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By: jrd2216
Renaissance at Peachers Mill
Personally, I disagree with the other comments. Billi Jo, the manager, has always been professional. I have had many issues that have been addressed personally and professionally in a timely manor. She does not beat around the bush and isn't in the office to make friends. I appreciate her not sugar coating things. She certainly has more tact than I do. The other ladies of the office are bubbly (Pam is gone, YAY!) and sweet. They have always initiated conversation and been apart of our community as their profession sees fit, i.e. help with deployed soldiers, community events like wine tastings, picking kids up in the afternoon and riding them around, etc. Always friendly and professional. In reference to price, it is very expensive, but you are not only paying for the apartment. I don't have a problem at all over paying for my apartment because of the amenities and type of people who will be able to afford this place. I don't have to worry about PFC Joe Snuffy smoking potpourri and getting drunk with his buddies. You know why? Because at the price for rent I pay, PFC Joe Snuffy on potpourri can't afford it. I love my place. I have been here for almost a year and don't have any issues.
By: melb680
Russell is simply amazing! I contacted a total of *THREE* realtors and the saying, "third time's a charm" in this case was absolutely true. Russell Harris was so patient and kind and took so much time out of his schedule for us. My husband is PCSing from Louisiana to Clarksville so we needed an agent who would answer us promptly and honestly with all our questions and concerns. If he ever once got annoyed with me he never let on and stayed calm and cool through the whole process even if I got emotional. He took HD video of MANY properties and uploaded them to the internet so I could see them and it was almost as good as being there myself. He opens closets and bathrooms and showers etc. Then he called us on the phone and talked in detail about each property and gave advice where I needed it and answered all my questions clearly and HONESTLY without regard to his own pocket. Two of the listings he explained he did not believe fit our needs were his own listings. He absolutely had our best interests at heart and we couldn't be more grateful or more satisfied! SO AWESOME!!!
By: kenton16
Worked with a different realtor for a few weeks that was slow to respond to my emails or texts, when I would call, I would not get a call back for a couple days. I started working with this other Realtor because USAA assigned me to them. I got sick and tired of the lack of professionalism and response so I looked up realtors on zillow. Russell was highly recommended so I gave him a call. He answered my call without having to leave me a message. He answered all my questions and sent me listing while on the phone. He called ME later that day to make sure I got the listings and talk to me about getting together. During the entire process he contacted me almost every time, not excessive but genuinely making sure I was taken care of. He even made a suggestion as to a more accommodating mortgage company which I was use to always dealing with USAA but I took his advice. He ended up getting me a much better deal on my mortgage than USAA was going to give me. I see now why Russell is so recommended. Thank you so much Russell, you are truly an amazing Realtor.
By: stevenj.
Avondale Apts
I have lived here for awhile now and absolutely love it. The apartment is spacious and very fairly priced. The apartment complex (overall) is quiet and it is always kept clean and well maintained. The complex manager (Suzanne) is super nice, listens whenever I have a question, and tries to make everyone feel welcome as her door is always open. There is plenty of parking here at Avondale and there is even a community workout room with exercise equipment. I have not had a single maintenance issue since I moved in, but I do see the maintenance man working at least a few times a week as I drive through the complex or walk my dogs and he is always friendly and asks how I am doing. The pet policy here is more than fair; my dogs were welcomed with open arms and they get a lot of love from my neighbors and Suzanne. I cannot honestly say one negative thing about Avondale Park Apartments, 5 stars, Steve.
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By: Trish B.
Mcaullife Apartments
Manager gives preference to some of the tenants. Maintenance personnel harasses some of the tenants and defames the character of some of the tenants. You would think that he (glorified janitor) were a teenager running for prom king and telling tales to get people not to like the opposition. Management does nothing to curtail his defamation of character of some of the tenants, nor does she stop him from harassing them no matter how many complaints are lodged. The property management Tampco, LLC is no better. They separate themselves from the situation and refuse to get involved even when it has gotten so out of hand that law suits are threatened. This property is for disable people only but that does not seem to matter to the maintenance personnel who likes to defame the character of the tenants every chance he gets.
By: clarksvegasgal
Needmore Place Apartments
I Love living here. I think we have a great location and I love that we have a gym because Lord knows I need it! I think the manager is cool and she runs the property pretty strictly but I actually appreciate that (as I think any good resident would) She is the only person in the office so sometimes it is hard to catch her but if I call ahead I’ve never had a problem. I have never had any issues with maintenance they have always come to me the same day or next day sometimes. I noticed a flat one morning on my way to work and the maintenance guy was nice enough to change the tire for me. All in all I am very happy here and so are my kids. There have been a few events for the kids and I thought that was nice we never lived anywhere that did that.
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By: Dora F.
ERA Chappell & Associates
ERA is managing my home and they have been absolutely wonderful. They are always very professional and courteous. I moved last summer and their staff was so helpful with the process of setting up my house as a rental in addition with constant communication with me. Since I had never rented a home I owned previously, I had lots of questions about the process. They were always quick to return my calls and assist me with all of my questions. In addition when we have an appliance in the home that needed to be replaced, they coordinated everything for me and had it replaced quickly for my tenants. It is definitely a piece of mind for me to know that they are managing my property. Give them a call. You will not be disappointed.
By: bwrightsell
Russell Harris is an outstanding real estate agent! He is an outstanding real estate agent who is easy to talk to, communicates well, and is always reachable and responds promptly.  He has livened in Clarksville his whole life so he knows everything there is to know about the city.  Russell took us to see almost 100 houses and he didn’t try to convince us to buy every house we looked at.  He really wanted to help us find the perfect home.  He pointed both positive and negative things about the houses that we hadn’t noticed or even considered.  We had a delay in our closing and Russell was so understanding and helpful the whole time. Russell really provides a personal service and develops a relationship with his clients.
By: Kirsten M.
Vision Realty
So, the previous review was my homeowner and the issue isn't the team at Vision, it's that guy. The Vision Team has always been responsive, polite, helpful, and I feel like they care about my Family and I. We own three houses, two in the Clarksville area, and I am switching my property management to Vision Realty. The ladies took a lot of abuse from my homeowner and the outside realtor he hired to sell the house. I will review that realtor separately. The team at Vision did their best to keep the peace and resolve everything quickly, I am happy that they no longer have to deal with that homeowner. I absolutely recommend Melinda and Kim and will definitely use them again.
By: pnester
You will not regret working with Russell Harris!  We were searching for a realtor in Clarksville when we came across Russell Harris.  We were very impressed with his knowledge and he immediately made our apprehensions about the process disappear.  We got the perfect house because of Russell. He made us feel like his only clients by the way he helped us the entire way, answered all our questions no matter what questions we asked, and accommodated our schedule.  He kept us well informed the entire way.  If you are looking for a realtor who knows the industry extremely well and will have your back the entire way, Russell Harris is the way to go!

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