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By: D L.
Enterprise Rent-A-Car
I rented a car from Enterprise on 8/3/2015. I had to choose Enterprise, as it is a corporate partner with my company and I was forced to choose the lowest rate of the rental providers. This was my first time with Enterprise and I had to set up a new online account. That was easy and booking was easy (through my corporate travel site). On the positive side: Upon arrival, I was professionally greeted, the counter staff was very pleasant and it took about 15 minutes to check in, review the rental agreement and obtain my car. They have very good customer service. Now the downside... . I'm a corporate traveler. I usually take early flights to Chicago and arrive by 6:00 – 7:00 am. I travel frequently and I am used to other rental providers who provide "enhanced" service, in the form of frequent traveler programs such as Fast Break from Budget, Avis Preferred or Hertz Gold Plus. The programs allow you to arrive, go directly to your rental car and drive away. This is the service that I want/need.While Enterprise may believe that "personalized, counter based service" is what I want, it is not. I do NOT want to stand in line for 15 to 20 minutes to get my car, especially on a 90 degree day in August or a -10 degree day in February. Until they provide this service, I will request an exemption at my corporate travel site, which would permit me to utilize a rental company that provides the level of service I want/need, not what Enterprise "thinks" I want.
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By: April B.
Enterprise Rent-A-Car
I am usually a Hertz Customer, but decided to try Enterprise due to the lower rate offered. Shuttle Ride: The Shuttle ride was great and the driver was helpful with my luggage. Check-In:The one on one customer service threw me off a bit as I am use to getting my Gold Number at Hertz and walking straight to my car. It was great to talk with someone at Enterprise, but I will say that I thought the process was very slow and seemed unorganized. I would prefer to arrive and have the car assigned already upon my arrival with the option to switch cars on my own if I'd like. Car Rental: The car that I reserved wasn't available. They gave us a Mazda mini SUV. The car was dirty and they wouldn't offer to wash and vacuum it. The rep seemed unconcerned with making sure that I was satisfied with my rental. Was in a rush to a wedding so I didn't have time to prolong the check out process. During the rental period the Check Engine Light and another light kept coming on, which did not make me happy.Customer Service: Upon my return they asked me how the rental was and I gave my honest feedback. I had a chance to speak with the manager on duty, Quay, and she was very kind and concerned about my experience. She asked what would make me a happy customer...and I asked that the rental be comped for free. She had no problem with doing that...So I walked away as a happy customer which changed my rental experience from bad to excellent with Enterprise.
By: Matt S.
Enterprise Rent-A-Car
I rent from this location every week and have been for over a year already. I am a regular customer that spends a lot of money at this location. Every week there are different people working there. There is NO customer loyalty appreciation at this location. The staff always seems disorientated. Just this past Monday I rented a car and the guy at the counter finished up with me and told me to wait and someone will be right with me. Another gentleman used the kiosk to expedite his check out. We both stood outside in the cold waiting for someone to help us. meanwhile inside, there were 6 of these jokers standing around doing absolutely nothing. Yes that's right 6, 2 at the front door, 1 in front of the counter just pacing around, and 3 behind the counter, everyone was just laughing and joking while there were 2 customers waiting out in the cold. Needless to say, this is not a place that they train on good customer service. It has been on a very rare occasion that I can say I have had "good" customer service. I hope something is done to drastically change this location. And I hope you other customers don't get treated like this. Or maybe we can all go down the street to one of the other 4 rental companies???
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By: Rosie P.
Enterprise Rent-A-Car
NIGHT and DAY difference! I normally rent cars from the "other guys" due to company policy, but they changed the policy to Enterprise and I am SOOOO GLAD they did!! I got treated like a they cared that I was there! I was all frazzled when I arrived in Chicago from hurting my ankle trying to catch my flight, on time. The driver picked up my bag gladly and helped me off when I got to the rental office. Then the nicest young lady greeted me at the door (yes...before even getting to the counter!) and then another nice young lady helped me at the counter. She let me pick the car I wanted (when does that ever happen at the other place?) and then she even drove it to the door for me so I wouldn't have to hobble all the way over to it on my aching ankle! She walked me around the car, showed me the important bells and whistles (like where is the gas tank door release?) and all the while I am thinking she must just be feeling sorry for me, but NO, my coworker said she was treated the same way, too. Drop off was just as easy breezy and really loved the shuttle bus driver being so nice to get my bag for me. This is the best place ever!!!
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By: Jeff V.
Enterprise Rent-A-Car
Customer Service which actually focused on the Customer and the Service! My last Ohare rental experience left a bad chip on my aging shoulders, completely unprofessional, slow and uncaring attention...yes DOLLAR I'm talking about YOU. This trip we went with Enterprise. WOW! We were actually greeted, quite warmly and genuinely, by the shuttle driver, Ushered personally to the counter, and the entire rental process completed in less than 8 minutes! DOLLAR made us wait in line and at the counter for 1 hour and 45 minutes with only two other customers! The rental agent walked us out to the cars, pointed out which vehicles were available in our group, and we were behind the wheel in maybe 2 minutes. Another warm greeting at the gate and we were on our way. The professionalism continued in spades on our return with friendly, welcoming, staff, a super quick drop-off/check-in procedure, and back on the shuttle where again the driver actually acted glad to welcome us aboard! Enterprise, your crew in Chicago on Nov.16th earned you my business for the next trip in hands down!
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By: Timothy V.
