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By: Rafaela J.
Walmart - Pharmacy
Filling a prescription @ the pharmacy here. The lady at drop off neglected to update an address on file from about 8 years ago. We shopped around the store for about an hour while waiting for pickup. Waited in line and got to the register where a different associate asked for the address on file in order to pick up. Unfortunately I didn't remember the street number. While I could verify the social, date of birth, and full name, they would not release the prescription without that address, even though I told her that no one asked me to update it and multiple associates confirmed that as well as that it should have been done at the time of drop off. I was quite upset as we needed the medication and it was too late to go to another pharmacy and told them I would need the prescription back in order to take my business elsewhere. The manager, Mr. McKenzie, brought me the prescription and apologized, stating that he would be having a personal talk with the employee for not updating the information as she was required to do. After a brief explanation directly from me, he actually was able to run the prescription back through the system and rush everything through so we didn't have to wait in line again. He spent his personal time doing this and came out from behind the counter to thank me for being so patient, apologize for both the wait and inconvenience and express his understanding of how important it was that medications be handled quickly and appropriately without error. He informed me that he was new to the store and was doing his best to get past issues turned around and put the pharmacy back on the right track. Mr. McKenzie was an example of excellent management and customer care and brought me from an angry customer, ready to walk out and never use the pharmacy again, to a loyal client with respect for his leadership and clear commitment to his customers. He was absolutely wonderful.
By: Tish E.
Sango Pharmacy
Not only is this charming, cozy pharmacy full of unique gifts and healthy products, their service is impeccable! None of the giant chains could get my son's prescription for 6- 8 weeks! I turned in desperation to this little place and Catherine immediately ordered it and had it shipped overnight at no charge. Then, considering the difficulty I'd had and being sympathetic to my horror toward a 5 day school break w an unmedicated severe adhd 7 year old, she called me before the next refill was due to ensure she had it ordered in time for the Thanksgiving holiday. I seriously LOVE this pharmacy. Drop the cold, sterile hustle of wherever you go and get to know these awesome people!
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By: horswhisprs
I've been going to this location for almost 8 years. The pharmacist are knowledgeable and helpful anytime I have questions. The only reason I'm not rating a 5 is because for as long as I've been going there most of the staff that works checkout at the pharmacy don't seem to know me. I fill a lot of scripts at least 3 times a month so I would expect some recognition from the same employees that wait on me.
By: darcyj
Tree Of Life Market
Great alternative to driving to Nashville. It like a small version of Whole Foods, Harris Teeter, or Trader Joes. The staff working anytime Ive shopped there have respectfully greeted customers upon arrival. They appear educated, informational about the products they sell, and proud to work there. They even have new specialty products I had not seen at the other stores. Great store!
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By: Pugsley P.
Tree Of Life Market
I like it but I discovered a store called World Mart International Marketplace that sells Indian & other international spices and hard to find food in Clarksville that saved me a trip to Nashville. Tree of life is good but they do not have a unique food items as I expected.
By: sberry830
Andy's Pharmacy
They are great with their clients and the cheapest on prices.
By: ellen.o.elmore
Sango Pharmacy
Very friendly pharmacy, Would highly recommend.

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