By: rachel.ann05
Peaches Boutique
I was a little hesitant to come in to this store because I have read a few bad reviews. I am a firm believer of experiencing things for yourself and making your own judgements. So with that being said, I had to shop for my best friend's engagement party that's in 2 and a 1/2 weeks. I called Peaches to get a little more info of what to expect. The friendly operator I spoke w/let me know it would be best to come in during the wk since wknds are more hectic. I went today and arrived around 11:45am to Peaches. You go in and they let you know the store policy, then you choose 3 dresses off of their display floor. They stock more in the back, but you have to wait to get in the fitting rooms to see any. The girl I worked with was friendly, and I just described to her what I was looking for. She brought me out options that I didn't see on the floor and I fell in love with one of them. After about an hr and a half of comparing the different ones to the dress I loved I finally made my decision. I was able to go home with my dress since I didn't need any alterations. My experience was over all great and the girls and managers were so friendly and helpful. I would definitely return here for any other dresses I would need!!!
By: bride2beshopper
Peaches Boutique
I was told that Peaches is the place to go for dresses. My wedding is coming up at the end of the summer and was just shopping around with my bridal party looking for their dresses. This was the third store we went to. Each woman had different styles they wanted to try on but the same color. The ladies in the fitting rooms were very helpful and accommodating to each of my friends. They pulled out the dresses that they had at that location and similar dresses just so that my friends could see how each style would look on them. After 2 hours all together of trying on, 3 out of 4 of my bridesmaids had chosen beautiful lilac gowns. One of my bridesmaids needed to get measured and had the dress special ordered for her size since the store didn't have it, but we were told it would be here way in advance to get fitted and altered if need be. We were all so pleased with the experience that we plan on coming back for our Bachelorette Party dresses for Vegas! I love Peaches and will let everyone know for sure!!!
By: promdressseeker
Peaches Boutique
This place is out of this world!!! When you come in all you see are dresses in every color and the brightness just catches your eyes! It's like a kid walking in to a candy shop for us girls looking for prom dresses. The selection is like none other I have ever seen. After you pick 3 dresses from the floor, you get to work with your own sales girl and she brings you different options that fit into what you're looking for. I went in there with a dress list I printed off the website and they had my first choice there. I still tried on others just to make sure, but after an hour my mind was set! Everyone was so friendly! The best perk is that you get to register your dress for your school so no one gets the same dress in the same color! I will definitely suggest Peaches to all my friends!!! Loved it!!!
By: simona
First Seconds Resale
This is possibly the cleanest, best organized and most complete children's resale shop in the Chicago metropolitan area. The owner, Debbie, has been in business since 1984. From the beginning she has maintained a fabulous pricing structure to the advantage of her many customers who are also very savvy shoppers. She is very knowledgeable about all aspects of her business and is more that willing to share that knowledge. She is helpful from start to finish and will even refer shoppers to other reputable resale shops in the area. Customers all return knowing that they will not leave empty handed. Lastly and perhaps most important, because Debbie has such impeccable manners virtually everyone has a pleasant and memorable shopping experience.
By: Vanessa R.
Peaches Boutique
You had my daughter's dress in stock in her color and size. The dress arrived quickly and in perfect condition. My daughters eyes lit up when she saw the enclosed gifts(earrings and a teen magazine) thanks! Not only was she extremely excited to have her dress in hand, those little additions just put it over the top. This was her first homecoming and i am definitely your information for years to come. I would recommend your company. I had looked around the net for this dress as our local store had sold theirs but it wasnt in her true size anyway and getting a new one before her wear date was sketchy and from what other companies i found. I am so glad i chose to go with you.
By: elizabeth
An' Exclusive Clothing
I am a very skeptical person, but after receiving my dress and a blouse from this tailor, I was very pleased. The job was of good quality and done fast. The Tailor in this store (Nadia) made very unusual details on my dress, which made my dress look unique. I just walked in to this store when I was passing by it after work. I will go back here to do a custom made jacket for holiday parties. Really recommend this place. It looks rather like a small boutique than a regular tailor shop
By: Bennetta Y.
Akarama Foundation Community Service Center
Akarama is a community center in the Woodlawn neighborhood where different venues can be given. My daughter recently had her reception there and the staff were very helpful and accommodating. The center is clean and welll kept, and the price was very reasonable. I would like to give a shout out to all those on the staff who helped to contribute to make this a joyous occasion for my daughter and her new husband. God bless.
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By: Jacqueline D.
Sonador Boutique
I am thrilled! I just got the most gorgeous designer fringe dress I have ever seen- and at a fraction if the cost everywhere else. The shipping was fast- they sent the dress out the day I ordered it and I got it here in Richmond, Virginia within two days. (Ordered on Wednesday it got here on Friday) Very happy I found this boutique!
By: bethb753
Peaches Boutique
I needed a last minute Valentine's dress for a dinner. I came across PeachesBoutique.com and ordered on Monday. I followed the How To Measure link on the website and took my measurements. When my dress arrived on Wednesday it fit like a glove! Peaches is GREAT and my order arrived on time!
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By: Norm C.
Rebeccas Dream
Promotes compassionate understanding of depression and bipolar disorder as real diseases, through a gold standard website and numerous programs throughout the Metropolitan Chicago Community and raises money through contributions and an annual Fundraiser.

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