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By: simina.sfirle
Nova Driving School
I got my license ! And I'm very happy, after a long period of thinking, because I did not think I could ever drive because I'm nervous. I took courage and I search the internet for a driving school, and now I'm glad that I found this school great school, Nova Driving School. I want to thank Mrs. Martha who was my instructor because he had a lot of patience with me throughout all sessions, because she told and explained me many times all traffic rules and steps you need to follow. I thank you so much not only because it taught me to drive but also because she is an amazing person, very caring, optimistic, full of positive energy from her I learned so much . Especially her voice very calm and encouragement helped me to pass, I was very scared and nervous at the same time. I think this is the best gift for Christmas.I recommend this driving school to my sister and now has license. I recommend with confidence, Martha as an instructor, all people who want to take their driver's license soon.
By: maribel.weisz
Nova Driving School
I had not driven for 15 years due to a medical condition. Once recuperated, my neurologist gave me two options: Nova Driving School or driving rehabilitation in a hospital setting. It was a no brainer, since rehab was ten times the cost and inconveniently located. Thanks to Nova Driving School and the amazing instructor assigned to me, Martha Naveda, my driving privileges have been reinstated and I feel more confident than ever! But, I cannot say enough about Martha, who has the patience of a SAINT!! Many times, I lost my patience and wanted to quit and Martha had patience for both of us!! Martha quickly assessed what I needed to work on to rebuild my confidence and ease my anxiety. She is a very positive and encouraging instructor. I recommend Martha to anyone who is scared, nervous, or worried about being able to drive. Martha is one of those teachers you never forget and always remember with a BIG smile :)
By: Tiffany S.
Nova Driving School
I am 68 years old and had never ever had a driver's license. My husband who did all of the driving had passed and there I was without a way to get around. While working in the yard one day, I saw a pretty green Kia Soul passing by and noticed that it was a driving school. I I called and the people were so nice and courteous. I signed up and received a wonderful instructor named Darryl. He was the best. He was very friendly, encouraging, very patience and really in tuned to what I really needed to do in order to pass the driver's road test. No matter what I did wrong, he never lost his cool. I felt very comfortable with him. He taught me so much, things that I never realized that were involved in driving a car. Thanks to him I became a licensed driver on Wednesday, July 23, 2014 at 9:01 A M. Nova and Darryl - you both get 5 stars plus from me because you are simply the BEST!Thanks!W. Seay
By: Aleia N.
Nova Driving School
I was terrified of driving that's why I waited until 22 to get my learning permit and then a month until it expired to take driving classes. My husband found Nova driving school and really easily set me up with my 4 classes plus driving test.My instructor was Martha. When I say amazing she was amazing. Being terrified she made me feel so comfortable. She was reassuring and patient. She took the time to explain everything and repeated things until I was comfortable with it. Martha even made me comfortable with getting on the highway. The morning of my test she calmed my nerves and I passed my test. I was so proud of my self. I started classes on the 1st of march and ended on the 20th with my license. Martha is an amazing teacher and I will be going back to her for more high way classes. Thank you so much Nova Driving School and especially Martha.
By: Festina L.
Nova Driving School
I THOROUGHLY loved the professionalism and expertise of not only Nova Driving School and their employees (who were always warm, friendly, and accommodating whenever I had inquiries or concerns), but my driving instructor, Paul R.!! I had my bits of anxiety behind the wheel, but he quickly ended that. He helped me to refine my techniques, pass my road exam, and to be a better, more defensive driver. He is a very kind, encouraging, laid back yet firmly spoken instructor who makes you feel like you are taking lessons with your own dad! I will recommend Nova and Paul to everyone in need of driving lessons and/or their license. I APPRECIATE YOUR GUIDANCE, PAUL! :) Thanks again! - Crump
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By: Tatiana O.
Nova Driving School
Just had my first lesson with Rosmery! It was great! I was nervous at the beginning, but by the end of those two hours felt really encouraged! I appreciate that Rosmery it very thorough and honest - she gives feedback immediately, gives short comments that don't distract me but really help, because she supports and at the same time gives valuable information. She started at the very beginning with me and worked on my driving skills little by little, so I wasn't intimidated at all, but accomplished way more then I expected in two hours. I didn't feel scared, but always felt cautious... I even drove back home!! Looking forward to the next class!
By: Adeniran A.
Nova Driving School
Thank you Martha. Thanks to this wonderful and very patient teacher, i had a very good learning experience at Nova Driving School, she took her time to make sure i got everything right, it was like learning from a friend because it wasn't just about the driving. There were times i was sure she was frustrated and maybe a little angry and disappointed but just explained the problem and the solution as many times as needed and that helped me a lot when i eventually took the road test. I got my license easily because of Martha, thank you so very much ma'am. She'd definitely be the first person i'll think of when anyone needs to take lessons.Zha.
By: chaz.mzlondon.scott
Nova Driving School
Lessons with Martha was Great from beginning til end. She's a great instructor. She asked me what I thought I needed the most work on and we begun there. She listened to my concerns and helped me get over them as well. She is a very helpful and just all around wonderful instructor! She'll fight for your driver license with you. The day of the driving test she'll definitely make sure you leave with your license and great knowledge about driving. Classes were expensive but they were truly worth it and i'll recommend everyone I know who doesn't know how to drive to attend Nova Driving School and ask for MARTHA!
By: Samba C.
Nova Driving School
Martha,So I originally had my lessons with Carlos, he was great, militant but awesome still. I recommend him. However my learning style did not connect with him. Martha, was patient, soft spoken, and in three lessons I got my license. I failed the first test, due to my lack of not slowing down, but I managed to make it the second time. Nova is a really great school to learn to drive, especially if you are an adult. I have had my license for a few months now and even bought a car. I owe it all to Martha! She is truly unforgettable! Deborah M.
By: Taghreed O.
Nova Driving School
I gave the school 4 stars since the first two days i had unhelpful instructor. However, the third day the instructor was very good and helpful I think his name is Dian (I am not sure). He is working on Sunday only. Then, I had the third instructor. She is fine, but she could not explain what should I do in details. In the road test, I had Martha who is very very good instructor. She helped me to know my problem in holding the steel and pushing the gas. She really did a great think for me. Thank you Martha and Dian

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