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By: gayleburton
Christine R Wenrick DMD PLLC
Less than year ago I visited Dr. Wenrick’s office in regard to pain I was suffering in my jaw, neck, and unexplained movements throughout my mouth and face. I was under the supervision of a neurologist, was prescribed muscle relaxers and other medications to address all of those issues. I was told that without surgery my condition would not change, would require continuous medication for the rest of my life, and possibly the condition would worsen. At Dr. Wenrick’s office I was examined and fitted for a mouth guard, which I wear at night. This past week I stopped taking all medications and am free of the symptoms I mentioned earlier. My jaw has had an opportunity for respite which in-turn relaxed my neck. Medication and pain free at last, after nearly three years!!! I now wake rested and in no pain.This past week I had to come in for an emergency appointment because my puppy used my mouth guard as an unsupervised chew toy. Dr. Wenrick and her staff repaired the damage. My visits always find Dr. Wenrick and her staff to be professional, courteous, understanding, and insightful. I feel like an informed patient and person that matters. Without a doubt I would recommend Dr. Wenrick for anyone that is in need of dental care or is suffering from pain in the jaw.
By: aliciashermank9kuts
Christine R Wenrick DMD PLLC
I have been a patient for several years now. My first impression when i drove up to the office was "Top-Notch" It is beautifully lanscaped & very clean. I arrived a few minutes beforew my scheduled appointment & opened the door to a Beautiful atmosphere, with soft music in the air , the lobby/waiting room makes you feel calm & cozy. The receptionist/Staci was very friendly and professional. I dont have dental insurance & the doctor was able to finance the work that needed to be done on an easy affordable payment plan. Dr. Wenrick has been my 2nd Dentist EVER & WILL ME MY LAST! I sat down in the comfy dental chair for her to examine me, they then did x-rays. I am so tender in the mouth, they were so gentle with me. I didn't feel or rushed for any services or suggestions. Dr. Wenrick was able to help me with my headaches, by getting me a digital mouth splint, & brighten/whitened my teeth with their services. I have had some fillings as well there, I was always eager to go in & GET HEALTHIER, NEVER once left in any pain. I WILL ALWAYS use & refer this DENTIST & WONDERFUL STAFF to EVERYONE!
By: victoria.mcmillan.73
Christine R Wenrick DMD PLLC
If I could tell everyone how wonderful and amazing this dentist is I would. For the past year I have been with Dr. Wenrick and have seen every patient that has walked through her door. Patients dealing with TMJ disorders, headache problems, past dental nightmares, patients that have been medicated and sedated just so they could try and live somewhat of a pain free and normal life, and told that was the only way. Well I'm here to tell you its not, and there is another way!!! I feel so very blessed to be a art of this amazing team and our amazing patients that have put there trust in us and this amaing Doctor. Our patients get a standard of care that is truley outside the norm of this town, they see results and progress, they come off the medication and start living again. Dr. Wenrick is a wonderful, caring, and gentile kind of dentist who finds the problem and fixes it-- She is unlike any dentist I have ever worked for in the past and I would reccommed her to evryone who has ever wanted that in a dentist. If we could post all the stories we hear here daily you would never want to go anywhere else.
By: Lynette B.
Warfield Dental Center
3 July 2014I am surprised at the comments below because I had a great appointment. I will say I was disappointed when I first came in to the clinic. I heard people talking in the back room, and laughing, but no one was up at the front desk to greet me or the other 4 people that came in behind me. I believe the staff was on their lunch break. Every Dental Clinic I worked in, ( 31 Years as a Dental Assistant), had alternating lunch hours so that some one was always there to greet patients. How ever, the Hygienist was warm, courteous, and respectful. She did not talk down to me. No one there knew I was a retired Dental Assistant. No one tried to sell me any thing. She did tell me I should consider a bite guard for my bruxism. And she is right. It is a preventive measure that will save me thousands of dollars, and my teeth, in the future. It is up to the buyer to be careful and to say no. Remember, the dental staff is working for you. You hire them to help you care for your teeth. You have the final say so. This is my Dental Clinic from now on.
