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By: Nicky B.
Psychic Reader, Life Coach & Spiritual Consulting
I am very glade I found this reader. I was in a situation at work where i was very very unsure what was going to happen next, and i was worried about losing my job. So I went to go see a psychic Which I never do , just for some insight into my job and career. She was able to give me a complete reading into my current situation at work without me even having to tell her anything. It was like she just knew the second I came into her office the reasons and concerns i was having that day. Not only did she reassure me that I was not going to be fired, She also mentioned that i would be seeing some job shifts surrounding around me, But not me shifting others around me.Which actually happened in a weeks time frame. It was very shocking and unexpected even with her prediction of it I still was caught by surprise when it happened.If your looking for a real psychic this is the place.
By: bru102
Ask Lynn Psychic Consultant
I would like to start by saying that I totally went in to this with skepticism (I'm a science major) on a whim and expected to get vague open ended answers, but I was totally and pleasantly surprised. First off she respond to my email only hours after my initial inquiry and told me she was free the next day. The reading for the price of 80 was excellent. I only told her name and with that she began tell me my past and present as if she were my best friend. The stuff she picked up on was dead on! It was really crazy how she knew about my past and current relationships and describing how I felt about them in detail. She gave me such wonderful, raw, poignant, helpful insight into my present problems and future outlook that I will defiantly be going to her again. MONEY WELL SPENT!!
By: kurtt229
Ask Lynn Psychic Consultant
Absolutely positively AMAZING! Aside fron the fact that she responded quickly to my email about an appointment(which was the very next day btw) and that she greeted us with the upmost kindness and sincerity; not just professionally but friendly too; she was a TRUE psychic. Now im wasnt much of a believer at first, but let me tell you, I adore this woman! I cannot wait to see her again! She knew things I barely even told my sister, she told me the energies that would push me forward and which ones would hold me back. And the best part was that she has given me; if nothing else, the peace of mind to move towards my goals without fear of failure! I only wish there were more stars to give her! The price may seem high, but for all she has given me? Its nothing!
By: bridget.muhlimprov
Psychic Serenity Tarot Card Readings in Chicago
Helen is an experience foreshore. She helped me through a lot of heart, body, mind and soul troubles I had in my life . She is not for the weak of heart, which I appreciate! She helped me get my senses back intuned and helped me with so much! She called, texted back, and prayed for me- she helped me find myself again and see the beauty that I have to offer as well as all the people in my life. The work she did for my and my boyfriends relationship is remarkable. Love is overflowing in my life and with her help I realized that and appreciate everyday now and I listen to the earth and breathe without stress in my life. Sweetness is now all around me and I have to thank Hellen for helping me get my groove back and be a better person. Thank you again!!
By: Alexia T.
Ask Lynn Psychic Consultant
I have been going to see Lynn for2 years now and I have had excellent results. When I see her I feel comfortable and right at home when I see her for a face to face reading or when I have a reading over the phone she pointed out things that I have never told anyone and she gives me advice on what I should do and what is going to come she is very accurate and flexible and very nice willing to help out anyone and always makes a good impression every time you see her she always cares about her clients. She is worth the price she charges. She is very faithful in god. I would recommend her to everyone.
By: donnav.
Psychic Reader, Life Coach & Spiritual Consulting
Rarely do I ever hand out five full stars but when something is this good, it's only fitting to do so. Having been to many psychics readers over the years, I have certainly seen my fair share. They way one of the most accurate and intuitive reader i have ever been to.. She has an great vibe and energy that I picked up on right away. Go with an open mind and heart to what you'll discover - which you will discover a lot. That's part of the strength of readings, you must approach it with a willingness to hear and receive everything. I believe that is why mine was so clear. Highly recommend
By: Seng G.
Psychic Crystal Energy Healing Center
FIRST OF ALL THE CORRECT NUMBER IS 312-545-9069.I went to see Asia on the recommendation of a friend. I was heartbroken and in what I thought was a hopeless situation. Asia immediately made me feel comfortable with her and her reading turned out to be 100% accurate. The love of my life came back to me two weeks later. In addition to his accurate reading, she also patiently worked with me while I was learning to work with meditation I highly recommend her services.
By: Andra F.
Psychic Crystal Energy Healing Center
Best Chicago Psychic hands down! Asia is truly Gifted as a Psychic and Healer, she knew about my situation right off the bat without me asking any questions or saying anything. Asia has also helped me and guided me thru so many difficult times when my family and friends weren't there for me or didn't know how to be there for me Asia have me the proper guidance & direction. She is a blessing and make no mistake anyone she comes across she helps. Thank you Asia.
By: mz.stang00
Psychic Serenity Tarot Card Readings in Chicago
I had a reading with Helen last year around the same time. An she was right on point with why I called her she did not ask any question like most Psychic she told me anwsers. That is why when I hit what i felt like was my lowest point in my life I gave her a call again. An she put me back on point an is here for me like a friend. An I want to take this time to tell her thank you for being here for me. XOXO !!!!!!!!!!!
By: jefferyy445
Ask Lynn Psychic Consultant
I decided to consult with Mrs. Lynn early one morning, and she emailed me back very quickly. I decided to do a phone consultation with her that same day, an I'd like to say I am truly amazed. She told me so many things that I've never told anyone, and provided so much reassurance for me. I'm looking forward to doing this again. She really has a gift, you should treat yourself to experiencing it :)

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