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  • Morgan G.

    If you are reading this know that I am not making this stuff up. All of their apartments are infested with roaches but they will "forget" to mention this before you sign the lease. My husband and I have been living in this hell hole since June 6, 2016. In our first apartment here at Paddock, we were told by pest control (which only comes on Tuesdays by the way) that the roaches were there before we moved in and that they were in the walls and there was no way we were getting rid of them. We tried doing a "clean out" which is supposed to rid your home of these bugs and not only did it not work... it made them worse. So we asked the leasing office if they would help us get out of our lease because we didn't think we should have to live in such a filthy environment when it wasn't even our fault. We got told that we could break our lease for a certain amount of money. At that time my husband and I didn't have this type of money to be breaking a lease so we opted for the other solution which was to move to another building. And not to anyone's surprise this one was infested with roaches too. Every time we call to complain we always here the same things "We can have pest control come out and spray." or "We can do another clean out.". On top of all the disgusting bugs in our home the leasing office just seems like they could care less about trying to help us get out. We were recently told that if we wanted to break our lease it was going to be close to 3,000 dollars. Who has that type of money just lying around plus more to move into somewhere else? Plus only one of their maintenance men are nice and helpful. If I were you I would recommend living somewhere else.

  • user avatar
    Deaonis O.

    Paddock place apartments is a horrible place to live they will tell you one thing to get you to buy the apartment and its another thing when you get it .. They don't fix anything the people are rude and petty . the area is bad so if you have any children I would not move out here. You have people breaking in people messing with your cars , the office won't do anything about it .. This place is high

  • John d S.

    This place is a dump. I thought it was cheap to live here until you get stuck with all the hidden fees. Too many rules here, also. The appliances are very old, as another has noted. The AC/heater units are VERY inefficient, I had to run the AC 24/7 just to keep the place at 77 degrees in high summer. The walls are very thin, I could hear the neighbors so easily, I thought they were living with me. My electric bill was outrageous for a tiny 1 bedroom apt. My prior home was a 4 bedroom house in NY, my share of the electric bill was never higher than 25.00$. It was quadrupled here. I could not open my windows for fresh air because of the smell of dog droppings/urine from the greenway under my windows. There is supposed to be a designated dog walk area, but no one pays attention and mgmt turns a blind eye to complaints. Across the greenway from my apt, the neighbors have enough dogs to require a kennel license and they bark CONSTANTLY. Mgmt. says they are unaware of the issue, but many of my former neighbors have complained about it.. If I had known about the conditions here b4 i moved in, I would not have moved here. I had the electric shut off on the 25th of August. According to lease, I would get evicted on 28th for not having electric service. I left the keys in the office and moved. Now they are trying to get 1200$ + 'cleaning expenses' for breaking my lease. Mgmt. are disingenuous con artists that will sell you the moon and stars and turn around and threaten to sue you if you have had enough and move out. BTW, the lease term is 18 mos, and they take that number seriously. I am reporting them to the appropriate authorities for fraud. Very nasty office staff. AVOID THIS DUMP LIKE THE PLAGUE. THERE ARE BETTER PLACES TO STAY IN CLARKSVILLE FOR LESS MONEY AND RESTRICTIONS. The only reason to live hear is if you like the ghetto living experience. To top it off, an even worse dump is on the pool side of the apt. complex. Don't walk around alone here unless you are armed or have a guard dog. If I could give this a negative star, I would.

  • youneedtoknow....

    If you want to feel like be micro-managed then this is the place for you. There are more don’ts then do’s in this place.

    To name a few:

    1) You can’t use chalk on the sidewalks

    “Several times have noticed children drawing with chalk in the breezeways and sidewalks. While this is cute we do not allow this. We must keep the breezeways clean and clutter free. If this is found we will charge for removal.”

    2) You only pay for the apartment not the breezeways.

    “Loitering outside of you apartment is not permitted. When you sign a lease with Paddock Lease you are renting the apartment. The common space is just that common space. You are not permitted nor are your guests permitted to hang out in the breezeways or parking lots for any amount of time.”

    3) You can’t have anything outside of your door….

    “There has been question about items that are left in the breezeways. The only items that should be outside are doormats. There are ashtrays, chairs, boots, clothing, blankets etc. left by several doors. These items need to be removed immediately. All must comply before we open for business on Monday July 29th. For each item that is in the breezeway we will charge $25.00 for removal. Any items that are left in the breezeways after July 29th we will be removed by management. This includes, ashtrays, buckets, planters, boots, blankets, animal crates, chairs etc.

    Just thought you would like to know some of our rules here at Paddock Place. The staff says that there friendly but they are not……



    All the appliances are extremely old and don't work well.The fridge/freezer does not have a ice maker and forget about being able to keep fresh fruits and vegetables in it.It goes bad within a day.The fridge is either warm or your food is frozen. There is no in between.Again I would like to to say how old all the appliances are and noisy and their falling apart.

    And forget about getting new ones or them fixing them.

    Everything in this apartment is ancient.

    My power bill is always through the ruff.I hardly run the air conditioner or heater.I am very big on power conservation.I don't leave lights on I unplugs things when I am not using them ect.I think part of the reason it costs so much is because everything is soo old and cost more to use.My apartment is not that big it is very tiny.It cost me twice as much as it did when I lived down the road in a much bigger place.Something is wrong.

