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By: Caitlin C.
Paradrome Square
We've been waiting for our bathtub to be resealed since July. It's cracking and not a smooth bottom for baths. If we were to have anyone else come to seal it, it's money out of our pockets. We've been patient and given them friendly reminders over the course of months. Just recently one person said they still have to email the contractor. It has been 5 months in order for them to do that. Also we've experienced a heating problem, where my room is too hot. The steam heat seems to always be spraying and was even on in October (we had a hot fall). To turn it off is rusted. We've asked about someone coming to help adjust the heat and we keep getting ignored. They do not check in on tenants or maintenace whether the job was done. We asked about it earlier this week and their response is that they thought someone came over to check on it. Nope. Two stars given because the people here are nice and friendly. That being said, they are extremely forgetful, unorganized, and slow to respond to requests from the people who pay them a thousand a month to live there.
By: Lucil G.
Cincinnati Real Property Management
We have been dealing with RPM Midwest as tenants for the last several months. From the original showing, to the communication following the showing, to the lease signing, and support and communication after the lease, Bonnie at RPM has been great to work with. She has communicated well with us and helped us with answers to questions and helped assist us in finding a resolution to an issue we had at our new place. From discussions with her, I know she is also mindful of her responsibilities to the owners of the property. My experience with RPM has been very positive with Bonnie and with Clint who is head of maintenance. I would recommend this company to others.
By: Zula C.
Cincinnati Real Property Management
Real Property Management has exceeded my expectations time and time again. Want an awesome place to live? Look no further. Being what some people would call "overly critical," I can't help but share my positive experiences about RPM. The staff is kind and helpful, and best of all, they live up to their name: they're real. Let me explain: I'm sure, like me, everyone has had at least 1 negative renting experience. Unlike a lot of rental companies I've come across, RPM values transparency and client satisfaction to the highest degree based on ALL my interactions with them. I'm always hesitant to give 5 stars, but RPM definitely deserves it.
By: Carney S.
Cincinnati Real Property Management
I moved into my rental about 1 1/2 months ago and at first was leery about going with a property management company versus a landlord. But I can tell you that’s been the number one reason I’m happy with them. They answered the phone when I needed to get my dishwasher fixed and got someone out here right away! So far, everything has been great with Real Property Management. Viewing the property was even a really easy/convenient experience. The staff has communicated well by email for the lease signing and payments (including issues with the payment portal- they were very helpful getting set up) The house is clean and we are happy!
By: Edam J.
Cincinnati Real Property Management
My experience with RPM has been very pleasant. I saw a house after 5pm on a Friday afternoon and submitted an application that Saturday and Bonnie was very quick to work with us and we heard back that we were approved and chosen on Tuesday. They have been quick to return emails and she answered all of my questions. We moved in the property in the middle of the month and they prorated the rent for us. She gave me all of the information I needed regarding getting utilities switched over. I think it is convenient that I can pay my rent online too. I would recommend RPM to my friends/family.
By: Eladiah P.
Cincinnati Real Property Management
We only had half a day to look for places to rent while we were in town for a job interview from Texas. We contacted Bonnie at RPM last minute to see if she could show us a house that we really were interested in. With a full day and while fighting a cold Bonnie still made time to come across town and show us the house. We loved it and were so thankful to Bonnie for going out of her way to help a customer. We've not had to contact them with any concerns or repairs on the house yet but I'm sure (if they are anything like Bonnie) they will be on top of things really quick!
By: Cris M.
Cincinnati Real Property Management
Real Property Management Midwest was very helpful in finding the perfect rental home for a new employee that moved to the Cincinnati area to work for my company. As the owner of a bootstrapped start up tech company it can be challenging to bring in top talent and offer the kinds of perks/resources that larger corporations can with respect to moving and transitioning, hiring bonuses, etc. The Rental Agent, Casey treated my employee like a real estate agent would treat someone looking to buy a house and helped him find an ideal place matching his wants and lifestyle.
By: Giff K.
Cincinnati Real Property Management
I have been a tenant with Real Property Management for over 5 years and would definitely recommend them. They made the initial lease signing very easy and even met me to see the place a couple times before signing.They keep the property in great condition They are easy to contact if there is an maintenance request and everything is handled in a very timely manner. They also provide online services for rent payment, service requests and and even have a rep to chat with for any questions.I have thoroughly enjoyed living in a property owned my RPM!
By: Lonnie G.
Resident Properties LLC
Best property management company in Ohio. Don't nickel and dime you, when they say guaranteed they mean it and not be later charging you for that by calling it an add on value. They put their money where their mouth is by aligning your goals with theirs through a commission structure and performance based pricing. You get a plumbing bill or HVAC bill you actually had a licensed plumber or HVAC person service your property not some handyman who thinks they can fix while the company charge you for professional rates.
By: Cordiay H.
Cincinnati Real Property Management
I just want to say that Bonnie Louis was amazing to work with! I have never felt so comfortable about talking to someone about my needs that I needed for me and my two kids. She was very understanding and always told me she understood. Very patient and assertive to me. My kids and I now have a beautiful home we can now call ours and I owe it all to her. I am so thankful for all her hard work and time she gave me. Thank you again Bonnie !!!

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