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    One Signature Blowout with Mask

    Le Blowout Bar's founder, a "blow out junkie", wanted to take the best parts of the many salons she visited. She combined them to create the ultimate blow out experience in Lake Forest. We use only th

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By: garcia527
Classic Touch Beauty Salon
I used to be a long time customer. Nearly ten years to be exact, and each and every experience with this business was pleasant until recently. I went in to add copper low lights with Angelica and the end result was fire truck red and blonde highlights!!!! I'm not a color expert, but last time I checked there was a difference between the two shades. I also pointed to the color swatch I liked and provided a picture of their previous work. When I saw the end product, I didn't know how to react. While I stared at the hot mess, Angelica convinced me that after several washes the color would fade to what I wanted. Little did I know, I'd wash my hair and the red would bleed into the blonde making me look like Carrot Top's sister. This was beyond a hot mess! I called and let them know what the situation was and Araceli, the shop manager assured me she would fix it. I went in and again the same stylist took care of me. I asked her to get rid of the red, and so she began. Turns out she just toned it down. Again, not what I asked for. Notice any patterns? Anyways, third is sorta the charm because I was fed up and just wanted it all gone. She covered it with a half effort job because now I have random patches of red, and burgundy over my natural color. As if this wasn't enough, all through out this return visit, Angelica was passive- aggressive. Smiling at me but snickering on the side, and very hard on my head, pulling and tugging at my hair as she "fixed" it. After this experience, it is needless to say that I will not be returning. They have lost several customers since many of my relatives and friends were also clients. Its a true disappointment that there is no professionalism or real responsibility with their work or to their customers. Consumers, beware of the potential wrecks you're paying for at this place.
By: kikiflynn
Hair by Sam
Ridiculously nice people. After going once, Sam and Lynn (his right-hand gal) will remember your name, the service you received last time, and how you were feeling. That's awesome (and rare) up here in Albany Park. Lynn gives stellar manis and pedis (as do the other girls who come and go- but ask for Lynn if you have a choice!) and Sam's the hair guy. You'll be offered water, tea, or- on occasion- whatever cookies and treats someone has dropped off for them. (Always accept. I've never regretted trying something new and delicious.) So why only four outta five stars? Because while the prices are unreal affordable and the service is lovely, it's not always the fanciest haircut for a girl. (For a guy- absolutely. My husband always looks awesome after coming home from here.) Cuts for a woman are *very* basic and just fine. But again, you can't beat the prices and people. Their massage chairs are also top notch. Sometimes I stay a little longer and hog one of their chairs. Bonus- Sam and Lynn are so polite that they've never told me to perhaps give the chair to a waiting client. I like that.
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By: Dantá W.
57th Street Beauty Salon
To me personally I grade a salon on three things plus some: professionalism, service, and of course atmosphere. 1) The fact that esther does a great job of cutting, texturing my hair, and is quick as most of my old barbers from madison, it is great. 2) The decor of art, cleanliness, and space is something most other salons, at least in the Hyde Park Bronzeville area lacks is space. 3) the professionalism of the receptionsit upon arrival, and when I asked how long the wait is, he was honest about timing and saw an opening and predicted when esther would be done with client and the time she would finish my hair was exactly at 22 minutes. they had time, she was quick but very good and wash was included plus she was interesting to talk to. they never turn customers away without calling them and giving the best time to come back to fit me in. plus, they had foaming cream available at the price of 17 I think. not bad for salon prices. 2nd haircut was better cuz esther knew what I needed. lol
By: noratellez
Restoration Salon
I love Carmelo at Restoration at the Clark location in Chicago, IL. I have been going in a consistant basis to Restoration and Carmelo is the only stylist that I would trust with any suggestion and my hair. Carmelo will never make you look dumb or horrible. I am very visible to the public, my appearnace is foremost important. Years of service I have received at a regular basis at Restoration and my many dates, photo shoots, work events and even galas I get all sorts of compliments because of Carmelo. I have swept the crowd with the amazing ways he works wonders with my hair. Every single time my pictures are at display the amount of great comments are proof of Carmelo's miracle and artistic hands. Carmelo makes look like a movie star! Like I told Carmelo, I never trust my hair to just anyone. Since I moved, I even travel to see him...and now even my daugther is getting her hair done. I love Carmelo for always being honest and bringing my dull hair to life. Thank you Carmelo! :)
