By: chly1chly
Soho Chinese & Japanese Restaurant
My husband and I have been here five or six times. We are always happy with the sushi rolls, and even happier with the price. Usually it only costs $30 for our meal, and we get soup, appetizers, two big rolls and two small rolls. However, every time we have been the service has been absolutely terrible. Nobody welcomes you when you walk in; either no one is at the front desk or they just stare at you blankly. You will be constantly reminding the waitress (with crazy makeup) that you're waiting on your soup, need more water, or need chopsticks. You are pretty much doing her job for her, even when you are the only customers in the restaurant. If it is busy, which has only happened once in all the times that we have been, good luck. After our experience last night my husband and I agreed that we are only doing to-go orders from now on. The food and prices are great, but the slow and awkward service is uncomfortable to watch.Also, they leave their cleaning products out in the dining area and their check book on the bar for everyone to see, which is strange considering the rest of the restaurant is nicely decorated.
By: Steve E.
Soho Chinese & Japanese Restaurant
Good food, horrible delivery! Never again! I called in my order at 8:32 pm and received it at 9:45 pm... when I called, there wasn't a time frame told, just "we'll see you shortly." Unprofessional, and not to mention, when I got my only hot item (a shrimp egg roll), it was barely above room temp. No steam from it, no waiting for it to cool... the wrapper was warmer than the roll. I called the place upon receipt of my order and told the "manager" (who was the same voice that took my order) of the experience... and that I'm going elsewhere.
By: biggsamye
Sakura Japanese Steakhouse
I have always been a loyal customer until tonight. The food is great and the portions are large. Tonight I was charged $7 for my two children (6 &10) to share a kids meal. I purchased extra salad and extra rice. I ordered one kids meal, extra salad, extra steamed rice, and a california roll and the total was $29. Needless to stay I will never return there again. It's a shame that they felt the need to charge a shared plate charge, and even more of a shame that they did that to a loyal customer.
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By: vgooden
Sakura Japanese Steakhouse
better atmosphere than yamatos, way cheaper than hananoki, or kohanas. only other place that's a tough match is sho-guns. i love it at Sakura, the cooks are hilarious and put on a great show if you show your appreciation (smiling, clapping at tricks, etc) if not you'll only get a little bit of a show cause they won't want to waist their time if you don't enjoy it
By: Dustin B.
Rice Box
The service is always amazing and the food is also AMAZING! The Food Lion roll is the best th I ng on the menu. The food is very fresh and fairly priced. A great place to dine in or carry out. Great place!
By: sallyandkenneth.baggett
Rice Box
the food is really great however this is the third week in a row i've wanted chinese on a monday but they are closed on mondays! i've had to take my business else where and thats a shame!
By: brittnee.youngs
Soho Chinese & Japanese Restaurant
This is our favorite restaurant in Clarksville! The sushi is wonderful. They are aware of allergens. And they give military discounts. We go here just about every weekend!
By: Amanda B.
Shogun Japanese Steakhouse
Food is awesome and they give a lot bigger portion than most other places. Cooks and servers are always friendly. Never had any issues on my many trips there.
By: Karla P.
Fuji Yama
My family's favorite. We loves the food here...best sushi in town. Tony and his staff are very nice and helpful. We make it a weekly stop
By: Wade W.
Sakura Japanese Steakhouse
Oh my god that's some good food and the cost is low for what you get.

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