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By: Gina P.
Arrowhead Motors
when I was 18 I got a credit card, maxed it and screwed myself. I needed a second chance. Arrowhead motors financed me when no one else would. The finance team told me that if I made my payments on time for one year, I could come back and refinance for lower payments, or I could trade it in. Here I am a year and a half later, my credit is much better and I just traded my Pontiac in and got another vehicle that is much newer!! When I looked them up online for the phone number I saw bad references.... all I can say is..... just because one person didn't do what they should have like make there payments on time so it got repoed or is not on the dealership.... I had a great experience not once... but now twice. I would recommend them to my friends...and to my FAMILY. wish I had ten stars! The service has always been great, and they try to get you right in for oil changes and tune ups ect., and the sales rep I worked with the first time, is now the Sales Manager. Therefore new management inside from 2 years ago, and the rep I worked with just recently for my new car, she was a pleasure. I will keep going back to this dealer for all my automotive needs.
By: bob.infinance
Arrowhead Motors
I'm surprised about the negative reviews about Arrowhead I've seen here. I was having some credit problems and was turned down by a few other dealerships, and didn't want to fall into the buy-here-pay=here trap. What I needed was a new rig and the chance to rebuild my damaged credit. Keith (manager) & Joe (salesman) treated me professionally and got me in a 4 year old Chevy truck with only a small down payment and a copy of my last paystub...Payments are right within the range that I told them up front. It even with a warranty! Seriously, I would recomend these guys to anyone who wants an honest deal.
By: C.
Lonestar Motor Co
Selling vehicles guaranteed to pass inspection but then fail in the state of Vermont. Said he'd order parts and call when they came in. Daughter finally called, was told parts were in, so made an appointment for 2pm following day. She has to drive about 30 miles, was there for her appointment by 2pm and waited until 3:30 as no one showed up. I have been trying to call Dennis Calahan, first by his cell phone (msg says his voice mail is not on) and called the business phone and left messages. Still no response.
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By: Kenneth W.
Arrowhead Motors
I drove through the lot looking for ideas to replace my old van. After telling the salesman my needs, he offered a good trade-in and kept my payments within budget. I have less than perfect credit, but the financing was quick and easy. I'm loving my 09 Accord and get a kick out of these bad reviews from people not happy with the as-is heap they bought.This is the first place I'll look when in need of my next vehicle.
By: carol.stockwell.56
Arrowhead Motors
I bought a 2004 F-150 from Arrowhead Motors some 2 years ago and at a very reasonable price. I drive it every day and tow my boats and snowmobiles with it. I have never had any problems. It still runs and looks like new. Passed the 100,000 mile mark this month. Love it. An old bus driver.
By: anita.porter.524
VIP Tires and Service
Great service.- took the extra steps to help with warrantee on my tires even thought they were not purchased at their business. We could not get help where we purchased them and was very frustrated. Thanks to Stephanie we will do our tire business with VIP in the furture.
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Weak air flow is common sign indicating a problem with a car's AC. If a car's AC needs repair, you may also experience warm air blowing from the vents. There might also be a foul smell coming from the  AC vents, and the AC system might make unusual noises when it's running.
Replacing a condenser in a car's AC typically costs between $570-$830. Labor costs for this service usually average $280-$350, while parts can cost $290-$470. If a car's AC condenser needs repair or replacement, you may experience warm air blowing from the AC vents.
On average, it costs $200-$280 to recharge a car's AC. Labor costs for this service can run $120-$150, while parts can cost $80-$120. Before recharging the system, the technician will typically check a car's AC for leaky seals and perform replacements, if necessary.
For effective functioning, a car's AC needs ample refrigerant, and, if levels run low, a vehicle's refrigerant will need to be replenished. This process usually involves evacuating all the old refrigerant and replacing it with fresh fluid, and the replacement aspect of this process is known as recharging. Cars use only a small amount of refrigerant each year, so a vehicle's AC may never need to be recharged. However, if there's a leak in a car's AC system, a recharge will be necessary.

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