By: Ruby B.
Colfax Manor Assisted Living
I am a relative of a resident My sister is in Colfax Manor . The staff is cooperative and caring, They care about the residents, and the facility is appropriate for patients with memory loss and it meets most of their needs. They have either a one-bedroom for one person or a two-bedroom where two people share a bedroom. They have assisted living, which is what I like. The food is OK, and all the residents eat all of their meals, so I am satisfied. She eats everything too. They have many activities there. They have a full calendar, and they have activities for family members also. They have festivals and they offer sewing classes. We are celebrating my sister's birthday today. So far, I like the facility. They have two sixty year olds and three older seniors. It was difficult to find a place for someone under sixty five with a memory loss. They need to improve their communication with the family.
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By: Gary v. M.
Colfax Manor Assisted Living
Colfax Manor was there when I needed them. My journey began in 2013 and through a series of events in 2015 - hospital stay, rehab and then the need for an assisted living facility for my mother the phone rang. I was standing in the kitchen wondering what I was supposed to do next. Ms. Ada was on the other end and she said "I'm calling to see if you have need of our services". We met and I completed the remainder of my paperwork. My mother was accepted as a resident and has been at Colfax Manor for 6 months.
By: Mary C.
A Fresh Start Sober Living Inc
Other than the Damen House, which needs to be rehabbed badly, Fresh Start has very nice homes.I do not recommend Fresh Start because the house managers have little sober time, usually less then a year and receive no training. They tend to be under the age of 25 and receive a free room in lieu of salary. Due to the lack of qualifications, they are quite unprofessional and this causes the residents much stress and is not conducive to maintaining sobriety.
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By: Herzberg H.
Prairie Shores
As a former president of my condo board I helped hire Prairie Shores. Since we switched to them we have lowered our assessments, received better service (and prices) from our vendors, and have a much better maintenance schedule for our building. Financially our building is doing great and we are no longer paying for a management company where the residents do all of the work. Over all it has been a fairly positive experience.
By: Bennetta Y.
Akarama Foundation Community Service Center
Akarama is a community center in the Woodlawn neighborhood where different venues can be given. My daughter recently had her reception there and the staff were very helpful and accommodating. The center is clean and welll kept, and the price was very reasonable. I would like to give a shout out to all those on the staff who helped to contribute to make this a joyous occasion for my daughter and her new husband. God bless.
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By: Jannise C.
Midway Gardens Apartments
I'm not a tenant but a visitor. One of my close relatives lives in this building. It seems to be very clean and maintained very well. They just need to get rid of that one security guard/receptionist or whatever she is. (Sherri) She is extremely rude and obnoxious and the management needs to discipline her. I limit my visits to that building to avoid dealing with her at all possible.
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By: Claire N.
Prairie Shores
We have been using Prairie Shores for just over a year. Mike, our designated manager has been and continues to be, an absolute pleasure to work with! They provide immediate service and make sure we receive our rental payment as early as possible. Whenever there has been an issue at our property, he and his team have been so quick to respond and resolve the problem.
By: Olivia P.
Midway Gardens Apartments
I have been living here for two years and absolutely intend to stay. My daughter and I bike ride to the lake. It is a great place to live. A special thanks to the amazing management team that always work with me whenever I need something fixed.
By: Rahul K.
Innovative Express Care
Awesome place. Great staff. They have x-ray and labs in-house. They treat all sorts of illnesses, including ADD/ADHD and pediatrics. Overall, best doctor's experience I've ever had. They are now my new primary care doctor.
By: Sarah W.
Lake Michigan Apts
The complex, management, and accommodations are all just ok. I only stayed until the end of my initial lease. The rent doesn't make up for having to live in this particular area.

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