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By: John M.
The Christ Hospital Physicians-Gynecology
The physicians are good and seem to function effectively. There is no customer service with the staff. If I call the office and need something there is one female employee who answers the phone and if u need something from the dr or want to talk to the dr or a staff member all she says is it will be late and even if it is important and ur sick she will not lift a finger to help you. She puts your name in a computer that is it or will dump u into someone voicemail but can not tell you if this person can help you. She is so negative that I dread calling the office she is like a guard dog she does not care if I need something it is always going to take forever and she stresses how busy everyone is.? They are with patients to bad. I am a patient to but it doesn't matter. Her first initial is D. I think the drs know they just do not want to know. If ur sick too bad. D would not get off her duff for her own mother. The office manager is never around it never use to be that way. Ur not important. I am tired and very distressed by the way I am treated.?I have been a patient for 25 years and treated like dirt
By: Kevin B.
Beechmont Urgent Care
I felt ripped off because I had to pay a $100 deposit (non-refundable) when the facility over-diagnosed me. They insisted that I take an ambulance to a hospital for a heart attack, because I had been treated before for chest pains and had stents. I even let them take an EKG, which turned up negative. I have never had a heart attack and (as I told them) I was not having heart problems. I was having chest muscle pains. So I left AMA because they would not treat my muscle spasms unless I went to an ER and was treated for a heart attack.. When I left and went to another urgent care facility (which listened to me) we discovered I had a broken rib and sprained chest muscles. In short, they overdiagnosed me and were not flexible enough to change when the evidence contradicted their diagnosis.
By: stephanie.link.35
Beechmont Urgent Care
We are newlyweds who got sick the day after our wedding. The staff here was so nice - the girl at the front desk was smiling and polite at 8:30AM, the PA or nurse who saw us was charming and funny and the physician took the time to explain what was wrong with us and how we could try to get back to 100% for our honeymoon. You don't feel rushed or unwelcome, which is how you usually feel in an urgent care situation. We don't have a family practice doc yet, but if the care we received at Beechmont Urgent Care is anything like the FP they recommend, we'll have one shortly. Beechmont Urgent Care will be a great asset to the area as long as they maintain the same standards for treatment as they grow. It will be nice not to drive to Eastgate or Amelia for urgent treatment.
By: Adrianne A.
Healthcare Clinic at Select Walgreens
Scheduled an appointment with the doctor at 2pm. Arrived 10 min prior to my appointment as required; I was told they see patients in 15 minute intervals. I waited 25minutes before the doctor even acknowledged me, only because i sought out management. The Pharmacist s just looked at me as if i were nuts and never attempted to assist me. I will say the manager was kind and did speak to his crew about being helpful. It was a waste of my time from work, nothing accomplished and still sick. I will make the drive and stick with Kroger's little clinic.
By: steve_anderson12
Beechmont Urgent Care
Wonderful care!! The staff the especially the doctor are amazing. Very fast, and made me feel like they actually cared. I had strep throat, and was in and out in under 20 minutes. The doctor was very caring and took the time to explain the antibiotic and everything to me. Cant say enough about how professional and caring they were!
By: 10shadow
Beechmont Urgent Care
The waiting time was about 10 minutes. Everyone there was very pleasant and kind. The Doctor was nice and very professional. They made me feel at ease. My husband said it does,t feel like an urgent Care and he felt very comfortable there. The place was very clean. I would recommend them to anyone.
By: christianstello
Beechmont Urgent Care
I was amazed with this place. The staff and everyone was so caring and nice. Dr. Gupta was great. Very knowledgable. He took the time to explain everything to me. Very professional. Service was fast. Highly recommend.
By: christianstello
Beechmont Urgent Care
Top notch care. I thought Dr. Gupta was very nice, very professional. He took the time to explain everything to me. They even called me a couple days later to make sure I was feeling better. Wonderful place!!
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By: Christian N.
Beechmont Urgent Care
Top notch facility! Friendly, extremely knowledgeable staff, polite. Wait is always under 5 minutes, the doctors are all so nice and well trained. Highly recommend.
By: kerilin3
Beechmont Urgent Care
I was in and out with an injury in thirty minutes! Gave me all I needed and fixed me up so I could walk out of there feeling better right away.
Tips & Advices
Occupational medicine clinics can be utilized for services like pre-employment screenings and physicals. They also conduct tests like EKGs and medical examinations.
Occupational medicine physicians can treat a range of conditions, from illnesses contracted on the job, to physical maladies sustained in accidents, or over the worker's lifetime.
Occupational medicine was generally referred to as "industrial medicine" before the practice become focused on more than just heavy industries, like oil and gas and manufacturing. Industrial medicine, as it's understood today, is a refined sub-branch of occupational medicine with an exclusive focus on those settings.
An occupational medicine consultant is someone who collaborates with employers and other organizations on promoting health and safety in the workforce. They may devise strategies for outreach, as well as protocols in the events of an accident.
Injuries and illnesses not considered severe enough for the ER can be treated at occupational medicine clinics. These facilities, like urgent care, specialize in treating lower-tier cases, but which still require immediate attention. Occupational medicine clinics can conduct X-rays and blood testing, and might also be able to refer patients to doctors in the field.

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