By: smckeever
Christine R Wenrick DMD PLLC
A+++ Experience! Dr. Wenrick fixed years of problems that others could not help me with. After 4 crowns, 10 fillings, and a root canal I am finally pain free. She is the only Dentist that took the time to explain what was going on with my teeth. During the evaluation Dr. Wenrick took the usual x-rays but what really impressed me about her was that she took photos and showed me with her camera on the TV what my teeth looked like in real time. She showed me fillings that had broken off and parts of my teeth that had eroded and exposed roots. I can honestly say she is the only dentist that did not hurt me with the needle! After all the work was done she showed me before and after photos. When you meet Dr. Wenrick ask to see my photos. I gave her written permission to share my file with others. All the Best, Shawn McKeever
By: rbecker2
Christine R Wenrick DMD PLLC
Going to the dentist is probably my least favorite of doctors visits. After a visit to a dentist in another state, my anxiety and fears were greatly heightened by over six hours in the dentist chair and unnecessary dental work. Once moving to Tennessee, I began looking for a dentist. I visited a few; but was unable to find a dentist that truly understood the need to be gentle. That was until I found Dr. Wenrick’s,and after my first visit I concluded that this is the dentist for me. For the first time, I felt comfortable and she and her staff were wonderful at easing anxiety and fears. If that wasn’t enough, she also has an artist eye and is a perfectionist. All in all, her work is exceptional and her gentle touch is just what I needed. I highly recommend her.
By: amyunger
Christine R Wenrick DMD PLLC
If you have been dealing with TMJ, Dr. Wenrick is the dentist for you. I have had very bad experiences with other dentists. Not many dentists truly know how to deal with TMJ, and Dr. Wenrick is a treasure indeed. At the age of 41, the damage done to my jaw is pretty bad. In just a few months of being treated by Dr. Wenrick, the pain has decreased at least 90%. I don't have as many migraines as I used to, and my range of motion has increased. Call her TODAY. Get in as soon as you can. The sooner you get treatment for TMJ, the sooner you will have relief. Dr. Wenrick is ALWAYS learning more about the treatment of TMJ, and, I am sorry that I will not get to see her anymore, as we are moving. If I could, I'd take her with me!!
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By: Crystal W.
Dr. David Hippensteel DMD Healthy Smiles for Kids and Young Adults
I have a son who had a terrible experience with a desntist before coming here. I hot the chance to explain what happened and how to handle my son, and it has always, ALWAYS been a pleasant experience for him. The waiting room is sectioned, but the adult side is quite uncomfortable and lacks any adult distractions such as art, tv, or updated magazines or books. However, with that said, I would still only take my children here and would be willing to sit on a concete floor for the experience he gets. They also use white fillings instead of metal. The staff is nice, welcoming, knowledgable and remember you. Its a small staff, so there is never a ton of people (if any) in the waiting room with you.
By: Triere G.
Tiny Town Dental
Sorry-not sorry, but those below me who are complaining are over exaggerating or just plain lying. I have NEVER had any bad experiences from this dental office or with any of the staff and I've been going there for years, along with my younger brothers, since it opened and everyone is amazing and nice. Dr. Ham is quick, to the point and professional. She even jokes with you, as does everyone else in the office. They take their time with you, ask you questions, make sure you're ok and laugh and tell stories with you. I highly recommend this place and recommend people to stop lying!!! This place is great! (And it's quick too btw! I was out within the hour, no pain or anything.) :D
By: latwill03
Deeds, Lary DMD
I have been taking my child here for 2 years, I really enjoy the dental staff they are professional and respectful. I really like that Dr. Deeds speaks directly to the children when discussing dental needs, and care. since I have be going there I would have to say I have only had a problem with one lady in the front desk, I'm sure that she should have been taught being kind gets business, and since is basically supposed to the face of the office and should be kind, if you continue to be rude I'm sure business will be lost, just a warning for everyone. but it hasn't been bad enough to steer me away yet. other than that lady the office is wonderful.
Tips & Advices
While going to the orthodontist can be difficult, sometimes it's necessary. If you are concerned about tooth alignment, feel your jaw shift, or are experiencing problems like difficulty chewing or grinding your teeth, it's time to see an orthodontist.
There are generally three types of braces patients can be fitted for at the orthodontist:
  • The more traditional option, bands, wrap around most of a patient's tooth.
  • Brackets are the most popular, applied directly to the tooth in metal or plastic form.
  • Lingual braces are brackets attached to the back of teeth.
People of all ages can wear braces to straighten their teeth, but it is most common to be fitted for these adjustments between the ages of 10 and 14. This is the time when teeth are better able to be straightened because the head and mouth are still developing.
The American Board of Orthodontics recommends finding a dental specialist that is board-certified, offers free or reduced-price consultations, and displays qualities such as trustworthiness, ability to communicate effectively, and attentiveness.
Orthodontists must complete a four-year undergraduate program to gain admission to dental school. After earning a Doctor of Dental Science degree at an accredited four-year dental program, students must then either complete a post-degree training program or one to two years residency in orthodontics. Then they need to earn a state license in order to practice. Certain states also require board certification.

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