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By: Rosalee L.
New King Mao Chinese Restaurant
My family and I LOVE King Mao, both locations are FANTASTIC! The Chinese food tastes authentic, it's always made fresh, and the people are always so polite. When we order or eat-in, we like to order: General Tso Chicken combo, Sweet & Sour Chicken Combo, Vegetable Lo Mein w/ mushroom Combo, Fried Chicken wings w/ Pork fried rice, and we are always sure to purchase extra egg rolls with duck sauce packets. SO delicious. Oh yea, and if your order is 30$ or more, they give you complimentary egg rolls or crab ragoons. Yum! I hope that this review helps you out :)
By: hbsullivan
Great Wall 1
Good food. Good prices. Lots of food for the cost. Nice environment. They also deliver. I thought the waiter handeled us fine and was answering all of our questions and taking our order fine. The owner stood over him the whole time.The owner was hovering the whole time when the waiter was trying to take our order, but I guess he could've been new. They got part of our order wrong which surprised me since there were 2 people taking our order, but they quickly fixed it. Would go back, but I like China Chef on Madison St. better.
By: Hiram M.
Cookout Clarksville
Used to work here. First, the phone number is 9316475281. The one found online is the fax number, I think. Second, it's not the eat-in one-- but if you come to walk-up and Cookout's busy, you may not get served in a timely manner. Often when busy, the person scheduled on walk-up (if there is one) is doing something else because of the crappy scheduling. Third, the speakers suck. Going through the drive-thru, the cashier sounds extremely loud, while the customer can rarely be heard well.
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By: Shawnette J.
Cookout Clarksville
The food is exceptional and although they strive for excellent customer service they miss the bar by interrupting customer during their order to ask" what else can I get for you". This is extremely rude because I often have to repeat my order two to three times due to being interrupted. They can improve on this by allowing customers to complete their orders without interruptions..
By: Jennifer T.
King Mao
Amazing food!!Everything is soOO fresh! There's a delivery driver name Jerry there. He's very prompt and super respectful. Sometimes he would answer the phonecalls and would be very honest about the delivery time. His honesty keeps my business. & the food is just amazing!!Love the salt and pepper shrimp and I dip everything in the housemade ginger sauce.
By: faye.brown.397
I don't know if this is the place I need to write to complain about our meal Thursday Nov. 1, 2012. The service was good, the salad was great but the steak were so tough we couldn't chew them. I would have brought it to their attention that day but someone was taking me there for my birthday. They paid. I had rather had a burger.
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By: Magnum T.
Cookout Clarksville
I have the same problem as most customers that order there. They NEVER get my order correct. I arrive home and there is always a complaint form someone in the family. Whether its missing items or not what was ordered. In this day and age, no matter how good the food. That is no way to stay in business.
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By: Teddy H.
Cookout Clarksville
Stopped with my son while out and about and was beond pleased. I made my order and about 2 mins from the time I ordered my food it was being handed to me. Price was not bad either. Food was great except my son's buyer bun was a little on the hard side but wasn't that bad he didn't even notice.
By: hbsullivan
China Chef
This place has the best chinese food in town. Their egg drop soup is the best. They deliver. They dont have the best eat in service, but their food makes up for it. GREAT crab ragoons. I always order Chicken lo mein and have left overs for days! Great prices, Great food, BEST PLACE IN TOWN!
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By: Jen L.
Cookout Clarksville
Omg please get our order right- just once! I love the food, and I will say the order on my receipt is always correct- but there's always an item or two that don't make it into my bag. Yes, now I know to double-check before leaving, but that shouldn't be something I have to do.

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