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By: Anon A.
Coachwood Apartments
worst place to live filthy roach infested, loud music blaring from apts. management does nothing about it. management are also scam artist.
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By: Andrea E.
Cincy Rents
I worked for this business for 3 days I'm 22 years old I was in need of a job I waited 3 months for them to hire me to clean apartments & houses for the summer... the second day the Manger came to me & called me slow .. now I have a learning disability I had told them sometimes I can get slow & not be perfect so the next day I pick up the paste worked my butt off ... and my boyfriend whom works their as well came home & told me that I didn't need to come back .. I didn't get no call from the Cincy rents management on why I was told not to come back this is absolutely the worst management company ever and they highly discriminate people ..& didn't even give a person like me who has a disability a chance I'm absolutely absurd about this ...
By: Nikki E.
West Hills Apartments
If you are looking for a place to live...look elsewhere! Nothing but problems with this place. I lived there less than a year and had maintenance there countless times because there was always something wrong. Make sure you're home when maintenance comes! If you don't own dogs and like living in a quiet place, this isn't the place for you, you will hear dogs barking day and night...people also love to slam their doors all day and night as well. Management doesn't ever seem to care about any issue that is raised to them, so don't waste your breath. Don't be fooled by the "free heat", it still affects your electric bill because you pay to run the furnace. This place is way too overpriced for a small apartment with loads of problems...look somewhere else to live, it may be in a good neighborhood, but it is NOT worth the money!
By: benn587
Cincy Rents
You guys are excellent at managing my property. I truly thank you all for all your hard work. You guys make my life less stressful.
By: tbrett452
Cincy Rents
Thank you very much for taking care of the door issue.
By: lsamuel91
Cincy Rents
Recent maintenance repairs were great!
By: Ookala O.
Arbors Of Anderson
I would like to say on behalf of everybody in the south, people in this community are ruuddee. I would say half of the people in this entire community are old white people, very uptight, non easy going, terrible residents. The residents are racist, unfriendly, and the leasing office does nothing to help my stay. I have been the most courteous, nicest, stand-up resident, never complain, very patient with the entire community and I get nothing in return but nasty looks, anytime a resident visits and I'm running around the complex I hear "How safe is it here?". I have no privacy. If you're going to pay $900/month for a one bedroom, do NOT live here. I have gotten the cops called on me 7 times since living here for noise complaints. The COPS get to the door and they say the same thing every time, "Aw man, its not that loud." Either the walls are paper thin or literally everybody wants me gone. I've never been treated this way in my entire life. DO NOT STAY HERE.
By: First L.
Harlyn Properties
Chad is extremely defensive about the upkeep of his property and won't put anything in writing. Doesn't respond quickly to maintenance requests.
By: Natalie H.
Beechwood Villa Apartments
I am giving them one star only because of location. This place is horrible. I lived here from 2007 until 2014 and yes I have seen all of the many staff that has come and gone. I will go on record to say that every comment made about the Assistant Manager Carina. She is a joke. She runs everyone and does try to use intimidation. I lived here because I had no other options at the time with my 4 children. The harassment level was thru the roof. I never was able to have a single order completed to have anything fixed. Every time I went to the office she complained about something else. in 2014 I was approved for a new house and I was able to leave this hell. Oh but not first being cursed out by MISS CARINA. She and I were literally yelling at each other, where she admitted that she will not allow me to leave my lease one day early (although my neighbor was allowed to leave her lease 2 weeks early). She then called Union Township Police to come to my apartment to have my moving crew (TWO MEN AND A TRUCK) to be escorted off of the property (thankfully I had already moved everything out and they were here just to be sure everything was out). She was then told by the officers to meet me the next day to have they keys returned and she never even showed up for work. Long story short, she is charging me 125.00 to replace carpet throughout my apartment (315 south) that was damaged during the fire that happened 2 days after I moved in. I have never dealt with more immature people in my life. I agree with other when they said that if you have no where to go, this is a ok place. (being as this is a INCOME BASED apartment) but be careful. The Bedbugs are horrible, and they never fix anything. And just as everyone says, you only deal with Carina, and she will walk all over you. The rules apply that you can only have a person stay the night with you for 14 days out of a 6 month period. They have cameras in the hallways now to only watch she is coming and going from apartments. I know this because when the man down the hall from me had his apartment broke into they were unable to help the police with the camera footage, but could see how many times my boy friend was there. Good luck to anyone who is living there or who plans to move there
By: Khloe L.
Beechwood Villa Apartments
I looked at the reviews others wrote, and I had to make an account so that I could comment on how inaccurate the majority of the information is. PLZ READ ALL... I have been living at Beechwood for over 2yrs now, and the good thing about being here is that you are not far from a good school district (for young & older kids) food, the park, shopping, groceries store, pretty much whatever you could need, and if you dont work in the area or just wanna get out, the highway is less than 5min away. I wrote that 1st because I didn't want to be totally negative. Now, whoever said something in reference to the pool is a liar. There has been no pool here since 2009. A friend of mine who stayed their had to come to our apt. Pool to swim. There is a lot of unused space that can be better utilized out back but it is what it is. Now as far as management, the asst. manager is the only one who has managed to keep her position for any length of time and unfortunately (as someone else stated) she does have a consistent bad attitude that makes you very uncomfortable talking to her. Kind of like your bothering her and your less than her. From me going from visiting people here to moving in I have seen Mantinance, janitor, even managers come & go. However, you never know what goes on in the front office so I can only comment on what I've seen and experienced. I do have a feeling that the group that's here now will stay around due to the fact that they all do what Carina (asst manager) says. GETTING TO THE POINT... If you need to save some money or can't afford to move where you want, this place is okay TEMPORARILY. Just stay to yourself!! Watch your car. I've seen kids vandalize cars & that's where parents who just know they have perfect kids come into play. There are a few drug dealers/users and bad a** kids, parents who act like teenagers, but their everywhere nowadays. Can't blame management for that. That my reader if your still with me :) is an accurate & honest observation/description of Beechwood Villa. 80%=bad 20%= what you make it (which can be added to the bad very quickly if your not careful). It's honestly like a job. nobody really wants to be here, the boss sucks, but one day you know/hope you'll be outta there!

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