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By: Kerr B.
IT Takes A Village At River City
My three year old son currently attends ITAV, and my 6 year old daughter is an ITAV graduate. Both kids enrolled at the wee age of 3 months, and I remember crying (okay sobbing) as I dropped my daughter off on her first day. The scene was totally different for my son. That's because ITAV had become a second family for us, and we were thrilled to put our son in their hands. I think their name is perfect, because it does take a village...ITAV cared not only for my children, but the AMAZING teachers helped us learn how to parent. Over the years we've received advice on eating, sleeping, potty training, and even biting (yes, all kids do it). Every teacher we've met is willing to participate in respectful, open communication, making it easy to be involved in our children's education, and making us better parents. Thank you Ms. Michelle, Ms. Natalie, Ms. Lydia, Ms. Courtney, Ms. Latoya, Ms. Alicia, Ms. Patrina, and more! Every teacher there knows my son and daughter by name. They are always greeted with hugs, high fives, and sometimes treats! The teachers go above and beyond, attending birthday parties, giving gifts, and staying late when you're stuck in a parking garage with a broken exit. They babysit, they send cute pictures and videos, and they are honest.With respect to education, the curriculum is unbeatable! My daughter entered kindergarten reading at an end-of-1st grade level! The kids learn about their community, different cultures, Spanish, the solar system, etc. And perhaps more than the academics, I love the focus on manners and independence at ITAV! The kids help serve meals, clean up after themselves, and learn to be responsible little people.We are very sadly moving out of state next month. I am not sure any other school can fill the shoes of ITAV. They are the BEST (and very reasonably priced). We will miss them dearly.
By: Kata I.
IT Takes A Village At River City
We have been a part of the ITAV family for over 4 years and could not be happier. My husband and I have high expectations for what type of educational experience we want our children to have. We hope for a school that provides and teaches the foundations of academics, social and emotional learning, character building, all while creating an atmosphere that is fun for the kids. ITAV - River City has met all of those expectations in each of the five classrooms that our kids have been in. More importantly, any school at any level must build relationships with students and families to see any success. It seems as if every teacher in the school knows my son and daughter, and says hi to them (by name) with a smile every time we walk down the hallway. The school in general compounds that "team attitude" with evening events to strengthen the relationships one step farther. My husband and I moved out of the neighborhood last summer, we never considered moving our kids to a different school. Although I wish the working world gave us more time with our families, the reality is that children of two working parents spend as much time at their school/daycare as they do at home. Knowing this, my husband and I have complete trust and confidence that every teacher at ITAV - River City will take care of our children and provide a safe space for them to develop. We would highly recommend this school to anyone looking for a place to send their child.
By: Fern K.
IT Takes A Village At River City
My son has been attending ITAV since he was 4 months old, he is now 4 1/2 years old. Before selecting ITAV my husband and I toured 2 additional centers in various areas of the city. I remember the first couple of weeks being very hard, dropping off my baby with new people. However, within the first month it was very clear how much his teachers cared for him. Over the next couple of years, it became obvious how much EVERYONE at the center cared for him. He walks down the halls to this day and each classroom and/or person he passes says hi to him. Not only has ITAV provided a second home for my son (think about how many hours are spent here each week), but they are constantly teaching him.The curriculum for each classroom level has been tremendous; from a regular eating/sleep schedule, potty training, writing, sight & see words, etc. Each month focuses on a different theme/lesson. I am always so excited to hear about what he has learned during the month. In addition, there are great age appropriate field trips throughout the year. I have volunteered for a lot of the field trips and have found it a great experience to get more time with the teachers and other students, who are my son's friends.Overall, we could not be happier with our choice of ITAV.
By: Sarah J.
New Found Babes Pre School
My son was a little over 1 when I needed to put him in daycare fast. He dropped a heavy sippy cup on my mother's foot causing her to stay off her feet for awhile and I needed to find daycare or risk losing my job. Well my mom told me she saw Katerria in a park one day where she occasionally takes david and suggested that I try her out. I was skeptical at first, Im timid of strangers caring for my baby, like any parent, but I told myself to give her a call. I had nothing to lose and nowhere to take him. We visited that afternoon and Katerria took him in the next day. I just want to Thank the Lord God for Katerria! She is so patient, kind, loving and really really advances those kids quickly! She transformed my little troublesome spoiled child! And what I loved the most about her is that she teaches them about God. You can't beat that in schools now. I hate that I had to take him out because we moved out of state but I would take him back in a heartbeat if we lived closer. She is top notch and desires many awards. I recommend all babies and kids of all ages to attend New Found Babes especially if you want to educate your child. YOU WONT REGRET IT.
