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    Shawn B.


    We recently 10/28/12, had my son's birthday party here. We purchased a special ordered full sheet ice cream cake for his party. The staff was instructed to freeze the cake because of it being an ice-cream cake. The staff did not freeze the cake, in turn leaving the cake melted and destroyed! After speaking with the manager, who stated that she spoke to the owner, he was not willing to correct his staff's mistake....This left my son without a birthday cake on his special day even though they had ice cream cakes there...they would not replace it! I was also out of pocket $40 for the cake. We were told "since you purchased this cake directly from Dairy Queen and not through us...we are not responsible". Can you believe this? At this time, we had to contact the authorities and had to leave my son's party to go out and get another cake last minute. This is a HORRIBLE place to trust with your child's birthday party, VERY UNORGANIZED!! I do understand mistakes do happen but they were not willing to even correct theirs....BAD BUSINESS!!!! DO NOT RECOMMEND TO ANYONE!!!!


  • Great Place

    I send my kids to the daycare and they have the best program around. The kids get to skate, play sports, and interact with other kids in a great atmosphere. I would recommend Interskate to everyone.

  • Child Care Center

    It seems that the owner has a lot to learn about managing customers as well as employees. My daughter worked there and was terminated for not giving 2 weeks notice for wanting 1 day off for a school function. First of all I manage and co-own a business with over 80 employees. Interskate has no employee manual, rules posted or written information regarding employment guidelines. Next time you go in the facility ask to see their NC Child Care Center score. I will bet you can't find it in a visibly posted location. I am curious as to where this might be posted. I am a resident of Clayton and I would suggest that this establishment be avoided by anyone that has a reasonable expectation of being treated with respect.


    They are the only roller skating rink in the Clayton area and they think that this gives them the right to treat their customers like dirt!!!! OVER PRICED!!! $8.00 for skate rental!!! Are you kidding me????? Dirty Dirty Bathrooms with stall doors that dont lock!! Owners son is the ""manager"" who thinks his (%&^^&#) don't stink and staff is RUDE to the children!! THIS PLACE IS A RIPOFF AND THEY ABSOLUTELY DO NOT CARE ABOUT THEIR PATRONS!!! LET'S SHUT EM' DOWN AND SKATE SOMEWHERE ELSE!! I AM WILLING TO DRIVE A COUPLE EXTRA MILES.....ARE YOU?????

  • Interskate Clayton Roller Skating Rink TERRIBLE NIGHTMARE

    One would think in times like these, CUSTOMER SERVICE, rather than CUSTOMER HARASSMENT, would be more important. Here is my friend and neighbor's story about our recent (and certainly last) experience with Interskate Roller Skating in Clayton NC.

    ""I booked a party at Interskate in Clayton, NC and they cut it short for a private party that was coming in and then when I expressed how unhappy I was and I wasn't going to pay the full price and would come out on Monday to speak with the owner, they called the police and made ALL of the children at the party CRY!!! My daughters and their friends thought I was going to jail. I wasn't angry nor did I get violent with these people, but I wasn't going to back down when threatened by the fact that the police were coming! I encouraged them to call the police. The police officer showed up and told me that this was a civil matter and that Interskate would have to take me to court....and just after he said that the owner pulled up in his pretty blue corvette! He defended his son (the manager) and thought I was being ridiculous for wanting half taken off of the bill because the kids ate pizza and cake!! I'm sorry...I am at a rollerskating rink and NOBODY was able to skate and my daughter didn't have time for presents!! Eventually, after not backing down, he agreed to take 50% off of the bill. I JUST HOPE THAT THE ""FAMILY FUN CENTER"" THAT THEY CLAIM TO BE KNOWS THAT THEY TRAUMATIZED A GROUP OF NINE YEAR OLDS AND THEY'RE STILL NOT OVER IT TODAY!!! I think that these children DESERVE a public apology!! For me, it's not about the money...that could have been handled WITHOUT the involvement of the police! I just don't think that 45 min was worth $175.00... do you?

    From now on we will go rollerskating somewhere in Cary! :)""

    To add, the staff was irritable the whole time we were there, even expressing that irritation towards the kids. She was originally told the price was for 2 HOURS. They didn't even have the room ready on time, so what we actually experienced was just over 40 minutes. The kids had their skates on, then were rushed into the ""party room"" for pizza and cake. The second pizza arrived with 3 minutes to spare on their ""time limit"", and ended up being taken out with us after we were essentially ejected from the room. OUR CHILDREN NEVER EVEN HAD A CHANCE TO SKATE. The staff were rude, and I can tell you for absolute certainty NO ONE in our group will EVER darken their doorway again.

    Interskate Clayton Roller Skating Rink, Caveat Emptor! Let the Buyer Beware!

  • Poor Management... Do NOT Have Your Kids Birthday HERE!

    I am new to the area and had never been to any skating here, so I wasn't sure what to expect when I booked my daughter's birthday party at Interskate... it was a disaster. The reason why I chose this place was because they were always putting flyers up at the school, so I figured they must be somewhat reputable. I was wrong. First of all, when I went in to book the party, they were just about closing so we didn't really get to look around, I just reserved the date & time and gave my $50 deposit. I later went back to take my daughter and her friend to practice skating, since my daughter had never been before. I'm glad I did because she had a hard time getting the hang of it and since I also have a 5 month old I couldn't be with her on the rink to help her up, which was too bad, because there is no one to help your kid that works there either. Then we eventually used the girls restroom, which was something out of a scary movie. The whole room was covered with one coat of primer from ceiling to floor, the doors didn't shut, and there were NO locks on them either. The floors were dirty throughout the entire place. I noticed this on my first visit, but I figured they just didn't have the chance to clean them yet because they were getting ready to close up at that time... The music was awful and way too loud... then on my way out I stopped to ask the kid at the window about my daughter's party, which there was suppose to be 10 -20 kids, but so far only 2 had confirmed. All I wanted to know was if only 2 show, would I still have to pay for 10 kids (the birthday package I had reserved) and he was immediately rude and would not give me a direct answer, but basically said I did and then the manager walked in and started to be confrontational as well! I couldn't believe these people. The manager began to get red in the face and angry when I told him no one told me that I would still have to pay for 10 kids if this situation occured, and he basically called me a liar. Then the best part was when he tried turning the whole thing around on me to make it seem like I was the one who became argumentative first! Unfortunately, since they still have my deposit and the invitations have already been sent out, I will still have to go back one more time for the birthday party, but If I knew all of this before, I would have just had cake & ice cream at my house and then took the kids skating somewhere else, it would've been much cheeper, and a better experience all around!

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