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  • nancywestbury


    The office in Chiefland is a Franchise and the Corporate office does not fully have control of the fees that they can charge you as a customer. I had a phone for 8 days and because a client was asking me to do a job for them and they would pay for my cell phone I returned my upgraded phone. The charges they imposed after only 8 days, including a 3 day Momorial Day Weekend was $35.00 restocking fee and $145.00 depreciation fee.

    In my occupation as an accountant I have been doing depreciation for over 30 years and never have I seen this about of depreciation charged on a $250.00 asset. It was explained to me that the depreciation was on the full amount of the phone which was $800.00, still this amount of depreciation makes no sense on an $800.00 asset. Then I was told it was calculated on usage and data usage, really what type of usage could account for $145.00 plus $35. Well being unsatisfied I asked for the number of the District Manager Nick Ward, which I was told I could not have his number but that he would phone me. He did phone me and did not try to resolve the issue so I asked for the number of the Regional Manager Andrew Beckman and he has yet to phone. I left my number at the Chiefland branch and still no reply. In the beginning of this process I did cal the Corporate office fo Verizon and they tried to help and even participated in a three way conversation, but the Cheifland Franchise Branch was unyielding and Corporate could not assist with these fees. However I was told by the Corporate office that most of the Franchise offices do not charge the depreciation fee. My attitude was unpleasant but not abusive during part of this situation. However, I did make my apologies to the Manger Georgia and the two staff McKenzie and Nicole.

    Long story short I would suggest that you deal with the Corporate Offices only because they have much more flexibility to help you if there are problems with the handling of your account.


    Nancy Westbury

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