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By: everything.worth.never.lettin.go.of
N V Models & Talent
I have never been and since it cost I probably never will be,, growing up I have always been told that if you are asked for money than it is a scam,, that a real agent will see the talent, use the talent, make money from the talent and than u both get paid,, however I am new 2 this so idk,, I will never go through an agency I first have to pay, however I will market myself 2 as many agencies as possible on my own and meanwhile stick 2 free test shoots building my portfolio,, I have already gotten 1 offer from an agency called Vanity Models and the agent said "I love your look so much, you have a Julia Roberts look, only hotter, and that he will sponsor me and do a test shoot with me and I will have 2 do some interviews for him, etc which will start early 2013. So idk,, but yes,, u shouldn't take every1 eases word,, u cant know what u don't experience,, I just cant afford 2 take the risk cuz I am broke anyways so I WILL be someones success story,, its just a matter of Who's.?!!! and I wont pay for something that will profit them later on anyways if they do there job the way they are supposed 2 and get me where I am trying to be. If I get paid they get paid,, so I don't think I or any1 should have 2 pay to get started. It should be "Test ~ shoot, O.k u did great we will sponsor u and than u pay us when you get paid,, ~ or~ "I'm sorry, your not what we are looking for, goodbye and good luck" I have no knowledge of this business though so i'm gonna give them 5 stars because I don't know that there bad, or good, & I give ppl the benefit of the doubt.
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By: Heather B.
Wings Model Managemet
I can not say enough good things about Wings. Jake prepared us for Expo and Los Angeles. He put us in front of the best of the best when it comes to agents and managers in LA. My daughter has learned so much from his classes. I hate to read negative reviews. I believe people that don't get their way write negative things. If a company is not looking for a blonde hair, blue eyed girl and you kid is blonde hair and blue eyes then you aren't going to get the job. It's not Wings fault if you don't get the job. Parents need to know the business before you talk bad about the business. Do not go to an agent that asks for money up front, they don't make money until your child makes money. Don't go cheap with headshots, you need a photographer that knows the business and knows what these agents and manager in NYC/LA are looking for. You pay for what you get. Jake has SO many success stories its unbelievable. I would recommend anyone interested in acting/modeling contact Wings Model Management
By: Matt M.
Wings Model Managemet
I understand how business works and you want to make as much money as you can. However, I did not appreciate the lack of guidance. I'm a very self motivated person. Many times I asked Jake, what could I do to help get more opportunities and make myself more marketable. His reply was usually nothing, I will handle all that or send more pictures. Went and got more pictures and submitted them to be posted to the website. They were never put on even after he had said that he would put them up. Do not recommend anyone to go here. Thanks
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By: Jenna S.
N V Models & Talent
When I first came to NV I was very impressed. I was coming from another agency and NV just blew me away with so much support, professionalism, and passion. The classes not only helped me with my modeling but also helped me become more confident doing things that were outside of my comfort zone. I feel like I am now well polished and better prepared to go out and work in this industry. So much love for Zorica and the NV family!
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By: Nicole E.
Wings Model Managemet
Jake and Wing's Model Management provided all of the tools my family needed to launch my children's careers. We are now in LA and my kids have been working for two years! Thank you so much, Jake!!!
By: Kerri V.
N V Models & Talent
I was interested in acting and went in for an interview, I was accepted and have been on several "go sees" already, I am impressed with the dedication that is invested in each person.
By: Ron H.
N V Models & Talent
This agency, NV Model and Talent is so sweet, beyond cool, glad we were able to connect, they have totally helped me get into the best career, going strong.
By: Tom S.
N V Models & Talent
As a previous child model, I wanted to continue part time as an adult, New View Model and Talent Agency is the perfect fit, I am grateful to find them.
By: Anne A.
N V Models & Talent
I came to the agency with my daughter, a year ago, and we have had the best experience... It has been a Life-Changer!!! THANKS NV MODELS & TALENT!!
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By: Erica S.
Itolduso Productions LLC
They just did the Greatest Tour last month and I was highly impressed with the models and the designers at their showcase. Very well put together.

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