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By: suespurgeon1
Roto-Rooter Plumbing & Drain Services
At the end of last week, the main drains in my condo building were almost completely clogged, resulting in water backing up in the kitchen, laundry and both bathrooms. I had a friend look at the problem, but the situation definitely required extensive professional attention. One drain, as I knew from past experience, required the Condo Association removing one of my kitchen cabinets to provide access to the main line. (We are on the eastern side of Cincinnati, but I scheduled through the main 800 phone number, so I don't know which office was involved.) I scheduled Roto-Rooter for yesterday morning, because they had been able to resolve our similar drain problems in the past. The two techs that arrived were pleasant and efficient, and got right to work. Another very nice tech, Brent, arrived to use a camera to scan the lines outside, and showed the results to me and the Condo president; it turned out that two main lines were clogged, both the responsibility of the Condo Association. I also asked Sean and Chris to replace my faucet in the kitchen, and they purchased and installed one I actually like better than the broken that I had chosen myself. By the end of the afternoon, my water problems were GONE, and I was able to use my sink, laundry and both bathrooms. I had been SO upset, and by the time Roto-Rooter left, I felt as if I had my life back! Sean Townsend, the lead technician handling the main drain running under the kitchen, went far beyond my expectations. He made sure that every detail was handled with honesty, dispatch and courtesy. They all were also very neat, and tried to put things back in place as much as possible. I would NEVER call another company to take care of this kind of problem, and will request this technician when I call in the future. Excellent work and a job well done!
Roto-Rooter Plumbing & Drain Services
This review is for two pieces of working with Roto Rooter: 1) the customer service who handled our phone call and "scheduled" the service, 2) the technicians who actually arrived and did the work. First, the bad. Our basement had backed-up and filled with sewage. Blech. We called more than one place to see who could come fastest. Rotor Rooter appeared to be our bet. The customer service folks we called were horrible. The promised service within 3 hours. 3 hours later we get a call that it'll be AT LEAST another 1-2 before someone comes. Suddenly we felt like we'd be had. It took forever for our technician to arrive, WELL beyond what the initial customer service rep had promised. But, what could we do at that point?Second, the good. When our technician arrived, he was awesome. The first person I'd talked to all day who actually seemed to understand what was going on. The City had been making mistakes and suggesting things that not only didn't work, but were flat our wrong. Our technician got things going and found the source of our problem. Thank goodness. I'd easily choose our technician again and again. I'm not so sure about the customer service. But, I've only had to use them once. Everyone has bad days.
By: Kyle H.
Roto-Rooter Plumbing & Drain Services
I had a major plumbing issue late at night on Saturday which flooded part of my living room and bathroom. I immediately called my local plumber who was honest and told me I'd probably get a better rate with roto rooter for what I needed done. My main line from my house to the street was clogged and he said roto rooter deals with this all the time and would be my best rate... I called their 24 hour call center and the person scheduled an appointing for first thing Sunday morning which surprisingly was a regular business day and there wasn't extra fees like most places would charge. I was surprised they could get someone so quick on short notice. They called 30 minutes ahead and asked some questions to come prepared for the issue. They showed up, looked at everything and gave us a free quote and said we could go with them or we didn't have to and there was no charge for the quote. The quote was good, and the work was performed successfully, and courteously, they even took our coupon we found off of the bill. I feel their service fee was fair and a great value. I would recommend them to anyone and plan on using them for any future plumbing needs.
By: David S.
Joe's Plumbing Repair
Fair and honest plumbers are in short supply. Joe's fair estimate was my first indication I had found a good contractor. It kept getting better. Joe shows up on time and is prompt on replies. He did a great job explaining the job and what I could expect. I was not disappointed. He was very friendly and it felt like talking to a real down to earth friend. He will bend over backwards to help you or teach you. He showed me how to turn off the water at the street and read the meter. He works very fast and though he had to fight through an abnormal amount of rocks and tree roots he did a lot in no time. He installed a new water line and it worked great. He did a really good job leveling over the ditch after rain with very wet mud. I was impressed. He cleaned up my driveway and steps very well. Joe was very polite.I hope to have a long business relationship with this man. As plumbers go this man is a keeper. You cannot go wrong with a man like this if you are lucky enough to hear of him.
By: Dionne B.
