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By: daniella.lujan.3
Jet's Pizza
This pizza is way better than Woody's-which is all I had to console myself after NY one had to close. It's so fresh! you can tell that the ingredients do not come prepackaged like Pizza Hut and Dominoes. Love their natural mozzarella that tastes like real cheese and not synthetic and delicious tomato sauce that most probably came out of a can but sure as hell doesn't taste like it! I like their pan and thin pizza. Just buy both-you won't be able to decide either! ^_^ Also, I always hate the cinnamon sticks at other places but this is just perfect-sugary but coated unappealing with it, butter, and sprinkled with cinnamon. A tasty treat that is not overdone. Many places get it wrong in my opinion but I feel as if I have found the perfect place. Tastes like gourmet pizza...
By: Angela K.
Jet's Pizza
This is the BEST pizza place in this town! The people are super nice and the food is worth every penny. I tried jets after an eff'd up experience with luigis and all I can say is I wish I had tried them first. The jets pizza is sooo flavorful, has FRESH toppings and is addicting and that really nice guy that answered the phone was like talking to one of my buddies. This is for sure THE place to get good pizza and be treated like a person by genuine people. Oh, and just FYI ladies, the guy that delivered my pizza from jets was a very respectful and clean looking gentleman. The guy that delivered my pizza from luigis left tire marks on my curb and looked like he just got out of jail. Be safe! Get Jets!
By: pixiedust31
Papa John's Pizza
Made an online order of 3 pizzas with 3 toppings and only 1 pizza came out correct. Then when I called the manager to ask how could that have happened and she didnt give me her name to say that yeah she was the manager, then said well you didnt save the order. I didnt save the 1st pizza and it came out correct so why would I have 2 more pizzas that's suppose to have 3 toppings and only order cheese on them? She just basically was like well ok nothing we can do about sorry. They will not get my business again at least at Dominos if they mess up they give you your correct pizza free of charge. But moms wanted papa johns guess she will think twice before she order from them again.
By: trentsgurl4life
We are fairly new to the area and was looking for a place that was like a place called Snappy Toamto that we had back home, so we decided to give Cici's a try... and they are BETTER than the one back home!! The pizza buffet was great, the servers were friendly, and they werent expensive!! The best part was how they make a pizza u request and they will bring it right to your table for you!!! We will DEFINITELY be back!!
By: naelke
THIS IS MY ABSOLUTE FAVORITE RESTAURANT EVER!!!! The food is SO AMAZING!They have the best variety of foods and toppings that I have ever seen, and literally give discounts for everything. I am an apsu student and get 10 percent off! it's awesome!!The people that work there are also pretty funny =]i love this place!
By: Angela K.
Papa John's Pizza
I order pizza ALOT. I'd say at least twice a week. Papa johns has always been timely, courteous and served delicious food. This particular location is near my boyfriends house so we order from these guys all the time and highly recommend them. I'm happy to say they are on the top of my list for great pizza places.
By: Renae O.
New York Pizza Depot
Crust...on spot! Crispy and perfect. Sauce very good. Green peppers sliced thin. We loved it and we are serious about our pizza. The outside appearance made me think they weren't open and it is a little run down looking but the friendly service and great pizza will surely make us return customers!
By: Megan C.
Domino's Pizza
Ordering pizza from this location is always smooth and friendly. No matter who you speak to, they are always happy and make your ordering experience simple and easy! Thanks for the great customer service!
By: Stephanie C.
Great place to eat! I'd never been to a cicis pizza before and my first experience was fantastic. The food was great, the service was awesome. We had the best time
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By: Britney B.
Little Caesars
We work hard to service the soldiers lunch everyday. Some days are busier then others. Do everything we can to make sure them leave with smiles and fresh pizza.

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