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By: Brittany A.
Sally Beauty Supply
I usually like this Sally's; they've been helpful to me when it came to finding hair care products - especially since I've gone natural. Today I am very disappointed because these ladies seem to be very lazy when it comes to keeping the store stocked. I originally went into the store on Tuesday to get some more hair gel and to seek out sulfate free shampoo & conditioner. My usual gel (called custered) was out of stock, but they said they'd be getting their new shipment later (it was late). Cool. I bought something else for my buy 2 get 1 free and was told I could come back to exchange for what I really wanted. I called the next day (Wednesday), and the lady said they'd be finished stocking by the EOD and to try back the next day. I was a little irritated, but fine. I go in today (Thursday), and they STILL haven't restocked the floor! I mean, the store looks exactly the same as I saw it Tuesday! Granted, it's two women working, but it's not busy in there and one could be stocking while the other covers the register. One of the girls is pregnant: there's your register girl. But no. She's reading a magazine as I'm speaking to her while the other woman is the only one working and helping the few customers checking out. This is absolutely unacceptable. Yes, I could go to another Sally's or somewhere else to get my hair gel, but I wanted to go to this one which is closest to my job. I shouldn't have to seek out another location when this one is near me and has the restock of merchandise, but they're just too lazy to do THEIR JOB. There are no excuses. I am very disappointed and upset. I now plan to either order my purchases online to receive my discounts or just pay extra at Walgreens or Target.
By: jlipuma
Morse L Drugs
Everyone at this pharmacy is excellent. From the moment you walk in, you're greeted by the techs and catch a smile from the pharmacists, hustling and bustling on their platform. Oh, and don't even bother leaving! They're so quick! I recall one particular time I literally handed them my script, went to the shelf to grab an item and sat down; not more than 1 minute after I sat down, they had my Rx ready, and rang me up! I'm now a regular at this pharmacy, and especially with me being a pain management patient (multiple failed back surgeries), they treat me wonderfully (as opposed to the looks I got at other pharmacies bc of the strong medications I'm on, and even refusal of pharmacists to fill my scripts because "they simply don't feel comfortable dispensing to someone my age, and I look like I don't need it." I'm 21 with an unfortunate set of circumstances, and the promise of chronic pain for the rest of my life. This pharmacy constantly asks about my condition (how I'm doing, how my pain is.). The pharmacist even offered to have my medication delivered if I wasn't feeling well enough to leave the apartment, and after surgery. I'm rambling at this point, but people need to know about this wonderful, family run drug store that is sure to prosper for many years to come! I love you guys, thanks for the care!!!!
By: carrigatoher
Walmart Pharmacy
The review goes like this. i walk into Walmart store, located at 1424 w 47 St Chicago. I am hoping to purchased some hot chicken from the heated canopy. several times the canopy had only full chicken or was completely empty. My favorite is a chicken thy and leg. I told the staff of the shortage, but several times after i did, nothing changed. Today again i approached four of the staff that were gathered talking near the checkout area, (around 1 pm) they all heard me complain, but only one laughed, and said that the chicken was all in the kitchen. NOT ONE, made a motion to accommodate my request. Well let me take that back, I noticed, one did take out her phone, but hearing my accent, put it away again. There was a total lack of courtesy and accommodation for this customer at Walmart, on several occasions. Running any business, hoping to make a profit, shelves have to be stocked.
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By: Galaxy K.
Peterson Pharmacy
The staff is very efficient and provide great customer service. They offer free delivery which is very convenient.In addition to this they also provide halal vitamins so anyone looking for halal vitamin. I would highly recommend this place.The place is very well organized. Very quick service and do not have to wait to long to get the meds. Will highly recommend this place!
By: Heather P.
One Love
I've been going here since 2000. The selection is wonderful! You can get to smell one or more before you purchase them. The ower, she is very nice and knowledgeable. My boyfriend wanted to try oils and I told him about one love. He now has his own collection... The prices are great! I will definitely come back again.. With a list! Heather Pierce
By: abbayaaron
Recently I went to buy a Friendship greeting Card and I saw a great and excellent design and wonderful meaning of greeting cards for Friendship, these greeting cards express feelings of friendship, cards are beautiful and the music is so nice finally I love it . Into the store I was greeted and able to find what I needed quickly.
By: enbchicago
Howard Medicalmpany
Unbelievable service! I needed a new wheelchair for my dad. They did not have it in stock, but drove to the supplier picked it up and had it ready for me within 24hrs. I was impressed to say the least - and they are the nicest people to deal with. I would HIGHLY recommend them!
By: Andrew K.
CVS Pharmacy
Great convenience store located close to Union Station. They have a lot! And they are focused on self-checkout but do have someone by the register for the standard check out process. Pricewise, they are comparable to Walgreens locations downtown.
By: mshake25
Armitage Pharmacy
Pharmacist is very knowledgable about medicine. I got my stuff quick and was told how and when to use my meds. Fast service, speaks a little Spanish. Very nice staff and quick service. I transferred all of my medicine to this pharmacy.
By: dasit1
J & M Pharmacy
very established and quite an informative pharmacy group. If they stock the prescriptions you want, then this is probably the best choice for refills of your prescriptions. they call you and let you know that it is ready. Very Good !!

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