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By: lizfitzgibbons
Prime Food Caterers
I was a total wedding bridezilla (i can admit it now!) during my wedding planning process. Prime Food Caterers rolled with the punches when I changed my mind a thousand and one times about the menu, they also gave great advice about our choices. With Eduardo and the team's help, the food and drink was the last thing on my mind during our special day; it was seamless. I can't thank them enough for their flexibility, creativity and friendliness. They never seemed agitated or annoyed with my requests. My mother and Eduardo even surprised us with something we would have never thought of-- but absolutely LOVED-- an ice cream sundae bar after we had wedding cake! I felt inclined to write a review about Prime Food's amazing service!
By: petbentley
Devil Dawgs
My husband and I ate here two days ago bc we really wanted to try a Chicago style hotdog. Out concierge told us about this place and it was walking distance from Hilton Chicago. We ate so much food but it was completely worth it. We ended up getting hotdogs, bag fries with Coney chili, cheese, Pico de gallo, and a fried egg on the side...I am glad we didn't get a bucket of fries (there is so much). Then we saved room for an amazing peanut butter and chocolate milk shake that is so thick they give you a huge straw to drink out of. :-) Now I don't eat gluten, dairy, or processed sugar but I did cheat for this vacation. I am glad I did!
By: harold_l
Chipotle Mexican Grill
With crowds packing this place, I need to see what the fuss was about. To me, it nothing but an overpriced Taco Bell. In fact, I prefer Taco Bell to Chipotle. Don't understand the fuss. Food is average at best. On a scale of 1-5, I'd give it a 2. I tried the steak burritos, which had tons more rice than steak. Steak is bland tasting. Chipotle claims they serve food with integrity. Their cattle is not shot up with hormones. Good gimmick, but I'm skeptical. Add in a drink, a few chips and you're over $10. Way too much. I'll stick with my Taco Bell at $ 3, or my local authentic taco joint, which is much tastier.
By: jamese
Chipotle Mexican Grill
Over all, my experience was pretty good. The food was delicious. I always get a taco salad bowl. The portions are generous, the flavor is consistent, and it's more than enough to leave me with leftovers for a snack or second meal. I do wish that chips came with a taco bowl, but they cost extra. Chipotle isn't something I think is easy to eat on the go, so definitely allow time to dine in or take it to a nearby seated area. Lastly, I really appreciate that Chipotle using products without antibiotics and hormones and that they soak their beans in house (no canned products)! :)
By: Dave O.
Superdawg Drive-In
My family has been going to Superdawg since the late 70s, back when it was run down and discarded pickled tomatoes often littered the parking lot blacktop. A lot has changed since then -- it's beautiful, well-lit, well-maintained, with a separate enclosed seating area -- but four things haven't changed at all: the owner is the same, the food is still delicious, the carhop service is still available, and they still give you a hard time for ordering a "hot dog", especially with ketchup. Don't ever leave us, Superdawg!
By: Charrond M.
6978 Soul Food
My first time at 6978 I had heard a lot of good things about the soul food and was very anxious to try it. The atmosphere was very laid back with nice music in the background. The atmosphere was open and spacious but the table chairs were a little weak. The food took a little while to come but when it finally came I was very impressed. I love like soul food and I have eaten a lot of home cooked soul food and this was dead on.
By: dave o.
The Spanish Square
This new restaurant is very clean and Spanish-stylish, with an open layout and bustling with activity. One pile of tapas plates and $90 later, I can share that the food is excellent -- the Gilda is a standout, a stuffed olive with anchovy on a skewer, see the picture -- but the service is still getting up to speed (they were very nice but had some trouble keeping the order straight.) All in all, I'll be coming back soon.
By: concernedsir
I couldn't believe when I received my coffee today, I noticed that something was different about it. I asked the McDonald's employee if she had put cream in my coffee. She told me, they ran out of cream. That they had to use 2% milk instead. This is was a disappointment, since I always drink McDonald's coffee everyday. The coffee was awful. They should of told me before I order, that they didn't have any cream.
By: km53jinx
Superdawg Drive-In
This is the best hot dogs I have eaten. Had not been here prior. Sent via Atlantic Aviation at PWK airport. I had a Whoopskidawg, a standard Superdawg, and a strawberry 'malt'. Rarely see a malt available anymore. The fries are as good as can be had, and the hotdogs...WOW good. I especially like the Whoopskidawg, which was a spicy sausage. You folks got it goin' here.
By: bosnatis
Ann Sather Restaurant
Awesome food. My kids had the incredible cinnamon buns and I had the Mediterranian Omelet, they were both awesome. The cinamon buns were so good on the way back home we got 4 of them for the go. By the way, 1 omellet is good for two adults and the buns are good for two people. A must go to for breakfast.

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