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By: Nancycarol S.
Guardian Home Care
In 2013 I had my second knee replaced. the social worker set me up with your agencies. I recieved the most excellent possible. Your nurses were outstanding.They were kind compassionate and very well trained to meet the needs of homebound folks. I also had a physical therapist. To help me regain the use of my leg. His name is TIM HORTON he went above and beyond anything I could have ever ask for. He showed me what to do help me do them and most of all encouraged me. Sometimes he would push me alittle and say I think you can do just one more. He was right. because of his GREAT WORKI was walking with no help in seven weeks time.My dr. was so impressed he told me I didnot have to go to out patient therapy. He said I dont know what you have been doing but keep it up.Its now 2015 and I have zeroproblems with my knee. I HIGHLY recommend you all often. I JUST WANT TO SAY A BIG THANK YOU FOR MAKING A TIME THAT COULD HAVE BEEN SO MUCH MORE DIFFICULT SO MUCH MORE PLEASANT. IF YOU COULD WOULD YOU PLEASE LET TIM AND THE FINE NURSES HOW MUCH I APPRECIATE WHAT THEY DID. THANKYOU FOR SERVING OUR CITY.
By: donnabugeye
Pain Associates of North Tennessee
When I came to this office, I was in unbelievable pain and no one could help me. I have chronic back pain and I'm in a job that requires me to be on my feet ALL day long, so it's constantly aggravated. Some of the best health care professionals I've seen in my life have been nurse practitioners, and none of the so called doctors or orthopedic surgeons could ease my pain. Angie is awesome--a miracle worker. She was able to diagnosis my problems before all of the xrays, scans, etc. Her explanations made sense and were always correct. The reason they are strict about the pills is so you don't accidentally kill yourself---which anyone with a right mind would understand and appreciate---not to mention that it is illegal for you to take more pills than you are supposed to---so she's savin' your neck from going to jail as well. You should be thankin' her instead of berating her.
By: Tammy F.
Guardian Home Care
We have been using Guardian Home Care for a few weeks now and have been very satisfied with them. They are professional yet very down to earth. They try to make everyone comfortable as they know that it is not easy to have people you do not know to enter your private home setting especially when you are not feeling well. When your Doctor orders services like this normally it is the patients choice in most cases as to which company you can use. Make sure you get a company that has good feedback from people that have personally had direct experience with that company. It is sad but true normally the only time you hear anything about someones experience is when they are unhappy or angry about something. We all need to review good or bad then more people have a better way of making their own decision on which company would be best for them.
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By: Anya S.
Premier Medical Group
My 2 y.o had a fever for 3 days, would eat or drink anything. I have just got diagnosed with Strep a week prior. My child had white spots in her throat. I took her in the first time, but her strep test came back negative (the nurse did not swab her throat deep enough), so I was sent home with no treatment. I was told to wait another day or so and come back if the fever doesn't go away. It didn't, so I took her back. I was in the office in 08:00 and left still without treatment at 12:30. They wanted to rule out the viral infection by drawing blood (which makes sense), but the test for Mono was negative. Then, the nurse forgot to send her blood to get CBC and they wanted to stick my child again. After 4 hours of sitting in the room, I walked out and went to Walgreen clinic where my daughter received antibiotics.
By: Carole M.
Signature HealthCARE of Clarksville
The facility is relatively clean and odor-free. The staff tries very hard to be positive and friendly at all times. There seemed to be a shortage of nurses' aides which can often be a problem. A lot of the aides were very good. One or two were not. Physical and speech therapy was excellent. Unfortunately, there appeared to be a lot of confusion on the part of Admissions when we arrived and that has resulted in some serious errors in our insurance/billing . That has caused a problem for us as well as a lot of stress and worry that we shouldn't have. We had some other issues trying to get previous medications administered correctly. In this case, those meds needed to be given in a timely manner and as ordered by our doctor. Facilities should not second-guess about those issues.
By: Jaqueline L.
Premier Medical Group
Was with them for several years. I kept saying I was going to find a new provider because premiere just seemed like a patient mill and the provider I had others i had to sometimes see, never seemed to listen. the nurses talked about patients and i could hear them outside the patient room. They were responsive to email but countless times when i was told i could pick up a prescription, it wasn't ready or it wasn't signed. I just never felt comfortable here. I experienced some anxiety after some difficult family situations and the provider and nurses made me feel guilty for asking for help. Said I just needed to exercise and lose weight.
By: lianamcbrock
Doctors Care
so reading the previous review I thought this would be a horrible experience... and my god was it right about the girls at the front counter they have absolutely no customer service skills... but there were a few that were good. but I give it a four because I got in quickly, the doctors and assistants were very quick and nice. got straight to the point... and called me back promptly and took care of all my issues without question which is more than I can say about my regular doctor. if you don't want to pay for an er visit... deal with a couple of attitudes and go to doctors care.
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By: Renee T.
Doctors Care
I sat 3 hours at an urgent Care off Dover road then to be turned away because my blood pressure was so high.... They could have giving me somthing to lower it before I walked out the door, anyway ended up at and was in & out in 30 minutes, they were very nice and I loved my Dr. Great facility. (Madison St.)
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By: Shauneice L.
Quality Personal Care Inc
This company really takes care of their clients who are elderly and disabled. The staff members are excellent and they are very hands on with each client and want to make sure that they are getting the best quality of service.
By: cstephans
Angel's Helping Hands
The staff is caring and do an amazing job! The owners get to know their clients as well, which is hard to find in a healthcare company these days. I would recommend anyone who needs home health to Angels helping hands.

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