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By: yaboidubbzie
Chgo Lighthouse - BV Impaired
There are fewer and fewer resources and places for the blind / visual impaired to go for proper vocational and occupational skills to make it in today's sighted workforce. Unfortunately, The Chicago Lighthouse is one of only a handful of establishments left that handles such training and even more unfortunate is how unwelcome and isolated this place can sometimes be. I visited here to take a vocational evaluation so I could return to a 4-year university and possibly return to the workplace. During my 9-day evaluation I felt many of the associates, both blind and sighted, were less than warm, friendly, and inviting. From the moment I set foot in here I couldn't wait until it was time to leave. It almost feels as if everyone's out for themselves and if you don't know or can't hang then screw you. Maybe I didn't give it enough time and despite the review there were a few kind people who were willing to help but considering this building is supposed to be enriching to the blind community I certainly didn't feel enriched - not in the slightest...
By: Maureen B.
Our Lady of Victory
We have two children enrolled at Our Lady of Victory (OLV) since 2006. The educational experience has been wonderful! Our girls have participated in hands-on science experiments and accelerated reading programs. The Science innovation lab, iPad and computer lab are favorites for the kids! Each classroom has iPads and an Apple TV or Whiteboard. The faculty is experienced and the teachers create a safe and enriching learning environment. The girls attend weekly all school mass where the classes take turns doing the readings and petitions. Monthly, the children participate in the Sunday mass. There is a wonderful band program and choir, as well as after school programs such as sports, chess, art and theater classes. The Girl and Boy Scout program is also very active. The community gets together for our Christmas Bazaar, Super bowl Sunday, St Patrick’s Day Party, Vender Blender and many other activities. The OLV family is very welcoming and extends far outside of the school boundaries!
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By: Monica M.
Little Hands Learning Center
When it comes to child care, I can't settle for anything less than the best for my child. With LHLC, I don't have to settle.My daughter has been at Little Hands when she was almost 2 years old. Since then, she's gone on multiple fields trips including various farms, museums, local plays. She's been exposed to various cultures through global learning. She is working on several languages such as Spanish, Mandarin, and Sign, not to mention a couple of other phrases that she has learned through global learning. Sometimes, I find it difficult to keep up with her learning, but through handouts, the LHLC website, and the amazing teachers input, I can almost keep up with my now four year olds learning pace. Little Hands also had a variety of physical activities that cater to all of the children. I will say that there is a downside to Little Hands.... Trying to get my child to leave school everyday. Little Hands showers my baby with so much knowledge and love that she doesn't want to leave.
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By: Janel B.
Little Hands Learning Center
My daughter has been with Little Hands for the past two years and I am beyond impressed with this school. The curriculum is very advanced. The teachers are amazing. I am very proud of my daughter's academic growth over the past two years. One thing I love about Little Hands is the children are exposed to a variety of topics and subject areas. For example, my daughter and I were watching TV one day and an actor was holding a magazine. My daughter said, "Look Mommy it says Taj Mahal". I asked her what did she know about the Taj Mahal and she said, "it's a building in India!" I was instantly stunned. My daughter was only 3 at the time!!! This is a testament of what the children are learning at Little Hands and their understanding of the curriculum.Another strength of Little Hands is the strong sense of community. When you walk into the school, you will instantly get a sense of love and family. They foster an atmosphere of learning, trust, love, and respect. This is a GREAT school!
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By: India W.
Little Hands Learning Center
Little Hands Learning Center (LHLC) has been a wonderful experience for my son. My son started at LHLC when he was 3 years old and is entering his last year. From the age of 6 months until 3 years old my son received developmental therapy. It was important that we find a preschool that would continue to work on improving his delays and get him on track for his age. LHLC turned out to be that and more! My son gets a developmental evaluation yearly and since attending LHLC he has scored above average in every area. LHLC has nurtured him, along will teaching and guiding him. In addition to addressing developmental delays it was important to find a school that had a curriculum but also allowed children to be children. LHLC is the perfect blend of the two. My son can read, write, add & subtract, speak in Spanish, and continues to amaze me with the knowledge he has obtained. Overall, I am beyond pleased with the LHLC staff, directors, and my sons overall experience.
By: derek b.
The Cambridge Sch Chicago
I have three children at Cambridge. One has graduated and another graduates this year and the other is in the grammar school. They teach one to two grade levels ahead and my children consistently test two to three grade levels ahead on standardized tests in math, language arts, and reading comprehension. I especially love the parental community. They are very supportive and close knit like a family. The teachers are passionate about learning. The administration supports the effort to constantly reevaluate the school's ability to fulfill its mission statement. The Christian emphasis helps to maintain a strong moral environment. Chicago needs more schools like this. These students are going to the best selective enrollment high schools, competing and winning in academic competitions, and they are producing very cordial and intelligent students. I love this school.
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By: Opus M.
The Cambridge Sch Chicago
I have been at Cambridge for five years. Prior to selecting Cambridge, I visited various schools. This school has a solid foundation. The leadership is strong. The teachers demonstrate great patience and excellence. Students are attentive and excited about the learning. My child came to the school very shy. She has had to stand before her class and present research projects, speak at assemblies, and participate in various programs. She is now confident, poised, and far more vocal. Her self-esteem is higher as a result of the environment at Cambridge. I could not have chosen a better environment. I see where their graduates are going to high school and it makes me even more impressed. I am thankful to Mr. Barber for founding the school. I am thankful to the PreK, K, 1st and 2nd grade teachers for their efforts. I highly recommend this place for your child.
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By: Melanie G.
Little Hands Learning Center
My daughter has been at little hands for about 3.5 years and to see her grow into an amazing little girl is an understatement . She is well spoken and the lhlc curriculum makes her so well rounded with dance, Spanish , mandarin, private piano; I don't think I could have ask for more- the academics is amazing and builds an excellent foundation for little ones - she has been reading books on her own since 4 years old and doing math on a first grade level. The field trips and special events are icing on the cake, the mother tea party and father feast. The little hands community includes super involved families and the most caring directors you will ever meet! If I had to do it all over again, I would choose little hands... As a matter of fact we just enrolled outer 9 month old there as well, we are so happy to be a part of the little hands family
By: Tamika W.
Little Hands Learning Center
This summer is bittersweet as my baby will be leaving behind a family that helped mold him into the intelligent, kind, nurturing, charismatic young man that he is today. After a year of searching for a school that would challenge our son and love him as we do and when I walked into Little Hands I literally fell in love. The state of the art equipment and advanced curriculum was only an added bonus to the genuine staff that closed the deal of sending Daylin here. These 4 years we have witnessed the immense growth of Daylin's learning ability, speech, social interactions and overall maturity, for that we will always be grateful for Little Hands and recommend this school to anyone we may encounter in need of exactly what we were, an extended family!!! Tamika Watkins
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By: Nikia G.
Little Hands Learning Center
I absolutely love Little hands learning center! My daughter has been attending since she was about 19 months old and 3 classrooms later I can proudly say that my toddler is growing academically as well as socially. They have such a great learning structure where the kids can learn not just from the books but also through dance, music, culture etc. I also feel very comfortable when I drop her off for the day because I know she is in good hands. The Staff and Directors are very friendly and provide opportunities for the parents to get to know each other as well as offer great events for the kids to have fun! I could go on forever but I will say that LHLC is one the best preschools in the Chicago area that I have seen so far. Keep up the good work!

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