything away. Doesn't care if it's a complaint U order it u pay for it !
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By: Mary jo W.
Steak 'n Shake
The food was awesome,we had garlic burger, bacon cheese and the original burger along with mini corn dogs the hamburger bun was fresh the hamburger was juicy full of flavor. The service was great...we .well come back again with the faimly, oh yea the kids ate free! !!!...beats micky dee.......
By: Joseph B.
The WingHouse of Clearwater
What a great sportsbar. Best wings in town and the burgers are super also

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