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By: jdarnell86
Owners are very nice, but I wouldn't special order again. I needed yarns for items I needed to have made by the first weekend of February for a trade show in Chicago, and ended up not being able to go because the yarns I had ordered in early November didn't arrive until January. I called after a month and all I got was 'it was back ordered a week' at the company (Brown Sheep Co) Two months later I had called 2 more times and the last time the lady I'd talked to said they would call as soon as it was in but it was estimated to be in by the end of the week. I had to call again. So, that being said, I'm not 'unhappy', I just found their ordering process disorganized and untimely. The store itself is very cozy and again, the owners are very nice and know their stuff. They're very personable versus some other places I've been around Cincinnati, I just wish they'd find a better way to do special orders. For the yarn I use I now get it direct online.
By: Luca M.
Friendly and eager to share their knowledge. Walls are covered in lots of color and textured yarns. There are tons of knitted sweaters, shawls, scarves & hats and I was encouraged to try them on. The staff focused on me and what I wanted to create. I decided on sport weight wool, was measured for size and they wrote a pattern and checked my knitting for correct size of needles. Only open certain days but was worth the trip.

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