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By: cdubya71
Cheddar's Scratch Kitchen
Anyone that thinks they can get better food at applebees or chilis for cheaper is full of hot air. I have been eating at both of them and have gotten absolutely tired of them. My wife always gets the Cajun pasta at applebees which is always bland and uninspired. She ordered the same dish at Cheddars and I was absoloutely impressed that it had some actual Cajun flavor. It was awesome. She didn't have to pay extra for the sauce that came on it either. I ordered the 1/2 lb BBQ burger (don't remember the actual name) The burger was awesome and I didn't have to pay extra for the BBQ ranch sauce on the side. The rice and beans on the side did cost 2 bucks and I was very much happy with the flavor even though the size was not consistent with the price. The bowl it was served in was very small in my opinion. But in defense of Cheddars, The server did tell me he did not recommend the beans and rice because it was a little small. I ordered it so it was my fault. My wife and I eat early in the evening so we miss some crowds but we will gladly wait 30-40 minutes to dine here again. I have only heard good things about the chicken and waffles so we will see. Don't believe the bad hype it really is a great place to eat.
By: Rachel M.
Liberty Park Grill
We were a party of 25. We called ahead, got on the wait for inside, and were quoted 35-40 minutes. We got there in 25, and only had to wait (outside on some patio chairs that were comfortable) for about 5 minutes before they texted us our table was ready (very cool not to deal with a buzzer). The service was great! We had Nichole. She was prompt, upsold without being pushy, and very attentive to our whole party. The food was hot, delicious, and plated well. I had the Black and Bleu Burger, and would definitely recommend it. My husband had the meatloaf. It was not your typical red meatloaf. It was served with brown gravy on it and "onion straws" which are kind of like thin onion rings. The textures and tastes were very complimentary and a pleasant deviation from the norm we were expecting. Nichole easily talked us into a Kaluah brownie and the night was a total success. They easily handled our whole party correctly and I will definitely recommend them to any one who will listen!
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By: Trish B.
Mcaullife Apartments
Manager gives preference to some of the tenants. Maintenance personnel harasses some of the tenants and defames the character of some of the tenants. You would think that he (glorified janitor) were a teenager running for prom king and telling tales to get people not to like the opposition. Management does nothing to curtail his defamation of character of some of the tenants, nor does she stop him from harassing them no matter how many complaints are lodged. The property management Tampco, LLC is no better. They separate themselves from the situation and refuse to get involved even when it has gotten so out of hand that law suits are threatened. This property is for disable people only but that does not seem to matter to the maintenance personnel who likes to defame the character of the tenants every chance he gets.
By: janet.vaughn.904
Cheddar's Scratch Kitchen
My husband & I ate at Cheddars today for our anniversary. No waiting, we got right in. Our waiter, Nathan came right to our table and took our drink & appetizer order, which were served with 2 minutes. Nathan was very knowledgeable about the menu & even recommended dishes. Food was served in a VERY timely manner. Portions were HUGE! Food was AWESOME!!! We feel we got so much food for the price. We got two appetizers, two drinks, & two entrees. Needless to say, we will be returning. My husband says CHEDDARS is his new favorite restaurant!!!
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By: trey79
Cheddar's Scratch Kitchen
Food was good. Menu prices are great, but they charge for sides, dressing, you name it and it is extra. It made for an overpriced bill at the end. The food wasn't THAT great. Now the service was horrible! They opened too quickly. They should have spent more time training the servers. Cmon man this is your first impression. I understand the business, but you should take a lesson from J. Alexanders on service. All in all it was ok. But I can get the same food and better service for half the price at a Chili's or Applebee's.
By: horswhisprs
Cheddar's Scratch Kitchen
We love the food here. We've been quite a few times. I always get a second meal with the amount of food you receive. The service is slow. Always have to flag down someone to get something and last time we were there we were sat right by the servers break tables. They were loud and inconsiderate of the guest. They also didn't know how to bus their own table. It was a mess. The manager came back and all she was worried about that whoever was back there was actually on break.
By: nsdq160
Catfish House
Excellent food at a good value. Wish I could say I'd tried all the menu, but am always drawn to the wonderful fish, okra and beans that are so well prepared. Love their new and much roomier location. Staff has always been courteous and helpful. Only problem I've found is that unless I go when they first open, I may have a long wait, but at least in the new location there is pleasant front porch and rocking chairs available under the big fans.
By: Lee J.
Cheddar's Scratch Kitchen
My family took me to Cheddars for my Birthday, and I loved everything about it. I had the Country Friend Chicken, and it was the best chicken I've ever had. The price was shockingly fair and the service was amazing. The wait time wasn't nearly as long as I had heard. We were seated within 10 minutes which was very reasonable. The only issue I had was a small mix up of beverage. I loved it, and Highly recommend this place.
By: Lee E.
When it comes to having a Wonderful and Affordable "Dining Out" Experience I am always very pleased with Applebee's in Clarksville. Although I am always happy with every meal I order, the main item that always draws me back is the French Onion Soup which is Not Available in most other Clarksville Restaurants. So ... when I get a craving for my favorite French Soup Du'Jour, I always come to Applebee's. Thanks Guys !!
By: nothappy_atall
Cheddar's Scratch Kitchen
Dec.24,2013Took my kid to Cheddars for the first time and the service was terrible. I have been their before when I they have been slammed and my wait has never been long. We had to wait 10 minutes before someone came to take a drink order, I sat at the table and called the restaurant to speak with the manager and they sent someone to our table. I won't be back....
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