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By: william5099
Diva In The Middle
I absolutely love this salon! It is truly the definition of a real salon with real people who know how to do amazing professional looking styles. The salon has a professional atmosphere and was recommended to me by a co-worker and was a perfect fit for my wife. I was amazed at how great everyone's hair looked once it was finished. One of the many things I liked about the salon was all of the stylists did a superb job on anyone’s hair. It's was hard to tell who did what style because of the professional look ever style completed in the salon, now that is good training. :-) My wife hair is straight and they had her walking out like she still had a perm. When she first arrived at the salon, the stylist made her feel welcomed and already had some option ready for her, her hair was unhealthy from doing it herself. After a few visits, they had my wife’s hair Flowing, straight and of course healthy!My wife and I love the convenience of being able to make an appointment online and you don't do all of that waiting you do at other salons. You are in and out and that was a definite winner for me. The environment was nice, staff was friendly and they even had nice music. It was a pretty good experience and definitely worth every penny; besides, you can't trade the experience for anything. Diva in the Middle Hair salon offers professional and efficient service. The stylists will get you in and out quickly without compromising the quality of your service.
By: Stevie C.
World Nail Spa
I love their interior design. I thought the place would be great. First time I went, my mom and I had a pedicure done. The guy who did mine was very careless and cut my foot to the point it bled, and didn't measure up at all to the woman doing my mom's pedicure right next to him. I gave the place the benefit of the doubt, and decided to go back once more. Second time I went, my friend and I had an acrylic full set done. The lady who did mine took her time. The guy who did my friend's nails, did not. He rushed and finished in half the time mine did. He also left her edges all rough and gross. There's maybe two good ladies who work there. Then, not even two days later, 5 of my nails start to chip. Great quality acrylic nails..NOT. I could've bought a fake nail package at the store for cheaper and it would've lasted longer. Also, the employees are quite sarcastic and rude. Needless to say, money wasted and was not satisfied.
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By: Jonathan S.
Mona Lisa's Barbershop
We all know that barber shops are all over the place wherever you go, and the competition is fierce at times for a customer's business, so come try out THIS place before you risk your image to anyone else. Rebecca Strock has fixed a lot of bad haircuts and doesn't mind doing it, but she'd MUCH rather give you a great haircut to begin with! I wouldn't be surprised if this shop gets some people trying to create drama in the coming months out of jealousy over how many people are coming in to get fixed up. VERY competitive prices, and who wants to wait in line at that other place? As a matter of fact, go there, take a number, and you could drive to Mona Lisas' and get a haircut and be back before THEY call your number. All you "do-it-yourself" types, please, draw the line at trying to cut your own hair. Bald can be beautiful, but consider your options, and come see the staff at Mona Lisas'!
By: Selma O.
Upper Cuts Hair Salon
Elisabeth K. Clarksville, TN Follow Elisabeth 5.0 star rating 7/15/2016 I have known Selma Curtis, the owner of this salon, for many years. She has always done excellent work on my hair, and is one of the most genuinely delightful people I know. She is honest and decent--qualities that many people do not have these days. I read another review that was posted on here recently, and was appalled to see that the reviewer tried to say that Selma is dishonest and is "out to make a buck." Well, begging your pardon, but she is one of the MOST honest people I have ever met--and as far as "making a buck"--well, do YOU work for free? She has YEARS of experience, she has actual friend relationships with her clients and she always does her best to make people happy. In my opinion, its clients that want "something for nothing" that are the problem and I wouldn't put much stock in their opinion.
By: orngcat2
Kim's Nails
I've been to Kim's twice now for pedicures. On my first visit, a man did my pedicure. He was pretty rough when trimming my cuticles. I bled a bit and it was slightly painful. He also cut into the sides of my nails on my big toes, which caused both nails to weaken and tear after a week, ruining my pedicure. Also, the tools he used were dirty. But the message was good.My second visit was a couple of days ago and I had Tiffany as my nail tech. She was gentle, thorough, and used clean tools. I could actually relax! I decided to get the spa pedicure and it was wonderful! The message was long and just what my tired feet needed. She did such a good job, that it made up for last time. I have tried soooo many nail salons in town and Tiffany did the best pedicure so far. I will be going back for another pedicure, but ONLY with Tiffany.
By: angelicamaria
Aqua Colour Lounge & Med Spa
Aqua Colour Lounge is the complete package salon. For starters, I was completely blown away by the physical appearance and presentation of the salon. The decor and vibe is unlike that of any salon I've been to in Clarksville. I felt like I was in a big city salon.I was also very impressed with the time and effort the stylist took with me to talk with me about the colors that would suit me best for my hi-lites. She pulled out many swatches to hold up to my complexion in order to find the perfect color.At the end of my appointment, I was 100% pleased with my cut and hi-lites. I have long, fine hair and Rusty did a fabulous job cutting my hair in a manner that made my ends thick and full. My hi-lites look great as well. I will definitely be returning and would recommend this salon to anyone.
By: melogirl
Aqua Colour Lounge & Med Spa
I'm really 50/50 about this place. Yes, the decor was young and fresh, and everything was state of the art. My issue was that when I arived for my appointment, I was told that I was accidently scheduled during the stylist's admin time. That's fine, but a call would have been nice. So they got me in with another stylist 45 minutes later. Which, I should have just came back another day, because from them on, I felt rushed. Like, she couldn't get through me to the next client fast enough. I also have medium long hair and when she did my color, she let the dyed hair fall in my face and I ended up with dye marks on my forehead that she couldn't get out before I left. I've heard good things about this place and I would really love to believe them. But right now, I feel so/so.
By: Angela S.
Venus Nails Spa
Just moved here and have tried at least 4 other salons! Despites some of these negative reviews, I decided to try it for myself. First of all Venus Nails has voted 3 years Best of Clarksville. They must have done something right in the first place and that's y the people has voted! I have to say the price is a little higher than other local nail salons around, but I've never got a Shellac Manicure and a pedicure the way that Pam has done! She took time not a 15 mins Pedi / Mani! The staff seems to do the same. If anyone has been any other local salons then you will see why Venus is the Best of the Best!!! Thank you Pam! :)))))
By: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Diva In The Middle
I absolutely love this salon. I love going to a place where i can be myself and relax with the complementary wine. The owner and her staff cater to my every need and the prices are beyond affordable. I dont know about these other client reviews and every opinion is different but i do remember getting my hair done and it was not the actual salon that irritated me it was a woman beating her bad kid and the constant asking of questions from this lady who clearly did not read the salon policy ( which i read before i came because you are suppose to do your research on a salon anyway) Overall great place and cant wait till next time!
By: jennramer
Love My Baby Bump
Every pregnant mother should go see them!!!!! I went at 11 weeks and I saw my little one clear as day. They also made my husband and I feel very comfortable and understood that the experience was supposed to be special, and made it feel that way rather than herding us through like cattle. I'm going back next month to find out what I'm having.... well before my doctor will tell me! THANK YOU LADIES!!!! You are doing such a wonderful service for mothers in Clarksville.Jessica couldn't have been more awesome! She was professional, caring, and knew what she was doing. That's why I booked with her again!THANK YOU JESSICA!!

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