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By: Lisa D.
Stellar Property Group Inc
Our HOA association chose Stellar Property Management after our contract was up with another property management company (feel free to ask via PM if you want the name of our previous property management company, they were horrid).Stellar has been amazing to work with, helped us get our HOA in a good financial state, creates a proactive maintenance calendar for our "vintage" building and is an active participant in the well-being of our building and condo community.I cannot say enough good things about Stellar, especially after previously being under the management of another company that was running our building into the ground, and charging more to do so.Mirsad (principal) attends our board meetings, stops by the building to address issues if one of his staff can't get there within 24 hours, and responds to requests in a timely manner.I am very impressed with Stellar's professionalism and furthermore, their knowledge in the property management industry. Mirsad has years of experience and truly understands building architecture and maintenance, and isn't just in the business to make money off of our HOA: Mirsad and his staff at Stellar have truly been partners with us, and genuinely care about the state of our building and association and have given useful, practical advice on short- and long-term repairs and practices we need to put in place to maintain our building and association for years to come.I highly recommend Stellar Property Management--within months of signing with Stellar, I knew we were in great hands. Our HOA has now been with Stellar for 2+ years, and we don't plan on going anywhere
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By: Samantha S.
Connected Property Management
I am happy to write this review for Connected Management. We are a smaller association with 23 units in Lakeview and have relied heavily on our manager to guide us through some major projects and legal issues over the past two years. Our manager has always been very quick to respond to all issues and is able to provide us with the instructions that we need to make informed decisions. We have made vast improvements to the financial condition through collecting on debt and using a proper budget; all of which were handled by our manager. They have great online tools that help us keep organized and allow unit owners to get nearly anything that they need immediately. My husband and I will be moving into a new townhome association within the next 90 days and will be keeping our unit as a rental. I will be recommending Connected to the new association as well. Overall they have been a big improvement over our previous company which I will not name.
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By: James D.
Prairie Shores Property Management, LLC
Prairie Shores Management Company in my opinion is one of the top Management Companies in Chicago land area highly recommended by many Condominium Associations. Over 40 years experience in Condominium property management is the record that only a few can claim. Richard Holtzman is a thru master of he's occupation. What sets Prairie Shores Management apart from others?Customer service, applied knowledge, professional approach and simple solutions to all Condo problems are strength of Mr. Holtzman. Budget projections, lowering big ticket items utilities like gas, electric, water, property taxes, insurance, unnecessary projects, eliminating special interest groups dealing with friends and families, using proper vendors to achieve maximum productivity and common goal for Association while reducing cost across the board. Collections, is a top priority of Mr. Holtzman using proven method and techniques to maximize income and minimize losses.
By: Patricia H.
Paper Street Realty
I'm disgusted with this property management, In Winter of 2015/16 there maintenance crew damaged my 4 Kitchen chairs irreparably.... after 3months they relented and paid for cleaning and reupolstering my chairs. On July 19, 2016 a power surge within the building damaged many residents electronics, and that refused to compensate??? Inside wiring caused surge, and they're not at fault. This building is filthy, stinks. Housekeeping mood in dirty, smelly water. The neighbors are all HERION and CRACK addicts who are thieves who steal mail, packages.... My neighbors apt. was almost broken into with a crowbar, but the couldn't get in. Doors are kicked in, security gates are left wide open, creeps in hallways, disrespectful loud who HATES themselves!!! I can't wait to leave this HELL HOLE!!!!
By: Andrea G.
Water Tower Realty Management Group
I have to say that of all the management companies I have dealt with, WTRM is the best! I lived in a 2 br for 5 years, when it was time to move to a smaller apt., they were very accommodating about letting me sign a lease and then move to a smaller unit. Folks complained about the 2 washers and driers on each side of our building; we now have 3 new washers and driers on each side; yes, they are more expensive than the old ones but they not only work, no more quarters.The rent went up each year I was in my old apt. However, it is on par with other apartments in the area and never an astronomical amt. from year to year. And the amenities are better than any other location.The office staff (especially Valerie) have been amazing and receptive. Repairs happen in a timely manner.
By: bryantg975
Real Property Management Chicago Edge
I recently got a great offer to transfer to a job overseas, and needed to sell my house. We all know how that is going these days.. BUT, fortunately, my realtor referred me to Real Property Management Chicago and had a lot of great things to say about their services and system. I did some research myself and decided renting would be a better option for me right now. From there, I went with Real Property Management Chicago since they seemed like they really care, are knowledgeable, and they even had good reviews from tenants. Plus, of course, my Realtor referred me to them too so that means something. I've now been with them for six months and have recently been planning to do some more investing in Chicago rental properties because of how good they are.
By: joeykingston889
Real Property Management Group - Chicago
Real Property Management Chicago is the management company for my rental in the South Loop. I just signed the lease with them a month or so ago. Immediately when I moved into the unit I had notice the heating system was not working. The heating system constantly ran all day and night, it would not shut off only 1-2 times. There was something definitely wrong. I contacted Real Property Management Chicago maintenance team and stated that they would have someone out by early morning. I wasn't going to be available so I gave them permission to enter. I was so glad when I came in because it seemed like nobody even came in but they fixed everything and I received and email right after. I like that their system is online so I don't have to waste my time.
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By: Tracy B.
Bronzeville Properties
As a first time home buyer, I was nervous about finding the right realtor to understand what I was looking for and guiding me through the home buying process. I didn't know any realtors personally and I hadn't had friends who could recommend someone, so I had to rely on good old fashioned research. I am so very pleased to have found Pam Dempsey! She is great at what she does and she is so knowledgeable, helpful and highly organized, she helped to make the process of home buying easy to understand and practically seamless. I love my new home and would definitely work with Pam again. I highly recommend Pam Dempsey!
By: dparsons1
Real Property Management Group - Chicago
I was looking to put my house up on the market as a rental and signed with Real Property Mgmt to help manage my home. I have never been so impressed by the way a company handles business. They send emails explaining everything, send helpful reminders, and even give you a login for their "portal system". I have only been with them a few weeks and they already have a possible renter! I am so busy with work that unfortunately I wouldn't be able to have a property manager that does not perform to this level. I am so thankful to have found you guys and I hope we both have a very prosperous future together.
By: Victor C.
Mid City Property Management and Services Inc
Talk about a property management that could be so much more. Jennifer and Paul are a good team and know how to make apartment shopping a personal experience, but they severely lack in communication. We've been in our apartment for two weeks now with no appliances and several minor repairs that we were told would have been fixed a handle of days in. We have yet to see this happen, and have been given plenty of excuses instead of answers. If only these issues could have been taken care of as quickly and as professionally as promised, this two star (borderline one star) rating would have definitely been a 5.

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