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By: Carla M.
Orangetheory Fitness
I signed up for the opening introductory offer of 2 weeks free. You could only sign up one day at a time, which made it difficult to get a slot when you wanted it. The exercise class takes place in one room with treadmills, rowers and a small space for strength training. The orange lighting made it difficult to see things well. I didn't like that half the workout was spent on the treadmill with the instructor telling you when to move in and out of heart zones -honestly I can do that on my own. The second half, you transition from the rower to the floor, which was difficult due to trying to slip out of the shoe guards and trying not to bump into the person next to you. The exercises on the floor were displayed on a large screen and there are just too many people in the class for the instructor to really be able to help you with form. I liked the idea of having your heart zone clearly displayed on the large screens, but that was pretty much all I liked. For the monthly price, I would rather join a high end gym and get much more fitness options. Or buy a Garmin and monitor your heart zones.
By: gbarbara
Michael Amundsen Sports Center
I love it! My son has been participating in floor hockey for over 3 years now and he loves it! He was never lonely and made friends instantly. Everyone in the center have at least one thing in common -- they all want to play sports. Everyone has fun all the time. It is nice how everyone unites here for all of the sports offered. This sports center encouraged my son to become a better hockey player. He would go to the basement or to the alley and practice with his cousins. I have never seen him more happy and enlightened by sports until I signed him up to MASC. Mike Amundsen and all of the other coaches are really funny and fun to talk to. They know what they are doing. Yes, they fool around, but they know how to be coaches. Who wants boring coaches? My son participated in the summer camp MASC has to offer and he loves it! All of the counselors are kind and know how to handle things. This is a 5-star sports center! I highly recommend this camp for everyone.
By: Marianito R.
I have been going to Dora for 4 weeks now and I already see great improvement. It has been over 4 years since my last work out, so I was in bad shape. I got easily winded playing with my children. I have never had a personal trainer before, but am very happy to have been referred to Dora. A good friend said time spent with Dora was life changing for her! She could not have been more correct. After 1 session Dora identified all of areas of weakness. Diet being the big one. I barely survived my first workout. So, before my second work out she sent me a suggested meal plan. She understands we are creatures of habit so she tailored a meal plan to fit my life style. It worked perfectly. The second workout I ate her suggested meal, and made it through the entire session. I can feel myself getting stronger with each workout. Dora is a blessing, and a life changer!!!!!! Happy to have been referred to her.
By: maribel.weisz
I have been training with Teddy for 3 weeks only and I have noticed improved posture, and better skin! Teddy is dedicated to her craft and her clients. She is my “Nudge” : emails and texts me to remind me to eat more protein and water. She treats the whole person! We all have different goals and levels of skill and abilities, and she uses her knowledge of medicine and strength training to make each of us strong inside and out. When she met me, she told me, 80% of your problem is diet. So I got more than I bargained for! She is my nutritionist, my strength trainer, my life coach, all wrapped up in one smart, sweet woman!! She earns every penny…never met such a contentious and dedicated expert!!! Had trainers before, but this one, is truly one of a kind!!
By: Lucy L.
Pure Barre
I LOVE this studio. Barre has always been a bit intimidating to me, and to anyone else who feels that way, I'd say, set those feelings aside and get to Pure Barre Old Town. Such a great workout - athletic, addictive, fast-paced, and always challenging. The instructors are fantastic - they are the reason I walk to a location that's farther from my place than other barre options. They push you, encourage you and ensure you're in the best possible form to benefit from the workout. And it works! I've been a life long fitness and running junkie, but with these classes I've seen real changes in my body, and been able to make progress in my other workouts.
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By: S S.
Planet Fitness
The overall appearance outside and inside is fairly clean. Tho I'm a stickler for a tidy bathroom their showers could be more clean.The staff are friendly,the atmosphere is very laid back where trainers aren't in your grill and you can do your own thing. The staff do keep it clean walk around sweep and wiping down and moping.although I've personally seen one member walk away from the equipment without wiping it down first:So just Be sure to clean before and after just to be on the safe side because you never can tell.���� Overall it's good always room for improvement.���� so I'll give them a 3.5
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By: Rodney C.
Getting Better Fitness
This is not your average gym, the trainers are awesome. I have been workn out at the boot camp four days a week, for about 8 weeks now. We haven't done the same routine yet. Always challenging , but yet fun also. A very friendly family like supportive environment . Results are visable around the room. I strongly recommend checking it out . Whether your trying to loose weight, tone or just improve your cardio. Check it out !
By: Jose Z.
LA Fitness
Gosh; it ain't Disney Land, but I've got no place else to go! You never turn down good help, and especially when it's right there at your front door. The best utilization of available resources is the best method of viewing it from both sides of a 2-way mirror. I don't know about anybody else, but I am late for a visit to L.A. fitness. Capital idea, if I do say so myself. Cheerio
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By: Daniela V.
Titan Gym
Great new location for all your fitness and martial arts needs. I have been training with these instructors for 2+ years and I cannot praise them enough! Learning Krav Maga has given me a sense of empowerment I haven't previously encountered. It is a great addition to your workout regimen.
By: Purple R.
LA Fitness
The club manager Meredith is very, very stuck up. She hardly speaks to anyone and I've seen her be rude to those who work there. If she can't bring herself to smile and speak the clients then I feel bad for the workers. Borders on abusive but we aren't suppose to see it.

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