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By: Bambi W.
Chatto Center for Natural Hair + Skin
ABOUT ME: I am a black women with natural kinky hair. my hair has allot of strinkage and Im not sure what type hair I have A, B, or C..LOL... All I know is that it's KINKY and I love it! TESTIMONY: When I went natural a year ago and did my big chop...I became a product JUNKY forreal!!! But after so many trials and errors I came to find out that all you need is the LOC method (Liquid, Oil and Cream). I meet Chatto at Circle of Sisters in NYC in 2014 and boy oooh boy did she know her stuff! I purchased her MOM & DAUGHTER plus ALOE MOISTURE MIST and my hair fell in love! My hair is shiny, SOFT, full of body, and people compliment my hair everytime I step out the door. Dry hair where???????? I wish Chatto had a salon here in NJ:( Ladies... I AM NOT BEING PAID TO WRITE THIS TESTIMONY. Chatto Products are absolutely delicious for your hair:) You should try it!
By: Kelsey L.
Chicago Hair Extensions Salon
I am one of those people that cannot stand having short hair, I need the length and I need the volume to function, so I have dealt with everything possible to TRY to maintain the hair that I desire and, I kid you not, I have not been so happy with my extensions in a long time and it is because of Chicago Hair Extensions Salon. I received my hair extensions through Marlene and she knew what she was doing, it was a great experience, and I have recommended her to my friends already. I have been to so many salon's and had to deal with different tech's and it was all horrible experiences but I have been going here for a little over a year now and I am so grateful and happy that I found this salon and have had such talented people make my hair (something I treasure dearly) look more beautiful than I could have imagined.
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By: Naomi L.
Elle Beauty Salon
I really appreciate it when a hair stylist can work around the fact that I have a cowlick and can actually produce bangs on this head of mine. Also, I liked that the stylist here does not shred and overly layer my hair. I am not a fan of layers; I used to frequent the salon just across from this one, where I'd come out looking like David Bowie. I'd be a gremlin for weeks. But the stylists here know what they're doing and that is key for me considering many other places wreck my bangs and overdo simple trims. The service here is peaceful in contrast to the chaos in most salons and the management is on point. Their hair cataglogs are also up to date (but if you like Bowie styles, fret not, they have those too). And so, I 've found a new favorite.
By: gfds9859
Gordon In Lakeview
Amanda is always booked and always has several customers there waiting for her. But, the staff you have is always willing to help her out, get people ready or on to the next step, or kill some time with a head/hand massage. My hair is SUPER thick and seriously takes like 30 minutes to blow-dry, but she always does it without getting aggravated or looking like she is in a rush to get to the next person. She is always happy to see/talk to me and even if 3 months went by, she remembers what we talked about last time (that always amazes me). I always love my haircut and/or dye job, and will keep coming back! Thanks! (ps...having free wireless is really nice, and helps with the waiting time!)
By: lizablack
Gordon In Lakeview
I had a one hour massage yesterday thanks to the wonderful Groupon that was offered! I arrived and was greeted immediately, shown where the restroom was, asked if I wanted any beverages, etc. Becca was my masseuse, and I cannot say enough great things about her! She offered a foot soak to start and I got to the option to choose my oil aroma for the massage. The ambience, music, lighting, temperature, etc was great. Becca gave me the BEST deep tissue massage I have ever had. She allowed me to relax and enjoy my time, and only spoke if I had a question or needed a change in pressure. I would 100% recommend Gordon Salan and Spa and Becca to anyone, and in fact, I already have!
By: Anne B.
Saka And Associates
I had a very positive experience with Saka & Associates when Sandy and Diane came to take care of my 2-bedroom condo for the first time last week. I found the business via a Groupon, and despite my Groupon rate, this team did not cut any corners but instead took great care with all of the nooks and crannies of my apartment. Sandy (the owner, I believe) is a retired CPS teacher, and like the best teachers, she is caring, organized, smart, and has a warm demeanor. I felt safe with the two of them in my apartment, and I would not worry to have them here even without me. I recommend them and hope that this business continues to grow.

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