By: cherryl.arms
Olson, Stacy Atty
I hired Stacy to represent me in a child custody case she did good at the trial but when it was all said and done that's when she put my case in the back burner. After my trial she told the judge that she would write up my parenting plan as I asked her to do because I wanted it done the right way the 1st time. She said she would have it in 2 weeks signed....Well its been over a YEAR! And I still don't have the damn thing. How hard can it be to type up what a judge orders and have it signed by the same judge. Apparently pretty freaking hard! I have received a few drafts of the parenting plan which there was stuff added that wasn't supposed to be there giving the other parent extra time and nothing was detailed it was all wishy washy. Come to find out she was not the one writing up the plan... The other attorney was. So needless to say, since I asked her to literally do one thing for me as to her write up the plan she is no longer my attorney. I'll find someone who can write up what the judge says word for word. Nothing more, nothing less. I can't wait another year for something that can be done in a week! Thumbs down.
By: Cassandra C.
The Kennedy Law Firm
I honestly could go on and on about all the wonderful things about Kennedy Law Firm. This is hand down THE best law firm in town! It is a Christian based law firm with some of the nicest people I have ever met. Everyone always worked together, had a smile on their face, and were always willing to help the second I needed something. I personally had Kevin Kennedy representing me for an extremely important matter. I have gained so much knowledge from Kevin. He took the time to get to know myself and my husband on a personal level and shared a lot of his personal experiences and gave us so much advice as if we were his own family, and to me that is hard to find. Mr. Kennedy worked tirelessly on my case, and when I say tirelessly I mean it. I had a tough case and he exhausted any and every resource he had to get it done! He always went above and beyond for me and my family and for that I am forever grateful! If anyone is in need of advice or looking for the best attorney to represent them I highly recommend you go visit Kevin Kennedy and the rest of his team. They will change your life!
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By: Doug G.
Girsky, Steven C
Things started out great. I hired Mr. Girsky to handle a small claims case against a real estate agency. I was assigned an attorney and I had no problems until over a year into the situation. I was advised by the secretary when I hired this office that I would make a one time payment which I did. I am now being told that another $500.00 is required to continue the case. After two attempts to question this charge via E-mail and eight days I am no longer interested in using this law office. Why would I pay $500.00 to someone who can't reply to an E-mail in eight days? This could be a fluke occurrence but why risk your money and the outcome of your case when there are others to choose from? If nothing else I hope Mr. Girsky will review why people are taking their time replying to simple E-mails about billing issues.
By: Wills324@aol.com W.
Patton & Pittman Attorneys
Chris Clark is an exceptional attorney. He is a top tier criminal defense attorney. Very bright and energetic and the rare attorney that will return emails and phone calls even after he has your money. He handled a very messy case for me last year involving a hit and run DUI case where it looked like there was no hope. He mounted a vigorous, tenacious defense with better results than I could have imagined. He spends a lot of time with you in the initial consultation and works hard for his clients. He is very busy, but you an attorney that is in such demand indicates that he is especially talented. This is a modest sized boutique law firm that obviously takes pride in providing exceptional service. This is the attorney you want if you have a case in the Clarksville area.
By: tprice14
Patton & Pittman Attorneys
I contacted Mr. Clark in order to facilitate a name change for my daughter. I was initially told it could take 8 to 12 weeks to go through. This wasn't as issue at the time but I received an international job offer shortly after. When I explained the need to expedite the process he was more than understanding and made it happen within a week! On top of that, he fronted the cost of certified copies of the court order for my own convenience. Best of all, I appreciated him keeping me informed during the process, every step of the way. If you've had dealings with lawyers before, you can attest to the value that this brings to the table. Thanks Chris!
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By: Marianne M.
