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By: numberz1
Michael's Pizzeria and Tavern
4.25 Stars. This was our second visit picking up and bringing the pizza home. Nancy and I ordered the "Michael's Special" which is cheese, sausage, mushroom, green pepper and onion. An important point worthy of note is that it was as consistently good this time as it was last time. This being the case we felt a review appropriate. We ordered a medium (14 in?) thin crust and there was enough left for another person had one been present to join us. Everything was fresh and the pizza sauce was especially good with a characteristic signature of sweet properly proportioned. Though the title states Pizzeria before Tavern if you didn't know better you would mistake it for a sports bar, with a long bar and over 20 large screen television sets positioned all over the premises.For me to rate 4 stars - particularly with all the pizza places that abound in Chicago is unusual, if the drinks are as good as the pizza I can see myself hanging out here on the less than frequent occasions I have some free time.
By: beverly.bailey.7547
Aurelio's Pizza
Just had an office party. Aurelios dropped the ball on this one. Was quoted one price when we placed the order and at time of pick up we were given a more expensive price. Cashier said it was due to the extra toppings on the pizzas. How this happened is a mystery to me because the girl who took the order repeated it back to me verbatim. Part of our order was for three cheese and sausage pizzas. We were given three cheese only pizzas. When we complained, we were told the best they (Aurelio's) could do was make three new cheese and sausage pizzas and pick up the three cheese pizzas. Kind of hard to do when you have some forty people lined up to eat. I was never directed to the manager even though I asked at the beginning to talk to one..... I guess they were too busy to take my call. Customer service skills are lacking and for the next office party we will be looking for a new place. Anyone have any suggestions....
By: jamese
Gino's East
My family and I have been going here for years and while the service isn't always the best, the pizza never disappoints. We also usually order a large salad for the entire table and it's also very good. We order the deep dish with cheese and tomatoes (chunky sauce) on top of the pizza, which is how all their pizzas are made. We rarely order toppings because we love the cheese and tomatoes so much, but we have enjoyed the sausage a few times, as well as the pepperoni. The crust is flaky and well cooked each time and the cheese is flavorful and just the right texture. Definitely worth checking out, whether you're a Chicago native or out of towner.
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By: R Z.
Lou Malnati's Pizzeria
I stopped in here on an unusually hot Saturday afternoon in June. I expected to get out of the heat, only to find they had the large overhead doors open, letting the heat and in. If people want to sit outside in the heat with traffic rushing by, let them. Why must they subject the rest of us to it? The noise level was high both from patrons and traffic. I ordered the individual pizza, which really was more of a snack than a meal. Not a good value. After I finished my pizza, I walked down to McDonalds on Chicago Ave and had a fish sandwich and hot fudge sundae!
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By: Bob P.
Doreen's Pizzeria
We used to order from a nearby pizza (P), but they started putting less & less ingredients on their pizzas. We tried Doreen's and found it to be better. The crust is crispy & they put a good quantity of ingredients. They have daily specials including a large 16" pizza for $12 on wednesdays. They make a taco pizza thats loaded with meat, tomatoes, taco chips that gives you the taste of your pizza and taco, two comfort foods at once. We order from there at least twice a week. Their deliveries are fast & hot. They have a wide assortment of sandwiches and sides.
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By: codeveronica
A pizza that is so overwhelming and tasty. I made the mistake by ordering the medium size Chicago style pizza. Just 2 slices filled me up...it's like your eating an Italian flavored pie. Some of the drawbacks is that the associates there have an attitude problem and you wait a century for your meal. One thing they are really fast on is making you pay up right after you eat. I guess if the food being incredible makes up for the other mishaps. Eat here before you die...you'll regret it if you don't.
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By: Robert T.
Dino's Pizzeria
This is Chicago style pizza period . Long before deep dish made people in the U.S. think that is the only kind they made here. And without a doubt my favorite, and I just consider best thin crust in the whole city, not just neighborhood. I actually think words can not describe how good it is. The restaurant itself, the service, and just about everything else on the menu that I tried is just excellent Chicago area cuisine.
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By: yaboidubbzie
Gino's East
I thought this place would've been much better than it actually was. I got there before the lunch rush but seating still took over 20 minutes. The atmosphere wasn't inviting to me and their appetizers taste like something I could make in the microwave. The pizza itself was OK but I probably could've gotten better at Beggar's or Giordano's- both of which are closer to my house.
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By: Laura R.
Pizzeria Da Nella
The owner, Nella, makes amazing pizzas! So authentic Neapolitan style and delicious fresh out of their oven. I thought they would only have pizzas, but there was a full menu of items. The 4 cheese risotto was to die for and was available in a small portion. I like the white pizza with smoked mozzarella, sautéed onions, and sausage. They also have wine and full drinks menu.
By: desiree.frameshadley
Due Amici
We were visiting Chicago and wanted to try an authentic Italian pizzeria, we found the right place with Due Amici, delicious! We were greeted with a friendly smile and were given suggestions for food, which we appreciated! I tried the stuffed pizza and my husband had thin crust, we were both pleased with the quality, no corners cut, would definitely come back!

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