Enterprise Rent-A-Car
The shuttle attendant was very helpful and easy to find, but construction at Chicago O'Hare made us take a short detour (not Enterprise's fault). A short wait at the counter and we were helped with a polite employee. He took my payment and asked the mandatory questions before taking me out the door to the car. The cars are brought to a location near the door for clients to access easier. We did a quick walk around and sign, then I was on my way. They offered some extras that I didn't need, but some might find helpful (prepaid gas, GPS); they did rent me a car seat and that was the only little negative. The employee didn't know how to install it and I had to use an alternate connection because I didn't know how to install it using LATCH. The car seat was rented at nearly 8 dollars a day, but still ended up being cheaper than checking my own for the flight. Still the best rental company I have used, never given me a problem yet. I will continue to use this company whenever I need a rental.
By: Felicia P.
Enterprise Rent-A-Car
We choose Enterprise,however w/most recent rental,O'Hare,there were problems,including a malfunctioning vehicle which had to be towed. Young daughter and I traveling alone. Almost 2 hours for tow, grateful he came, but without replacement vehicle. Made our own arrangements for travel and ride back to airport next day, rather than wait for iffy delivery of 2nd vehicle.Appreciated honesty of tow driver,CS rep. relaying- "this happens a lot, vehicles malfunctioning, not serviced regularly, or previous customer not reporting problems w/veh." Charges were deleted for this 2 day rental. TY. However, CS rep Mary Ellen promised to personally handle a 2 day cost credit toward our next rental, for all the trouble. Next rental in 3 DAYS! Can't get a hold of her or anyone from Enterprise-I have called,left msgs.,Has not been handled as promised.Hoping next vehicle is in good repair,safe to drive. Am expecting the courtesy 2 days free rental, but it should have been handled already, as promised...
By: Kevin M.
Enterprise Rent-A-Car
People are terrific, system stinks. You have to check in downstairs, (10 people in line two CRS working at the counter) then you have to got upstairs to have a CRS walk you to a car to determine which vehicle you would like. Seems to be one extra step and a waist of time.On this occasion there was a traffic jam exiting the facility. The rental agency next door was completely full and could not take any additional cars,not blaming Enterprise for this,out of their control. We were checked out at the exit and the CSR asked us to pull forward, half in and half out of the exit area. While sitting there the security arm came smashing down on the roof of the car, then the steel barrier in the ground activated under the car and lifted it not once but twice. There was no one to be found at the exit booth---it was a cluster.We asked for a different car and had an exchange pretty quickly. The car we were changed into smell of cigarette smoke.All in all a lot of lost time and a pretty chaotic
By: Lysa A.
Enterprise Rent-A-Car
I rented a compact,advertised as 5 seater, the car barely fit 3. It clean on the outside but inside looked like someones lunch blew up. We pointed out the condition of the car and got push back on a different car, told 'we wouldn't be charged for the dirt' I ALWAYS rent from Enterprise and THIS was a first. I love Enterprise but will never rent from O'hare again. John, a manager there called to ask how my service was, he apologized and offered a 15% discount on my next rental. I already get 'discounts' he should have offered to take $$ off THIS rental but his management training obviously wasn't all that! Shout out: The week prior, we rented a Van from the Bremerton WA location for a cross country road trip. We ended up with a flat and had to change vehicles in Missoula MT. What a difference in service. Everyone at both locations Friendly, Accommodating and professional! Gave us a day off for our 'trouble' and this wasn't even their fault! Take a lesson here O'hare employees!
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By: Lara L.
Enterprise Rent-A-Car
I rent with Enterprise a lot, and have always enjoyed your customer service. I have never had a bad experience with the front desk, shuttle drivers or check-out reps.However, when I got there I had only two choices for rentals, a Charger or Fusion. I would have taken the charger except I had a lot of driving to do and thought the Fusion was a more conservative choice. I hopped in the car and drove to my first meeting. While on the road I noticed the car was pretty dirty, the seats stained, crumbs, and even a burn mark in the passenger seat. Also I locked the keys in the truck, and rather than send out someone to pop the door open, they told me I would have to bring the car either to the dealer to cut a new key or to the nearest enterprise location. I assume they wanted me to get it towed there, but that choice was not offered by the woman on the phone. She then patched me through to the dealer and I was disconnected. I called AAA and they had is sorted out in minutes!
Tips & Advices
Although special insurance isn’t always legally required for a moving truck, all auto insurance providers and moving specialists suggest you buy the special policy from the moving truck company. This is because most auto insurance policies have exclusions for covering vans and trucks over a certain size, and also because auto insurance will not cover the personal property inside a moving truck.
In order to drive a rented moving truck, a person must be on the rental agreement. Just as with rental cars, getting another driver put on your rental truck agreement may carry an additional fee per day.
Moving truck rental cost does not include the fuel cost. Make sure to find out from the rental company if there is anything to know about the type of gas the truck requires, as well as the location of the gas tank.
The rules about moving trucks and weigh stations vary somewhat by state. Some states do not require trucks to stop if the occupants are doing a personal move, not commercial moves. Others require all commercial trucks to stop, regardless of what they’re calling. When in doubt, stop.
Yes, pets are allowed in some moving trucks. However, all moving companies clearly state that renters should not put pets in the cargo area, and that pets should be in a transport carrier or properly harnessed for everyone’s safety. Moving truck rental companies all have clearly posted pet transport safety tips that you should review before moving day.

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