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By: Erica T.
IPM Property Management
The house I rented from IPM Property Management in Chico is adorable. I love it. Unfortunately, my relationship with IPM has been difficult from the beginning. It is nearly impossible to get a hold of anyone at the office. There was a lot of confusion over when I had to pay what. And some of the work they said they were going to do on the house before I took possession did not get done. The garage was left a mess. The backyard was also a mess. Worst of all, there were holes left above the windows from the window dressings they had taken down and even after these were repaired, there were many places on various walls left with unpainted spackle. But none of that would prompt me to write a bad review like this. What has prompted me is the fact that before Christmas, 2013, I paid my first month’s rent (for Jan, 2014) by cashier’s check as requested. At my lease signing I had signed up for the automatic EFT withdrawal for my future rents. On Jan. 3, 2014, IPM withdrew $1200 rent for Jan, which I had already paid. I contacted them immediately by email and phone, but as it was the weekend, I received no reply. After many calls and emails on Monday, I finally got a hold of Megan, the assistant. She assured me she would talk to Ryan, the boss, and get back to me. She was told that a check had been mailed to me on the 4th of Jan and would arrive that day. It didn’t. I called back on Tuesday and was told that Ryan was not in the office and no checks could be cut without him. Once again I was assured I would receive the check that day (Jan. 7). I did not. By Wed. I was told that Ryan was once again unavailable and that he could not reissue me a check and cancel the one obviously lost in the mail without permission from the owner’s trust and the bank. For some reason, probably because he is young and was on vacation, he didn’t feel like making those necessary calls. Still no money. I had to buy my dog cheap supermarket dog food which is giving him stomach problems, and a half gallon of milk. When I asked how I was supposed to feed my family, I received no response. It seems that Ryan finds his vacation more important than running his company or taking care of his tenants. IPM has had $1200 of my money for a week now and there is no sign of them returning it. I have not been able to pay my bills or buy food. Luckily I get a small paycheck tomorrow, Jan 10th, so I will be able to feed my family. Today I received no response from IPM to my email or any check in the mail. Perhaps Ryan needs to grow up and run his company if he is going to have tenants and owners dependent on him.
By: J M.
Chico Sierra Real Estate Management INC
I am new to town, (newer), and have been here for a year. Never a problem with this company. Maintenance seems to be fast and I am always sent a tracking message to keep track on my end.They are nice in the front office, and much , much better than my last place in the Bay Area (nightmare). Hoping things will stay good, but for now really happy and plan to renew for another year.
By: K S.
Chico Sierra Real Estate Management INC
Have been renting for a year and great service. My favorite thing is maintenance is done REALLY quick. Staff is always nice to take to and actually ask you about your day instead of just taking your money and kicking you out the door as my other place did. My house is really nice and I plan to stay for a long time. Thanks for making this part of my life care free!
By: Allison M.
Chico Sierra Real Estate Management INC
Look forward to another Year with Chico Sierra Mgmt. They are really nice people to deal with, and after 2 years would recommend them to anyone. Had a horrible situation where my ex came to the property and they stepped in and backed me up 100%. Not expected but was really appreciated.Thanks for your help over the years. Looking forward to another one.
By: F R.
Chico Sierra Real Estate Management INC
Not too much history with them, but they are always really great people to work with. Work orders are fast with the new system they put into place. Wish they were open a little later, but that is about my worst complaint.Watched as some person in their office was giving them crap for no reason, so thought I would send a "good job" their way.
By: Martha W.
Chico Sierra Real Estate Management INC
Just moved out of a house, and 100% deposit back. That is a first. I know it was in part to the property owner, but none the less a first. Feel like they were looking out for me and I appreciate that. Moved to Oregon, so no need to use them again, but would recommend them to others,
By: Tim F.
Chico Sierra Real Estate Management INC
Nice people to deal with. Started looking for a place few months ago, with a bit of a strange story, and no one was helpful. So far these guys have gone above and beyond to try to make it work for me. Still looking, but if I could find a place with them I will take it.Tim
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By: Lowell J.
Chico Sierra Real Estate Management INC
Steve and Cathy have always been prompt,courteous and professional to our family. Cathy bent over backwards to help us get into our home last year. WE ARE FOREVER GRATEFUL! We had a great experience. Service/Repair request are always processed quickly.
By: Karen K.
Chico Sierra Real Estate Management INC
Housing is great, we have been treated really fair with this company, unlike other places that we have rented. Any repairs we request are done very fast and we just overall have had a great experience. Would rent again from them if the need arose.
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By: Rosemary P.
Chico Sierra Real Estate Management INC
After our recent experience Cathy and front desk , I want to give 5 stars. Very prompt, clear with what is going on. You made it easy to get out sink fixed. The new maintenance request makes things very easy.

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