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    2703 Erlene Dr


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By: Karthik A.
Lindsay Lane Apartments
Horrible and Arrogant Manager CAROL CASE. She shouts at the customers. She emailed me the layout of the apt and promised me a 2BD which has a balcony. But on the move in date she gave me the keys of a different apartment which didn't hav a balcony and the kitchen was just 2 foot. She actually gave my apt to someone else and their apt to me. I politely told her that this is not what we spoke about, she realized that she did a huge mistake yet she was not ready to accept it and started lying bluntly that this is what she promised us. She in turn blamed me saying that I (who hate lower level) accepted to be in that lower level and that’s why she gave me this apt. That’s ridiculous. She even went out of the way and spoke very rudely to my girl friend who was actually trying to help her realize that she has done a huge mistake. She was not even sorry for what she did. I will be out of my lease by the end of this weekend and can't extend it as well. NEVER gonna recommend this place.
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By: Autumn W.
Montana Valley Apartments
The manager Amber is very rude and unprofessional. I've caught her in lie after lie. Besides the ridiculous wait for maintence when things go wrong, I've told her several times that when a maintence guy is going to be coming in our apartment I want to know about it, she said she would have it taken care of. Well guess what since she's said that there have been 3 times where men just show up announced. And it's not their fault it's Amber's. So anyway back to what happened this morning, I just got off the phone with her because I called and asked her if she knew someone was coming out this morning and she said no, well I went up to maintence man and asked him if she knew and he said yeah I stopped over there this morning and she gave me a key. Do not rent from these people. All they care about is themselves. They do not care if you're happy with your apartment they just want you to sign a lease so you can be another person on their list to get rent from. Plus it's in a really bad area.
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By: Brianna J.
Williamsburg of Cincinnati
I have a 3 week old baby and we are not able to live in our apartment that we pay $1000+ a month for because we have a bug infestation and Resource Residential refused to take care of it in a timely manner even though it is in our contract that bug problems are something they take care of for free. They will not give us any money back from rent paid during the time that we cannot live in our house and offered us a "$200 courtesy" to "not talk to neighbors or tell anyone" about the issue! We were out of our home for 24 days, living an hour away with our nearest family with a new born because we could not live there and they did not care or try to resolve the problem. DO NOT THINK ABOUT LIVING HERE. They do not have 2 stars on here for no reason!
By: Khloe L.
Eagle Watch Apartments
Beechwood villa has a manager named Carina who violates and makes up section8 rules as she pleases. They also have bed bugs and rats. I've tried calling the district on her but they are related to her so I'm going to put the word out everywhere until somebody stops her from playing with people's lives and voucher money. No I'm not an angry tenant or ex tenant, I'm just sad to see people who need to live there get a numb deal because she has a attitude and doesn't care about her tenants or property because she doesn't live there. (I've actually heard her say that and have a recording).
By: Khloe L.
Magnolia Point
Smooth operator is right. I lived here some years back when I first moved to Ohio, and the first 4mths were the best. Looking back I'm sure it was because I didn't know anybody. I ran into the occasional rude person or the elderly person who you could tell has been here a while and has their routine but other than that everything was fine. Fast forward and maybe 5-6month after I moved in he office started being less and less friendly. My kids started having trouble at the playground. Other kids would get bored and lie on them or try & bully them. Now I'm not a parent that thinks their kid is an angel but any mom or dad with a young child knows what your kid is more likely to and not to do. Smooth operator is also right about their being clicks of adults who sit around and dictate what can or should be done, when, and where. That did seem to be on the Eastgate Gardens side of the complex which was what I was shown first and was almost kinda being pushed to rent. I choose the Magnolia side and was so glad. All in all the place itself is nothing to Bragg about I've seen better, but I've also seen a lot worse. I thing I could have out up with being on the property for longer if it weren't for the tenants. Never had a problem with bugs but there was a gap underneath my door and the heat is controlled by the office so it's either super hot or your freezing. I never felt unsafe there which is a plus because I'm a single mom. Guess we just made a bad choice, but hey you live and you learn. It is located in a convenient spot, that's the reason I gave it 1 star. Just sayin...
By: Tyler C.
Corner Stone Management
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By: Derek L.
Uptown Rental Properties
Uptown Properties bought out the building in which I currently reside (Eden Ave.) on Sept. 25, 2014. Five days later, they gave us notice we have until October 31 to move out. Oh, the are "going the extra mile" for us by giving us a short list of other properties in the area they found on Craigslist we could rent to, as if that somehow takes away from the fact they are pushing poor folks out of their homes. Most of us living in this building are elderly or disabled, and on fixed incomes. Many have lived here for years (one of our residents passed away in her apartment a couple of years ago and had lived here for decades). We don't have the money to move, quite frankly. We didn't ask for this, and had no say in this decision. They have offered us no real assistance in helping the older folks move, but they offered assistance for the young college students. This is Ageism, in my opinion. Uptown spent a premium for this building, and while they aren't "legally" obligated to do anything for us but give us 30 days to move out, they can do far more to help those with no plans to move. The poor don't have a voice, but we poor folk are tired of being pushed around. The least Uptown can do is offer severance funds to the poor folk they are displacing. I think at least $1500 is fair. There are 14 apartments here. It isn't much but at least we would be compensated for the loss of our apartments. Instead, these corporate suits hire some cute smiling blonde to fake sympathy to the fact they are tossing poor, disabled and elderly tenants out of their tails just as the weather is starting to turn as cold as the hearts of those who work for Uptown Properties. In a few months, my home for almost a decade will be demolished, replaced by overpriced apartments for wealthy college kids. Some of the former tenants may be homeless, so if you people see my holding a sign on Taft begging for change, remember which corporate housing conglomerate put me there.
By: mstenant
Eagle Watch Apartments
The new managment staff has been great thus far. From my application to my move in to being a tenant, they have been honest, & helpful. I have had the staff go above and beyond in helping me feel at home here at Eagle Watch. From prior reviews Im glad to not have expereienced the previous managment staff. My advice to new applicants and current tenants is to give the new people a chance. I have already seen alot of procedures and clean up put into place to make this apartment complex beautiful, with a friendly at home enviornment. i am very happy with my apartment.
By: friend321
Magnolia Point
This is probably the best place i have ever lived the people here are nice and take care of your needs. Most of all they really seem to care about the people that live here.From the day i moved in people tried to help me and the management went out of their way to try and take care of my needs.Apartment was clean and had new carpet and for the money it was awesome.
By: ankurchdry
Forum Apartments
Living in this apartment is challanging everday, they dont have defined policies, Rules and change them without informing residents. I am saying this with experience, since i lived here. The only good thing about this place its close to downtown and is more accessible for work.they have horrible policy for parking, even if you pay money to them on monthly basis your gets towed away and residents have to pay to get the car back, Little help is available, the administration is not helpful at all and are bunch of unprofessional people.

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