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By: ojesso
Hercules Moving & Storage
I used Hercules Moving and Storage for the first time in 2007. I moved from a small 2 bedroom apartment to a large 4 bedroom apartment (big as a house). The apartment I was moving from was on the second floor, with narrow stairs and a difficult parking situation. The apartment I moved to was on the 2nd and 3rd floor. Not a complaint! The 2 guys sent out were polite and friendly and nothing was amiss with any of my things.Based on that experience, I hired Hercules Moving again to move me from my 3 bedroom house to an apartment on the 2nd and 3rd floors of a house (coincidentally, the same apartment I moved to above). I have gained many more things since '07! Three guys came out, there were issues with my driveway (it is a very steep, difficult driveway & big trucks sometimes cannot make it down). The guys came back with a passenger truck and moved the entire house into the small truck, drove it up the driveway and loaded it onto the moving truck. They essentially moved us twice! The men were unfailingly polite, friendly, and hard working. They took a short lunch and 2 5-10 minute breaks during the 7.5 hours they were with us. I was impressed. All of my items were treated with care and the freshly painted walls of the new apartment were unscathed after the move. The price was fair, the front office was friendly and it was very easy to schedule the move. I will recommend Hercules to anyone in the area who needs movers.
By: Jessica M.
First National Moving and Storage
I am retired military and have moved nearly a dozen times during my career. I hired this company to move my mother from FL to GA. First National ranks among the top 5% of all the moving experiences I have had. From start to finish they were professionalAND clearly concerned about protecting my mother's household goods.The dispatcher, kept me in the loop about when to expect delivery, even as my delivery date had to change on my end because of unforeseen circumstances. And one more thing -- there was damage to a lamp,even though it was wrapped in bubble wrap and blankets.Hey, after having moved a dozen times myself, I know these things happen. But, even though we carried the minimum insurance against breakage(we would have been reimbursed about $15), this company offered us $100! (I did not take their offer because I was so pleased with their work from start to finish, and would have felt like I was being unfair to take the money).Would I use this carrier again?Without a doubt I would.
By: Brenda F.
First National Moving and Storage
I had to write this review because my move went very well. It didn't start off good for me because I did not want to even move but family comes first so I had no choice. I have lived in my home for 18 years and have acquired a lot of things that are important to me so the company I choose had to offer full pack and I wanted them to have a family feel.When I first talked to Micheal I knew that he was different . He paid very close attention to everything and made me feel comfortable. He reviewed and re-reviewed everything for me... So I was ready to move and get this company here. I did everything I was suppose to do before they showed up but wow when they got here they moved so fast you would think I only had a one bedroom house. They had me packed and out of the house in five hours.. So I arrived to my new home and within a week my things arrived. The delivery team was just as helpful as the pickup team. They had me moved into my new home in a flash and I felt comfortabl
By: Vanessa C.
First National Moving and Storage
Truly a five star company! My move took place in a very short notice from Indianapolis to Florida. I literally gave first national one week notice and was skeptical on whether or not it can even be done in a professional manner with such little time to plan dispatch and work with John . I also researched a few other companies and yes, everyone has the good and the bed but I guess altogether they had the least amount of complaints and the better ratings out of the few that I researched. When the guys did show up, everything went smooth. My items were disassembled and wrapped nicely, it was a full packing job so the tedious process of packing dishes and miscellaneous things was all up to them and it was done professionally and the guys really seem like they cared. They didn't just throw all random items into a box and shut it, they actually organized and labeled the boxes.Altogether they did a stellar job and I would recommend first national to anyone who is planning on moving.
By: Joseph B.
First National Moving and Storage
My move with First National Moving and Storage was exceptional. I didn’t have much time to find a moving companying because the closing of my house was moved forward. I had 4 days to leave my home. I called a few companies but they did not have the availability or just didn’t sound like a company I wanted. I spoke to Tommy from First National and was so impressed by his knowledge of everything. He made sure to give me an accurate quote and have the availability at such short notice! I was so excited to use them to help me move onto the next chapter of my life. The guys that came to my home were awesome. They did a great job packing up the truck were funny while doing it! I made sure they took a lunch break with me just so we could talk and laugh some more. They left with my items and I felt as ease knowing this great company had my stuff. I’m in storage till my new home is ready but can’t wait to see how great they are at delivery. Thank you guys for doing such a good job.
By: Jennifer C.
First National Moving and Storage
Left with no choice we had to move on an immediate notice to make it to our new job in Florida from Connecticut. We needed a moving company and quick, most of the movers heard us out patiently and realized that we were in desperate need to move and started charging us absolutely unreasonable prices. It was only First National Moving and Storage a moving company we found online and they were very highly recommended. Most of their customers also mentioned that the company was fair in pricing and did not deviate on the pricing. I have to say this is absolutely true as we too allotted out moving work to them and they never changed the terms or charged us anything extra. The price they quoted was exactly what we were looking to pay and seemed absolutely fair for the distance the goods needed to be transported. They also packed our goods with the best available material and did the packing job quickly.
By: Harris K.
First National Moving and Storage
I had a great experience with First National Moving and Storage when I moved from Atlanta to Hallandale earlier this month! Marie was great on the customer service side, answering all of my questions promptly and kindly, and following up with me without being pushy or obnoxious. Alex and his crew were excellent. They showed up on time, ready to work. They wrapped our furniture efficiently, and took great care with everything. They were conscientious of the time, and very communicative throughout the move. They checked in about where furniture and boxes should all be placed, and helped us add felt pads to our furniture so we wouldn't scratch up the nice hardwood floors in the new place! Mary in dispatch assisted whenever I needed to know where my truck was. I will definitely consider using them again for our future moves.
By: Chase C.
D and R Movers Cincinnati
I ended up setting my move at the last minute. D & R Movers where able to fit me in the next day. They moved me into a storage a few months ago. They moved me in a 2nd floor apartment in just under 1 1/2 hours. I new it would be quick because it only took them just under 2 hours to move my furniture into storage. I was able to still go to work. My movers did an outstanding job. They set up my bed, attached the mirror to my dresser,and put my kitchen table back together. So if you are looking for a Cincinnati moving company. Look no further. They saved me money by fitting my furniture in the smallest storage possible, and when they moved me into my new apartment, I was able to go back to work that day. With the money that D & R Movers saved me I paid for the move and I tipped my movers. Another great job!
By: Joel C.
First National Moving and Storage
I have had it with the so called professional moving companies. They are just bunch of cheaters. The only company who does what it says was First National Moving and Storage. No, they didn’t have any fancy adverts nor did they make me any fake promises. What they delivered was good old moving services. Their men arrived right on time to move my belongings. They were so fast and creative when it came to packing. Everything was organized and systematic. These movers are just machines. They had no issues carrying everything down 2 flights of stairs. They weren’t even tired! Unlike other moving companies, they didn’t even charge me extra for packing materials or anything like that. The final bill was in fact less than the initial estimate. I would never hire another moving company.
By: Annie H.
First National Moving and Storage
I’m really impressed with these guys. They did a wonderful job on my move. The foreman showed up on time with three other very capable guys. The prices were fair and the workers did their jobs with no dilly-dallying. I would recommend trying to pack as much as you can ahead, but if you have no time it’s nothing to worry about since you can bet that the team will show up with blankets and dollies galore. They initially told me 7-17 days and I told them i wanted it as close to 7 as possible... they took 11... I'm just happy everything is all in one piece and there aren't any damages. I really appreciated the price not going up as well, that was important to me as I assured me "no surprises." I can honestly recommend this company to anyone who’s moving long distance.

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