    The construction of the whole place is cheap everything is always breaking or falling apart.

    Second:when we moved in the apartment was fifthly. The kitchen cabinets had pieces of food in them and dead bugs the shower/tub had globs of hair and dirt.

    Third:The dumpsters are always overflowing and people are always laying their trash everywhere and it blows around because there is nowhere to put it.

    The walls are paper thin so you can hear everything your neighbors do . flushes their toilet, Turns their tv on.

    They have a pool but they make it very inaccessible.They have really strange hours your allowed to use the pool.They might as well not even have a pool.

    The gym here is a joke.They never clean it..it is always dirty and smelly.There are permanent sweat stains on different equipment in the gym and most of the equipment is broken and if its not totally broken it does not work properly.

    The only positive thing about this place is they allow pets.I have a dog.They charge a monthly rent for your pet, per pet.

    They have a small fenced in area for your dog to run around in.But most of the time people don't clean up after there dogs.

    Honestly, I have been up there cleaning up other peoples dog droppings just in the regular grass area because I was so tired of stepping in dog crap.

    I have stayed in a lot of different apartments buildings and usually it's part of the staff's job to keep up the grounds including picking up dog crap that their renters decide not to pick up.

    I have not once seen the staff out here picking up dog crap. or actually working on keeping the grounds up.

    The management here is a joke.I use to try to go by the office when I would get off work and they would be closed early for no reason.

    The crime around theses apartments are pretty high so just be careful.

    And last but not least They charge way too much. You might expect this stuff if you payed 350-450 a month.But when they charge as much as they do almost 700 after all the hidden fee's they add on monthly. This is not a cheap place to live ...so don't move here and think your going to get a deal your not.Oh , yeah and be ready for the outrageously high power bills on top of your outrageously

    high rent to live in a crap hole.

    This place I could see paying 400 a mouth for.

    I wish someone would have told me before I made the biggest mistake of my life by moving in this dump.

    If you are military and looking for a place to live go to the military on post housing..I have heard they can point you in the right direction.

    I am sorry to sound so negative....but again I just wish someone would have told me.

    .I agree with everything the other reviewer said..all that its true as well.


    My husband and I had to find a place quickly when we moved here. Paddock Place was the first place we visited, and I wish we would have talked to some of the other tenants before moving in. I'll summarize all the PROBLEMS and BS in list form:

    ELECTRIC: Only 1 fire alarm in each apt., which doesn't work. I asked maintenance to replace them 3 months ago. They've never been replaced. There's about 2 electrical outlets per room, not nearly enough for a functioning household.

    PET POLICY: There is a breed restriction for wolf hybrids, german shephards, pit bulls, etc. We have a german shephard (trained by a professional, by the way) that we had to leave in OH when we moved here. However, there are currently 3 separate tenants who have pit bulls. I've notified the leasing office numerous times, and I'm always told "We'll take care of it". I saw one of the pit bulls earlier today. Also, they are incredibly strict on WHERE the dogs are allowed to WALK. There are 2 "pet-approved" areas on the grounds. All other grassy areas are off-limits to walk your dog. So you have to walk them on the concrete until you get to the "pet-approved" areas, otherwise you'll be fined $60 per infraction.

    PARKING: As a resident, you are required to have a sticker. No problem there. The leasing office allows you only 2 visitor passes per apt. So if you have more than 2 carloads ofamily visiting, you're out of luck because you're not permitted additional visitor passes. Also, the paint lines/handicap paint is so faded that you can barely see where to park. I parked in a handicapped spot, unknowingly, and had my vehicle booted. I had to pay $100 to have them unboot my car. And your car will also be booted if you park in a visitor spot, while you're a resident. And make sure your tags are up to date, otherwise you'll be booted then, too. And don't forget, you can't detail or work on your vehicle in the parking lot. I was detailing my husband's truck wheel before he got home for R&R, and I was approached by the assistant manager and was told that I wasn't permitted to wash and shine the wheels in the parking lot.

    OUTSIDE: The leasing office passed out stickers to put on your grill with your name on it. If your grill has no sticker, they will haul it to the dumpster. So if it rains and washes the sticker off, you have to go to the leasing office to get a new one. EACH time, otherwise your grill will disappear.

    LAUNDRY: My washer broke and before we bought a new one, I had to use the laundramat. The laundry room on site is never cleaned, and the washers are always filthy and filled with dirt or sand or grass. The change machine has been broken for the last 4 months. And 4 of the dryers have been out of service for longer than that.

    TENANTS: There's only 2 types of tenants at this place-military, or low income families. And a lot of times, construction companies will lease out apts. to their workers. Across from me, there's 4 Latino men living in a 2-bedroom apt. And my husband and I both have witnessed them selling drugs numerous times. There's also a problem with people loitering around other tenant's doors. I've had to call the police 2 times due to strange people being outside my door.

    In summary, I wish we had never moved here. I don't feel safe here, even with my husband with me. I don't let our daughter play outside or ride her bike. When we move out, I'm going to try to black list this complex. This is a terrible place to live!

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