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By: Khloe L.
Beechwood Villa Apartments
I looked at the reviews others wrote, and I had to make an account so that I could comment on how inaccurate the majority of the information is. PLZ READ ALL... I have been living at Beechwood for over 2yrs now, and the good thing about being here is that you are not far from a good school district (for young & older kids) food, the park, shopping, groceries store, pretty much whatever you could need, and if you dont work in the area or just wanna get out, the highway is less than 5min away. I wrote that 1st because I didn't want to be totally negative. Now, whoever said something in reference to the pool is a liar. There has been no pool here since 2009. A friend of mine who stayed their had to come to our apt. Pool to swim. There is a lot of unused space that can be better utilized out back but it is what it is. Now as far as management, the asst. manager is the only one who has managed to keep her position for any length of time and unfortunately (as someone else stated) she does have a consistent bad attitude that makes you very uncomfortable talking to her. Kind of like your bothering her and your less than her. From me going from visiting people here to moving in I have seen Mantinance, janitor, even managers come & go. However, you never know what goes on in the front office so I can only comment on what I've seen and experienced. I do have a feeling that the group that's here now will stay around due to the fact that they all do what Carina (asst manager) says. GETTING TO THE POINT... If you need to save some money or can't afford to move where you want, this place is okay TEMPORARILY. Just stay to yourself!! Watch your car. I've seen kids vandalize cars & that's where parents who just know they have perfect kids come into play. There are a few drug dealers/users and bad a** kids, parents who act like teenagers, but their everywhere nowadays. Can't blame management for that. That my reader if your still with me :) is an accurate & honest observation/description of Beechwood Villa. 80%=bad 20%= what you make it (which can be added to the bad very quickly if your not careful). It's honestly like a job. nobody really wants to be here, the boss sucks, but one day you know/hope you'll be outta there!
By: programjames
Cincy Rents
I own multiple, middle to high end properties in the area. Cincy Rents has been managing my properties for around a year now. I has been through multiple property management companies and has not been able to find one to keep my buildings running smoothly. Not only have they been able to keep things running smoothly, they have multiple vendors working for them that are actually trustworthy. Tenant complaints, problems and any maintenance are finally dealt with without me having to get involved.
By: baleymatthew
Cincy Rents
I want to take this opportunity to thank the team at CincyRents for the incredible service performed with respect to my investment property. I moved from Cincinnati and was searching for an honest management company to support my maintenance and rental situations. I interviewed several companies and was impressed by the professionalism and experience at CincyRents and over the past two years, they have continually exceeded my expectations.
By: Linda A.
Cincy Rents
I just wanted to take a moment to mention how pleased I was with the service provided by Cincy Rents in the leasing of my property in Oakley. The entire team was professional, responsive, and organized throughout the process. The team helped me find a qualified buyer with acceptable terms quickly and handled all of the legal and transition processes effectively. I would use Cincy Rents in the future for the leasing of my properties.
By: Mitch B.
The food is fresh and great. Restaurant is very clean. However, they do not take ALL Subway coupons. The reach magazine coupons would not honor. After I waited in line , pick my 2 sandwiches out and the toppings, etc. Got to register to pay and was explained they do not take them. She grabbed my food and sat it on back counter. Said, ok see you ! The difference of 14.00 to 7.00 thought I would pay. Chose to not buy. . . Very upset.
By: Phyllis H.
Skyline Chili
Cincinnati chili is really a recipe from a Greek immigrant. It's an "acquired" taste according to newcomers, but if you were born here you love it. Multiple locations in the city. My favorite menu item is the three way which consists of a plate of spaghetti covered with the chili and topped with a mound of shredded cheddar cheese and served with oyster crackers. Other combos including beans and/or onions are also popular.
By: jacelynsmythe
Cincy Rents
I have 1 year and 4 months renting with this company and haven't had a problem. Their customer service is really great, they get back to you right away. If you need any repair or plumbing service they do it the same day. They good thing is that you don't have to wait for days; they really help you take care of your problems. They do everything possible to have the tenants happy like me.
By: maverickguy
This Mcdonalds generally does a good job. I drive a mile or 2 further just to use this Mcdonalds rather than one closer to my house. Their service is usually quick (believe it or not all Mcdonalds are not fast) and the burgers and fries are hot--again, that is not a given at all mcdonalds.
By: Larel G.
Rincon Mexicano Restaurant
We go to Rincon almost every Friday night. It is a one of the kind restaurant and food is delicious. We eat, have a couple of drinks and listen to the band. Decor reminds me of old world Mexico, very fitting. Prices are great and food even better, highly recommend.
By: Ann F.
El Rancho Grande
El Rancho is clean, fast and the food is great. Good value for the money. You can get chicken nugget kids meals if your little ones are not into Mexican. The staff is great, very friendly. Free dessert on your Birthday and a chance to wear the Mexican Sombrero.

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