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By: Barbara R.
Bright Now! Dental
Bright Now Dental far exceeds and excelerates with superior professional services and knowledge of the dental field. The Staff is amazingly friendly and curteous and always willing to go the extra mile. I cannot say enough about Bright Now Dental and I guarantee they will provide your dental needs for the duration of your life, as well as, offering cost effective pricing and dental insurance need be. The Office is kept extremely clean and the bathroom and consultation offices are immaculate and even provide hot water--a commodity these days. The Gulf to Bay Store in Clearwater makes you feel at home, as part of the Bright Now Dental Family. Good luck, as I highly recommend them to you--offering quality, value, compassion, painfree dental visits and an award winning smile����.
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By: April E.
Ray Behm Jr DDS
I have been a client of Dr Ray Behm's for about 10 years now and feel blessed that I found him. The mouth is often overlooked when creating a preventative health plan. I feel I have benefited incredibly as I have learned so much from this practice. Now I know the Secret....do you.....go to his website and find out..... http://www.behmnaturaldentistry.com/The staff are fantastic too....they treat you like a person, not just a patient.....I do many things to stay healthy and this is a huge part of it...all amalgams and metal out of my mouth....no root canals.....use baking soda instead of toothpaste...(way cheaper too)....and I must say, I am not on one single medication and I am rarely sick.....no cold or flu's for years.....and I fly often. Dr Behm is the best of the best!!!
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By: Bob C.
Ray Behm Jr DDS
I wanted a truly Holistic Dentist to rid my mouth of all metals. Dr. Behm was the solution. My immediate need was to replace a crown which had come loose. He worked with me to eventually remove and replace all metal crowns and fillings. Some of the visits were very long, but he and his staff went to great lengths to keep me as comfortable as possible. While he does not accept insurance, his staff willingly submitted claims on my behalf. His office now provides all of our dental needs. The system used to clean teeth is exceptional! It is faster, more effective, and less uncomfortable than any cleaning I have had.
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By: Glenn W.
Ray Behm Jr DDS
Dr. Behm has removed all the mercury fillings and all old root canals-some dating back to my early 30's- and thus eliminating much of thetoxic burden under which the body has had to operate these manyyears. To me, it is an important step to help the body out. Withoutchanging anything, as age increases, the accumulation of bacteria andtoxins can more easily overwhelm the built in defenses! I want tokeep motion and activity in life and I believe my experience in thisNatural Dentistry office has helped me to do that.
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By: Peggy H.
Ray Behm Jr DDS
I started with Dr. Behm approx. 13yrs. ago. He truly is the best dentist I have ever gone to. A couple times I tried to find a dentist closer to me but it was not satisfactory and soon I ran back to Dr. Behm. He wants to help the whole person, not just the mouth. And thank you to all his staff - they are great.
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By: Susan G.
Dr. Mark M Davis, DMD
I have been his patient for over 30 years. Very few practicing dentists have the background and accomplishments of this man. With his significant contribution to his patients, and to the field of oral implantology from its inception, I can honestly say I was fortunate to be his patient.
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By: Connie S.
Ray Behm Jr DDS
My family has been seeing Dr. Behm for many years. We are confident in his approach. Dr Behm & his team are wonderful. We feel it is worth the trip from Tallahassee to Clearwater because we feel the holistic approach to dental treatment has a positive effect on our overall health
By: Jennifer S.
Clearwater Family Dental
It's been a little while since I have had a cleaning and I will need some work done. The office is run very efficiently and everyone was nice and pleasant and understanding. Dr. Paul had a very gentle disposition and put my mind at ease.
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By: Mike G.
Tao Liwen Dds
Dr Liwen Tao is an experienced and professional dentist. She performed 2 separate root canals and I never had a problem. If you have any dentistry or root canal needs, you must go visit her and her wonderful staff asap!Cheers,Mike
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By: Chelby R.
Ray Behm Jr DDS
I talked to Dr. Behm about some issues I had and he was able to help me identify what the cause of the problem was and offer a thorough plan to sort it out. He is very knowledgeable and uses natural remedies.
Tips & Advices
  • If a tooth decays and the nerves or pulp (soft internal tissue which helps teeth develop) become inflamed or infected
  • If a tooth is cracked or broken and nerves are exposed
This generally depends on any specific issues you wish to address with your teeth. There are toothpastes designed to whiten teeth, fight cavities, decrease sensitivity, prevent bad breath, resist gingivitis, and those specific to children (with lower fluoride content). There are also toothpastes that offer “complete” protection by combining aspects of many of the above toothpastes.
It’s recommended to get a professional cleaning at least two times per year.
  • Desensitizing toothpaste numbs the nerves in the teeth that can cause discomfort.
  • Mouth guard can protect against grinding teeth during sleep.
  • Fluoride treatment can be applied by dentists to sensitive areas to numb teeth and strengthen enamel.
  • Root canal can treat problems in a tooth’s core.
  • Surgical gum graft where a piece of gum tissue is removed from a section of the mouth to cover an exposed root.
Not everyone needs to have their wisdom teeth removed, but there are certain signs that can help you and your doctor determine if yours should be:
  • Wisdom teeth are pushing other teeth around, causing pain and misalignment
  • Cysts form around newly emerged wisdom teeth, causing jaw damage
  • Gums get inflamed and swollen, causing cavities and pain
  • Doctor determine from x-rays that wisdom teeth will cause problems in the near future

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