The Kennedy Law Firm
I hired Jacob Mathis as my attorney for a child custody case. I am very pleased to say I won my case. Mr Mathis was amazing every step of the way. One thing that was very important to me through this process is that he never gave me false hope, he was very up front and honest with me from the beginning. He helped me gather all the information that I needed and kept me as grounded as he possibly could in my stressful time of need. He was very professional through this whole process. Thank you for all that you have done for me and my family.
By: aewmom
Patton & Pittman Attorneys
I was given some legal papers and wasn't sure what they meant or what needed to be done. I call Chris Clark and left a message that morning before office hours and he promptly returned my call after they opened. He made time to see me that day and did a great job of finding me the answers I needed and making sure all my questions were addressed and answers found. I have his card in my wallet and will continue to use him for any legal help I'd ever need. If you're looking for the best give him a call, you will not be disappointed!
By: unhappyme18
Meeks And Meeks
Called in for appointments to discuss the same things over-and-over even when previously provided to attorney in writing; attorney didn't remember critical points during hearing; paperwork moves very S-L-O-W-L-Y; attorney doesn't check email; no telephonic relaying of info - must come in for an appointment for every little thing; no feeling of confidence - told things would happen that he forgot to accomplish. Maybe assigned too many cases to manage effectively.
By: ashley.conner.1213
Law Office Of Kimberly Turner
This is the best law office in clarksville the staff is very friendly and Mrs. Turner is such a sweet person she is very dedicated to her work and her staff!! I would much rather hire someone like this than some other crooked attorney that clarksville has!! This law firm has to be the only non crooked place in town!!! Thanks to Kim Turner and Melissa King!!
By: Justin N.
Phillips Law PLLC
Just wanted everyone to know that James Phillips is one of the finest attorney's i know. He truly cares about his clients and will go to bat for you in a court of law. James realizes what happens in a court room truly affects affect people's lives which is what makes him such a great attorney.
Tips & Advices
When it comes time to choose a lawyer, you should start by searching close to home. If you do have attorneys you are familiar with, ask who they believe would be best for you. After going through personal references - especially from individuals who had similar needs - you should broaden your search through public information resources. You can call your area's attorney referral service or check legal organizations like Martindale-Hubbell. There are other resources available online, such as yellowpages.com. You can check websites for client reviews and other third-party forms of approval.
If you sign documents and you come across a word you don't recognize, or you need help to navigate important employment or real estate paperwork. Also, during times when personal matters intersect with legal proceedings, you might need to have an advocate to prevent your emotions from getting in the way. If you've been accused of a crime or are in a terrible financial situation, you can find an attorney who will work with what you have available.
When you hire a lawyer, you're agreeing to work with someone over a certain period of time. The more forthcoming the lawyer appears to be with individual needs, the better.
  • You need to ask questions about how the attorney will communicate with you and what responsibilities you hold in the relationship.
  • The attorney should let you know the best channel for quick communication and you need to inform him or her when you want updates.
  • You should also ask questions to get to know the attorney as an individual in order to ensure this is a person you can trust. Ask about their legal philosophy and how he or she views the lawyer/client relationship. Ask as how to keep fees down or what daily disruptions you should expect from a long legal battle.
You need to ask about every possible fee that will come up when working with an attorney. You should request a list of all costs in advance so you won't be surprised by additional expenses like overhead. Also determine exactly when you will start being billed. You want to inspect paperwork carefully. If the attorney charges you for his or her experience, you need to make sure he or she will perform tasks personally and not hand it off to an assistant. Find out if the attorney has a flat fee or charges by the hour. Many civil lawyers work on contingency. Make inquiries about how the lawyer plans to provide service for your money and what you can do if you start to feel unsatisfied with his or her performance.
You can ask how many similar cases they have handled and if they have special skills or training that applies specifically to your needs. Lawyers can't mention clients by name, but you should ask for basic details about identical past cases. You should check their office for the appropriate certifications and diplomas. You can also ask how long he or she has practiced law and request information that demonstrates the practice's success. Look for precise details such as percentage of cases settled out of court.

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