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By: darkeyddevil
Gents Formal Wear
If you want a place that will go above and beyond to get what you need, this is the place to go. I have two sons, one of which is much bigger than most. He is 6ft 3in and weighs about 400 lbs. (football player, what can I say) Anyway, it is not easy to dress him and since it is his senior year, I was extremely worried about prom. I have had a positive experience with this place in the past with my other son, since he was an escort for a sweet sixteen so that is where we took son 2 for his tux. I wasn't so sure about son #1 though.When we were able to take son #2 in, it happened to be a huge prom weekend with at least 4 Clarksville highschools having prom, not to mention county schools. We were only going to order but it was crazy busy. Another reviewer gives this place a bad review for the same day I'm talking about, but I guess we see it different. I have worked in customer service for years so that could be why. The reason so many people were INSIDE (100 people because that person counted) was because it was pouring outside. There would be zero reason the business would want a bunch of unappreciative and mad people standing there. I could see with my two eyes them working as fast and as hard as they could but everyone now days expects instant gratification. I was waiting 3 and a half hours and never saw a fight but I can't see how that would be the staffs fault. The only thing I would suggest next time is for them to make people wait outside no matter the weather. (You know people would have complained about that too)Back to son #1! I knew a certain place, I shall not name, that has a big and tall section. I would like to add that this other place has the rudest people. At least the staff at Gents was working while being accused of being rude. The other staff rolled their eyes and groaned for having to get up! Plus they cost about $50 more and $100 more for big and tall. I liked Gents and wanted them to have my business. I called and obviously they needed him to be there to measure. We went in Monday and naturally that is the day all those other people from Friday were returning! My timing isn't the best apparently. The person there was able to take in the returns without making them wait and measure my son. Today they called back, as promised, and they were able to get everything including size 15 wide shoes!! Thank you SO much! All the other stuff like waiting and it raining doesn't matter. My sons having this special night DOES! I can't thank you enough!
By: marlee.ingham
Gents Formal Wear
This is a great place! I had a wedding on July 6, 2013. I came to them early June and they fixed my groomsmen right up! The tuxes that I had ordered were all ivory and they looked wonderful! It may have been a little pricey to some people. But I picked one of the nicest tuxes in their shop. If you want nice tuxes, you have to be prepared to pay a little extra!Whenever we had a sudden change in the wedding party, they were happy to make changes and always said it was no problem! Janet was great to work with! Even under the pressures of prom, because as everyone knows April-early June can be crazy prom months! Thank you for everything, and if I have another special occasion, I'll use them again! :)
By: David P.
Gents Formal Wear
I am very happy i came to this tuxedo shop My groomsmen were large men and this shop ha no problem with the fitting. The manager was very knowledgeable and I RECOMMEND THIS SHOP
By: camelliaas
Gents Formal Wear
Had a WONDERFUL experience!! We worked with Janet there and she was totally AWESOME!! This is the place to use for any formal event!? Thanks again Janet!!

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