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By: Courtney H.
Eagle Home Loans
Me and my wife were first time home buyers so naturally we had no idea what we were doing. We decided to use our VA loan benefits and Anthony from Eagle Home Loans was an expert at this and amazing to work with. We were originally going to get our loan from another company but after a few emails with Anthony, we quickly changed our minds. After my initial inquiry, I received a response with very little wait time. I had a million questions which were all answered very clearly and he made the whole process less confusing and always made sure I understood every step we were taking. He even recommended a great realtor so we didn't have to worry about doing it ourselves. Anthony was available for me on weekends and even after hours. We closed on our house exactly one month after finding it which would of been sooner if it weren't for the holidays. Anthony made the whole home buying experience completely stress free and he makes you feel like a family member rather than a client. Anyone who is thinking about buying a home especially first time buyers or anyone who is military I would highly recommend using Eagle Home Loans. If you want an informative, fast, and easy process call Anthony today!
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By: Kenneth O.
Fort Campbell Auto Sales
I was just walking down the street in Fort Campbell when someone asked me do I need a ride somewhere. I said sure and I got a tour of Ft Campbell just like that. I then went with him to his car dealer just to stop by. I get there and a salesman named Marciano saw I didn't have a car. He gladly let me test drive any car I wanted in the lot. I took a couple out and I found the car I was most comfortable with. He then told me if I wanted to we could start the process of buying the car and me leaving with it the same day. I was curious and I had the money so I thought sure. Marciano helped me with getting an auto loan and car insurance in the same day! I got approved enough money where I didn't have to put down anything on the car. He helped me with the language of insurance companies and everything. He honestly made my first car buying experience very comfortable. If anyone is looking for a car please give Ft Campbell Autosales a chance
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By: Mariah G.
Fort Campbell Auto Sales
Whether you are buying your first car or want to trade in your car for an upgrade, Fort Campbell Auto Sales can definitely help you out. Fort Campbell is a town that is notorious for targeting military to buy cars that either don't run well or that they know the soldier can't afford. Diego (the owner) is always honest and straight up with everyone and cares more about the soldiers well being than making the sale. He will tell you if it's not in your best interest to buy or trade for any reason. There is never any pressure to buy which I think is one of the best qualities of this place. I've purchased from him twice now and have never had any car troubles but I know if I did they would do everything they could to help out despite me not having a warranty. They have everything from BMWs to Camaros to motorcycles and are constantly getting new inventory. I eventually plan on buying a motorcycle and there is no doubt I will come here.
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By: Marvin B.
If your looking for a cheap vehicle,this is NOT the place. Now if your looking for a vehicle that will last, this is the place for you. Be prepared to pay a little more than expected. But wait,the time and money invested into all their vehicles you will understand. I have been dealing with Stephon Allen since I was old enough to drive, I am now 35 years young. For example, I purchased a 2000 Saturn a little over a year ago and have put over 75,000 miles on it. Now at 196,000 miles and still going strong. (Oil change is key). The only maintenance was A/C charge and water hose replaced. CmoN can't get better than that. So when you tell Stephon, "cm on that price is too much." Realize that the money that is put in prior to sell. They are prepared to run for a long time. So in closing if you want a vehicle to last this is the place. GOD BLESS 5 STARS
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By: Houa V.
Fort Campbell Auto Sales
I was recommended to come to Fort Campbell Auto Sales by a friend. I came from another base that had bad reviews and bad reputations on other auto sales that were established right outside of base. That being said, Fort Campbell Auto Sales was a complete night and day experience. I was helped by Mike and Diego, they were there the whole time walking me through the whole process making sure I understood everything that I was doing, making sure my needs were met, and lastly making sure I got the car that I wanted. Fort Campbell Auto Sales does not come with the negative stigma that most auto sales established right off base has, they are friendly, there's a real feel of home and acceptance. I would recommend Fort Campbell Auto Sales to anyone in the area and would buy another car through them.
By: christinahayes
J & S Auto Sales, L.L.C.
I have to say great place to buy a car! Not sure why the bad reviews but every car sold on that lot comes with a warranty through a warranty company which means you have to take it to a shop to have fixed but the warranty pays for it. So if something bad does happen you can have it fixed. I had great customer service from everyone there. And as far as the girl claiming that the red headed salesman hit on her, his name is Shannon and he is the owner. He is also in my opinion happily married as I heard him talking about his wife and little girls. I myself am very happy and several friends of mine are as well, one of them actually recommended I go there. Hope all future readers read this and see that they do great business.
By: Tihara L.
J & S Auto Sales, L.L.C.
I am still awe with the services we experienced at J&S auto sales. They not only help us get into a vehicle we wanted but also helped us get the fianancing we needed. We didn't get a whole spill like you normally do at other dealerships, but instead very straight to the point and in very professional manner. No ones time was wasted nor did we feel rushed Or pressured into anything. We were welcomed and treated with respect and felt like we were home. I would highly recommend J&S auto sales to my family,friends and to anyone who needs a vehicle. Also the vehicles selections are great! Especially if you like lifted trucks but they also have a wide range of other vehicles.
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By: Juantray E.
Fort Campbell Auto Sales
Look a lot of you off the bat will think that small dealerships are scams and rip offs but Fort Campbell Auto Sales are known for taking car of soldiers in need of a car and making sure you get any car that's affordable in your price range .... Making sure you're credit stays perfect and that you can pay for the car you like is first on their agenda instead of money like any other dealership .... Diego, Mike, and Vanessa will all make sure you're taken care of so you don't have to think twice about whether or not you're walking into a trap .... They give you the best deals possible, they get five stars from me, and they also helped me get my first car
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By: Jackson E.
Fort Campbell Auto Sales
I was looking for a new truck and was skeptical about buying one near post, but I saw that Fort Campbell Auto had all 5 stars and I decided I'd give it a try, and now I see exactly WHY they had 5 stars! It was amazing service, very helpful and Marciano and Diego were completely friendly and willing to work with me through the whole process and got me an awesome deal! I even had a mechanic who owns a seperate shop tell me that they are amazing dealers, and I couldn't agree with him more. 5/5 hands down, the first Clarksville dealership that actually has the soldiers interest in mind and wants to help. Recommending them to all of my friends from now on.
By: tnpat57
River Road Motors
Robert has run his Dad's business from Red River Road and is now located on Cumberland Drive. His work is always done great and he explains what is needed and why. His stock of used cars is always changing and many of his clients have been repeat customers from more then one generation. That says a lot. I am extremely pleased there and have gotten a few other women to use him too. I recently had a fast oil change place in town insist that I needed my radiator flushed. I asked how bad was it? Horrible, filthy, can not put off. Well I saw for myself how some places try to rip you off. It was a brand new, 3week, radiator! Be careful who ever you go to.

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