By: Mark O.
IT Takes A Village At River City
As working parents, it's challenging to find a daycare with staff members who you feel are truly invested in your child's care and development. But that is what we found at It Takes a Village at River City.We first dropped our daughter off when she was 16 weeks old. That was five years ago. Since that day, we have developed positive working relationships with her teachers and administrators by asking questions, raising concerns and, most of all, listening to and respecting one another. We receive valuable and regular feedback about our daughter's development (cognitive, motor, social/emotional) and timely responses to any issues that arise. When she occasionally bore the brunt of another child's challenging social/emotional phase -- which happens in every daycare setting -- they were very thoughtful in addressing and managing the situation, which had a positive outcome for everyone involved.Our daughter is confident, curious and happy kid. She has thrived at ITAV. I have recommended ITAV to several friends and will continue to do so without reservation.
By: tanyalg
Near The Pier Development
I enrolled my son at Near The Pier exactly one year ago. The experience with Near The Pier staff is nothing short of amazing. I was one of those parents who were overall skeptical about day care. I visited 7 other day care facilities before Near The Pier. I knew this was the place for my child the moment i walked through the door. The staff is friendly and professional. The premises are always clean. The environment cultivates learning and loving care. My son is currently enrolled in the toddler class. Ms. Kennedy and Ms. Victoria are great teachers and care providers. They not only teach the children educational fundamentals, but also life courtesy. My son uses “please”, “thank you”, “bless you” and other good mannered phrases on a regular basis; all good manners consistently embedded by his teachers. The teachers and care providers at Near The Pier treat the children as if they were their own. The live video stream is another great perk; check in on your child while you are at school or work. I can go on and on… I give Near The Pier 5 stars!
By: Keisha H.
Serendipity Child Care Inc
We pass up at least seven other daycares, through three neighborhoods, to bring our son to Serendipity Family Center everyday. It is worth the time and effort because of the service that we receive.Our son is well-cared for, loved, and respected by every member of the staff. He has been in Serendipity's care since he was four months old, and before he turned two he could recite the alphabet and count to twenty in both English and Spanish. Everyday he sings us a new song or tells us a new story that he learned in school that day.We are pleased that a warm, friendly face greets us at the door each morning when we drop him off. He is so excited, too, that he runs up to the door to get inside to the fun.As first-time parents we were especially mindful about who we chose to be our childcare providers. The Serendipity Family Center has been the best choice we ever could have made.
By: Victoria H.
North Star Child Development
My 3 children have been attending Northstar going on 2 1/2 years. My youngest has been in 3 classrooms since she started attending and she loves it as well as my other children. Every teacher has been very professional and all are very knowledgeable. They really love the children and do whatever means necessary tor make sure all the children are treated equally with lots of love and affection. My daughter has learned lots of Spanish, all her numbers, letters, and how to treat her friends nicely. The director Alondra and Nancy have done whatever possible to accommodate my situation and or difficultitities which I've always admired. A business is not a business if they do not know how to handle the problems that arise and this center does it with dignity and respect. I'm grateful for this Center and the staff! Wonderful amazing place to bring your children too!!!!
By: Tiertza S.
IT Takes A Village At River City
I do not claim to be an expert about daycare b/ c this is my 1st kid and my 1st daycare. My overall impression of ITAV is good. They saved my life in August when i went back to work. Finding daycare that takes infants (mine was 5 months) is difficult and even when you do they put you on a list, ITAV was so new there was no list and they are still expanding their infant wing. The 1st week I had some concerns and we addressed these w/ the teacher. She took our concerns VERY seriously and it has not been a problem again. I took a sheet of what I wanted/didn't want for my babe & they posted it on the wall:) I'm not there to make sure they follow it but it made me feel better.I recommended this DC to a lot of people I work with (my work is near here) and 3 of my co-workers infants are at ITAV. We are all teacher at a high school and we all are happy w/ ITAV.
By: bella5353
Serendipity Child Care Inc
Noble1 I'm confused after reading your review. If your child was having health issues the day before, why would you as a caring parent leave your child with anyone. Isn't it your responsibility as a loving mother to at least stay home with your child the following day after his episodes to make sure his health issues were under control? I don't know what kind of conversation you and the owner had, but if I was her, I would have not received your child the following day if I had known your baby had a health scare the day before. I would have asked you to take your baby with you and bring him back after the 2nd day of him having no health episode. My child attends this school and I feel that this school Wonderful learning environment for the children and a great asset to the community. Hopefully, you found your child a place to go.

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