Roto-Rooter Plumbing & Drain Services
I just want to say Roto Rooter is the best plumbing service from the dispatchers to the actual plumbers on the job. We had a back up main sewer Line and we called Roto Rooter and they came out right away which was awesome. They diagnosed the problem and let me know exactly how much we had to pay and what equipment would be needed. Then I made and appointment for the next day and the same plumber tech came out John Galligan. He got the job done and made sure I was aware of what was going on in the sewer mainline and what else needed to be done to get it fix. He Worked very hard it was greatly appreciated by me and my family. We will definitely request him for and other services that will be needed here. But hopefully not to soon!!!����I told John if I could give him 10 stars I would but I see there are only 5! ☺ ThanKS #RotoRooter Forest Park/Cincinnati,Oh
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By: Amber S.
Hofmeyer Max Plumbg Co Inc
Had a wonderful experience with Hofmeyer! We had a leak in the water pipe from the house to the street. We have watched countless neighbors have their yards dug up for similar issues, and were really worried about damage to our yard. Hofmeyer quoted us at half the price for total replacement of the pipe and used a special drill to put the pipe in through the house without digging up the yard. They took the time to dig up the grass and contain the dirt in the small patch they dug to connect the pipe. They refilled the hole, put the grass back down, and even cleaned the sidewalk. You can't even really tell they were ever here. They showed up on time and worked like crazy until it was done. So impressed with their professionalism. Highly highly recommend this company!!!!
By: Mary S.
Roto-Rooter Plumbing & Drain Services
Just wanted to share my comments. Had Brandon Tech #2039, service 3 apts - with bad toilet & sink backups. He arrived on time (love the 30 minute call ahead), was very courteous, personable but mostly responsible. Kept working until the job was done and made sure everything was unclogged and working. Yellow page + RotoRooter coupons helped to keep the cost down. As he worked he had plenty of rags to keep clean the area. He is great. Brandon is a great find and RotoRooter needs to pat him on the back for "a job well done". Brandon is my RR man - don't call him - get your own. P.S. How many plumbers don't charge extra on weekends?? Only RotorRooter!! Thanks Brandon, Mary Ann Shiplett 5/02/14
By: john.droste.71
A All Valley Plumbing & Sewer Service
Complete Re-pipingI purchased a house that had copper thieves steal all the piping. I needed the work done right-a-way because we were going to use the house for ourselves immediately. Jim Kroeger Jr. came over as soon as we took possession, he gave us a fair estimate and started work the next day. I was very impressed with how efficient Jim was with minimizing fittings and elbows which look bad, cause noise and cause pressure drop. Also he didn't forget the extras like valves for a humidifier and the ice maker. Another extra he helped us with was bringing the gas lines up to code. I'm really pleased and I'm calling him back when we add a bathroom.
By: girl8888
Herrmann Services
Best plumber I have ever hired. From the people that answered the phone to the plumber that actually showed up on time to the person who called to check and make sure I was happy after the work was completed, everyone was a joy to work with. He wore covers on his shoes fixed my water heater and cleaned up all the water that was on the floor. I thought I needed a new water heater but he was very honest and told me that I just needed to replace the relief valve. Herrmann made a new customer out of me and I even plan to use them for my air conditioning and electric work now. Do yourself a favor and call Herrmann !!!
By: Jessica C.
Roto-Rooter Plumbing & Drain Services
My company in Norwood, OH had a broken toilet. We had called a plumber to come out to fix it on Friday and nobody showed up! Monday, I called Roto-Rooter asking for someone to come out ASAP to fix it. There was no availability, but the technician on the phone put a rush order on it. She was very helpful and nice and called throughout the day with any updates. After a few hours, our plumber, Louis, showed up and was not only very friendly, but extremely fast to figure out the problem and get it fixed. A wonderful experience! I highly recommend!
Tips & Advices
The following tools and common household objects can be used to clean drains at home:
  • A plunger
  • A drain snake
  • Baking soda
  • Vinegar
  • Grease-fighting dish soap
Homeowners can mix boiling water with any of the last three products to break up grease and grime.
The main ingredients in clog removal liquid products are sodium hydroxide and sodium hypochlorite. According to the Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry, both break down into relatively harmless components when it comes into contact with water or soil. However, both substances cause mild irritation to skin and internal tissues.
Also known as a drain auger, a drain snake is a coiled device around ¼-inch thick. To use a drain snake, put the end into the entrance of the drain. Turn the handle to force the snake deeper, using extra pressure to force it through the bend in the pipe. Keep turning until the snake hits the clog, then either pull the snake and remove the obstruction or force it through. Once the snake is out of the drain, run the water on full blast for a few minutes to ensure the obstruction is completely removed.
Plungers don't damage residential pipes, but the force created by the act of plunging weakens the seal between the toilet and the floor.
Many plumbers, both local businesses and nationwide chains, offer emergency or same-day services.

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