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By: jg_home
Hembrick Terry M DC
Greatest chiropractor around! After only the first visit, my husband and I knew that he was the “one”, the best chiropractor we’d ever been to -- and we have been to many over the course of 30 years, with no permanent resolve or alleviation for our pains. My husband and I feel better now than we've felt in years! Terry Hambrick’s techniques and years of experience make it seem like his hands are “magical”, a true healing professional. He also listens to what you have to say and takes the time to be thorough in his examinations. He is also friendly and sincere. The office staff is also quite friendly. My husband and I have been seeing him now for one year and in that time our average wait time was about 3 minutes. On many an occasion, he was waiting on us, with a smile. Excellent rates for what you get: the best chiropractor in Clearwater, minimal to no waiting, a clean friendly office and a solution to your body woes. I'd highly recommend him to anyone.
By: Ruth B.
Dr. Lox
My experience with Dr. Lox was excellent. I have suffered with lower back pain for 6 ½ years. After having 2 failed surgeries, multiple injection procedures and being on many different pain medications, I had reached a point in life just knowing I would never be pain free. But that was until I met Dr. Dennis Lox! He didn’t turn me away, like many Doctors before. He took his time with me and explained the procedure of “Stem Cell Therapy Injection.” Needless to say it is 3 weeks now and my life has changed for the better! I am now able to get out of bed without pain medication, do things with my children. I feel like a wife and mother again. I am happy to say THIS IS THE BEST I HAVE FELT IN 6 ½ years.” Everyday seems to get better and better. Coming to Dr. Dennis Lox has literally saved my life! This has been the best decision I have made in 6 ½ years of dealing with unbearable back pain. Thank You, Doctor Lox for giving me my life back and truly saving me!
By: Will W.
Dr. Lox
I'm an avid Tennis Player / Instructor and over the years it has taken its toll. I went to not just one Doctor but to two. Both said I needed to have surgery done on my shoulder and most likely my days of playing Tennis would be over. I'm only 48 and my main income is from Tennis. I did allot of research on the Internet for an alternative to surgery and found out about stem cell treatment. At first I was skeptical if it would work on me. I choose Dennis Lox M.D. at his Florida Center from a list of Doctors based on how long he had been treating people. It's been three months now and I am in full swing again. I have zero pain. I plan on going again and getting knee stem cell injections next. Amazing stuff! The whole procedure was done in less than four hours and Doctor Lox along with his staff were incredibly efficient. Best of all the stem cells were taken from my own body and not something from somewhere or somebody else. ~ Will W.
By: Steven W.
Dr. Lox
I want to give a big “Thank You” to Dr. Lox. I got a knee meniscal tear when I fell down on cement stairs carrying my surfboard to beach in San Diego, California. My friends took me to the hospital and said I would need surgery to get it fixed. My brother had a knee meniscal tear and he had surgery, but after a year and a half he had to go back and get surgery again and even to this day he still feels pain and got hooked on codeine. Funny enough my Mother did some research and found out about stem cells. At first I laughed and said there’s no way stem cells could fix my knee. She told me she would pay to have it done for me. I agreed to give it a try. My mom wanted the best for me so she searched the Internet and found Dr. Lox. It’s been about three months since the stem cell injection. I have no pain and my knee feels perfect. I never in my wildest dreams thought it would work. Without a doubt Dr. Lox you Rock!Steven West
By: Clarke P.
Dr. Lox
In the past 5 years, I have had both my Knees and Shoulders fixed by Dr. Lox because of arthritis. The process is virtually painless with excellent results. I’ve had several X-Rays and MRI’s done within the 5 years and you can virtually see the improvement. I don’t know how stem cells do what they do, but if done right they work like magic. My friend went to some new so called stem cell Doctor for his shoulder but did not improve. People watch out for Doctors that say they know how to do stem cells. From what I found out allot of those Doctors are getting licensed by just doing a test on the Internet. Dr. Lox is an expert in his field and world renowned. Even if you’re thinking about getting stem cells do your homework on the Doctor and make sure it’s not just a franchise fast food Doctor looking to make a buck. Clarke Peterson, FL
By: Holly M.
Dr. Lox
Over several years ago I can remember feeling my knees going from being stiff to being painful to severe pain when I walked. I had x-rays taken of my knees only to find out that I have knee arthritis. The Doctors wanted to do a total knee joint replacement. Everyone I know that has had this done still complains about pain. I thought to myself why would I want to replace one pain with another, what’s the point. Ten months ago I started researching for an alternative and tripped across stem cells. I found Doctor Lox on the Internet and called. I was surprised to hear that they could take stem cells from my own body and inject them in to my knees. As of two months ago I don’t feel any more pain and can walk with my daughter in the parks again. Thank you Doctor Lox, you will always be in my prayers. Holly M.
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By: Wes C.
Community Respiratory Home Care
After talking with the receptionist I found that what I needed was not in stock (for rental) so she called the Spring Hill location only to find this item not available there also. I should add that this is a hard to get and find item so I do not fault Community Respiratory. Upon further research from Spring Hill, they were going to have this in stock during my time frame. The receptionist then checked her schedule and found they also would have what I needed in the time frame. She said she would mark the first one that comes in for my wife. As I failed to get her name I hope she knows I am talking about her. We are so grateful for this service and will surly call them first. Oh something else minor to others but important to me. She actually said "thanks for calling and have a nice day".
By: Ethel N.
Dr. Lox
Hi all! I went to Doctor Lox for stem cell treatment for my Hips about 12 months ago. They have been doing follow-ups with my progress every couple months. I am delighted to say I am so very impressed with the results. My alternative was going for surgery for Hip Replacements. Yes, both my Hips had Arthritis and I was extreme pain no matter even if I laid in bed. I had a total of four injections, two in each Hip. The procedure was so simple. I keep trying to get my husband to go for treatment for his Shoulders. He’s a bit of a baby when it comes to going to Doctors or Dentists, but I don’t think he has much of a choice anymore as he can barely raise his left arm. I am setting up an appointment today and If I have to drag him by his ear to Doctor Lox I will!Ethel Nilsen
By: Marcell V.
Dr. Lox
I am 59 and have suffered from knee arthritis for a very long time. A friend of mine recommended that I look in to Stem Cells as he had it done on his knees with remarkable results. My friend told me to go and see Dr. Lox. I consulted with Dr. Lox on the phone and he was very polite and answered all my concerns. I made an appointment to get Stem Cells injected in to my knees. This was around four months ago. I never in my wildest dreams thought Stem Cells would work. I have also never given a review on anything until now. I am so very happy that I can walk without pain again I want to tell the world about what Dr. Lox and what he has done for me. Don’t suffer anymore! Get the treatment and be done with the pain. Marcell Ville
By: Lindy P.
Dr. Lox
I was diagnosed with knee joint arthritis over a year ago and had to give up hiking. The pain progressed to the point where I could hardly walk. I’m not ashamed of my age which is 63 as I have had a wonderful life but I of course have a bucket list. I went to Dr. Lox for a consultation and explained to him that I had a major goal in my life, which was to climb Machu Picchu. After my Stem Cell Treatment which was about 10 months ago, I went for it. I climb to the top of Machu Picchu, exhausted and out of breath till I felt faint, but I DID IT! Oddly enough every part of my body hurt except for my knees. Dr. Lox thank you for making my dream come true! You are a ray of sunshine in life. "Lindy Parrish" :)

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