By: Boxngoselfstorage P.
Pratt Professional Painting
Pratt Professional Painting is Excellent company, especially for the price. I have zero complaints about the quality of their painting, and they even did some carpentry work on the side to take care of my dry rot issues. I would not have been able to get my house painted by the arrival of the rains this fall if not for these guys. Would contract with them again.
By: N G.
Heritage Painting
Before hiring, know exactly what is needed and the proper procedure used to get the job done - especially if the work is done outdoors. And, although Warranties are a good selling point for a business they prove to be worthless if the job is not done correctly to begin with.
By: sammiddendorf
Marc was very professional and did a great job painting our child's bedroom. He was on time and completed the job in a timely manner without leaving any mess. I recommend him for any painting projects -- his prices are also very reasonable.
By: wildcat456
Marc was wonderful! He came over the day I called to give us an estimate and arrived the next morning on time to get the job done. He was easy to work with and made sure to give us quality service. I would recommend his service to you!
By: Marina V.
Pratt Professional Painting
These guys are great! They have many years of experience and use the highest quality paints. I would highly recommend them to any of my friends or family!
By: Marina V.
Lucky 7 Painting Co
I highly recommend them for all of your painting needs. They are precise, fast & friendly. I would definatly use them again in the future.
By: Daniel M.
7 Days Painting
the best painters of the city of Cincinnati ohio. they are very friendly and honest and work very clean I recommend it.
Tips & Advices
For a long-lasting paint job, a clean wall is crucial. Ask how they plan to clean your walls, if at all, before getting started. A high-quality company will thoroughly prepare a wall so that the paint will lay smoothly and last a long time.
Yes. A well-established company will have more experience and likely more references for you to reach out to than a new company that's just getting off the ground. Be sure to ask for references so you can speak to former customers about their experience working with the painter. When speaking to these people, ask about:
  • Whether they had issues with the crew
  • If the painters were messy or neat
  • How the paint has held up since the project was completed
The quality of the paint will affect how good the walls look when the project is completed. If your contractor says they plan on using a paint you don't like, feel free to request an alternative.
If the contractor makes a point to train new hires on safety techniques as well as quality standards on the job, you're probably in good hands.
Unfortunately, there are plenty of cases where a painter has stolen items from a home or caused damage to the house or injury to the homeowner. Subcontractors may not be as skilled as employees, and the contractor you're hiring may not have much experience working with them, making them more of a risk. Additionally, ask if the painters are employees or subcontractors, and what the screening or hiring process is like.

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