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By: yourbrother
First Security Plus
I would first have to say that this is not the most professionally run business. The overall interaction with the customer would not be deemed satisfactory by most who would visit. If you do not have prior knowledge of electronics, don't expect to be given the "hold your hand" treatment at this facility. You are pretty much on your own in the search for your products.I visited the store one week ago to have an alarm installed. The person behind the counter asked five of us how he could help us, in the order of the line we were in. He made a brief comment on options to each of us, and pointed us in the direction of the product in which we were looking for. I immediately raised one eyebrow, and started scratching my head...After reconnecting with the representative, several minutes later, I informed him that I needed an alarm for a classic vehicle. He pointed at 3 options on the wall, and told me to choose one. I chose the one with the most options. I did not bother to ask about the alarm systems' company name, reputation, or ask to see what the product offered (siren decibels, keyfob design). The rep informed me that they would call me once the install was complete, and took my number down on the claim sheet. I asked for an eta, and was informed that it would be no longer than 2 hours. I told the rep that I would wait for the call. This was at 10:30am.Four hours later, after receiving no call, I called the company. They told me that I could pick my car up. Upon arrival, they informed me that I it was still in the garage, and would be brought out. I paid, was given a receipt, and inquired about the warranty. I was informed that they warranty was 90 days in store, and 1 year with the company that manufactured the parts. It was no where to be found on the receipt. I had to ask the rep to write it into the warranty section.....I was given a brief instruction on the system, and left the store.I proceeded to a local store to get some items before returning home. While inside, a person walked into the store, opening the door which was approximately 10 feet from my car. I heard the LOW chirp of a vehicle alarm. After getting my items, I walked outside to see my alarm had gone off. I thought for a second about the amount of noise in the building. It was at a minimum. Hmmmmm. I opened the door to my car after re-arming the alarm, and noticed that unless you were in a VERY close distance to the vehicle, less than 75 feet away, this siren would do you absolutely NO GOOD! I shook my head, and thought about another day I could use to take the car back to the First Security.Fast forward a few days to Saturday, March 7th. My car is in the driveway by my bedroom. It is raining hard. My alarm is constantly going off. I relocate my car to the garage. I see my neighbor watching me as I move the car. She is shaking her head.....
By: Mike M.
F & A Auto Sounds & Alarm
Place is good. Steve the owner knows what he's doing. Doesn't mind to offer the better way knowing it will involve more work for him and keeping the price you agreed on. There was a minor mistake in my double din install. I brought it back and he fixed it and put in speakers for half off and didn't charge for installation. Guys a good dude. People like that deserve good things for his business. His entourage are also legit. Good to shoot the s**t with while Steve bangs out his job. Making it look nice. I'll go here all the time for any car audio and tints. Tint guy did a great job. All 5 windows for 200..did some Kung fun sh*t on my tints, they look great and haven't got a ticket yet. Been a year. U da man Steve
By: laurettewilliams
A & G Car Toys
In a time and day where Customer Service seems to be on the way out, and even non-existent, I am happy to say that A & G IS GREAT!What they lack in ambiance, they make up for with service. I purchased a remote starter/alarm and when I have gone in for adjustments, there has been no questions, they just go in and make them. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for quality work.
By: Jamal N.
A & G Car Toys
I walked in the store and the service was on point!!!!!!!!!!
Tips & Advices
It's possible to stop a car alarm without the remote. One approach is to disconnect the car's battery, which needs to be disconnected long enough to allow the vehicle's computer to reset. The time required for this to occur varies from vehicle to vehicle, but a safe bet is to leave the battery disconnected for an hour.
Adding a car alarm will not impact a automobile warranty, provided the alarm is installed in a way that doesn't cause damage to the vehicle. Vehicle damage can sometimes occur if you install the alarm yourself. To preserve a warranty, it's a good idea to have a car alarm installed professionally.
It can be quite difficult to self-install a car alarm if you lack extensive experience in electronic circuitry. Installing a car alarm involves soldering, drilling, wire cutting, and the use of a multimeter. If you are unfamiliar with any of these tasks, it's best to have your car alarm installed by a trained professional.
A car immobilizer is a security device that prevents the car's engine from running without the presence of your key or key fob. Advanced car immobilizers will send an alert if an attempt was made to start a car without your key. Car immobilizers are automatic, and they do not require activation.
A shock sensor is a sensor used by a car alarm to detect hits and impacts to a vehicle. Vehicle theft often involves an impact such as the smashing of a car window. A shock sensor picks up on this impact and sends an alert to a car alarm's computer.

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